Tuesday, February 20, 2018

Hi dead blog.

Its 2018 and in less than 1 months time, it will be my last year as a 20 something .

I still don't feel that old actually.
But I think its time to get proper grooming and "image" settled.

LIKE. time to be a graceful woman and not another little plain Jane from the block.

Time to take real care of yourself and make it an routine b*tch.


Wednesday, August 6, 2014


I must be mad stressing about work and while thinking of food at this time. 

No, I am not even working in F&B. 

Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Afternoon tea at Westin Singapore

About two weeks ago, my sister and I brought mummy yap to one of Singapore's latest hotel , The Westin for afternoon tea as to celebrate Mother's Day!

There were not many reviews about it at that point of time... 
So with our finger crossed, we went ahead and made reservation. 

Here's a picture of the afternoon tea set for 3 pax ( and of cos, that's my queen waving at you )..

Here's my review of the tea : 

The sandwich : One word..Boring. 
The fillings were cucumber, smoked salmon and egg salad. 
Nothing fancy and almost like anyone can make them.

The savory tart : It's the little tiny tart housed together with the sandwiches..
I don't really know what to call them but it seems like they are made of egg and bits of ham in tart crust.. Interesting enough but , again, not fantastic .

The cakes: The sweets were the only saving grace. 
There were Chocolate Eclair, Fruit Tart and some sort of sweet egg dessert . 
They were moist and not too sweet. 

The scones : It's like nothing like you imagine.. They were dry and hard. Reminds me of eating some random biscuit.. 
The clotted cream and strawberry jam served together didn't make much difference..

They have ala-carte menu available as well. 
We ordered additional Crispy chicken ( basically fried chicken drumlet serve with Thai sweet chilli ).
30 mins into waiting, one of the server even jokingly comment that they were still hunting for the chicken. 45 mins to 1 hr later, we finally received the plate if chicken served to our table. The chicken was okay, they were moist but neither were they amazing. 

Overall service was slow but servers were polite. 
We went on Mother's Day so maybe that why there were a lot of kinds screaming, playing and shouting around.  * frown * 
And there were renovation works going on when we were there.* double frown * 

I didn't really enjoy my experience this time round but I would still want to come back and try their Champagne Brunch, High Tea Buffet and I definitely want to spend a or two staycation here..

One thing I like : The view. Looking out and down from the 32nd story...

One thing I dislike : The cucumber sandwich was soggy and almost tasteless. It's one sandwich that I'll always remember and I guess Ill use it to bench mark all future sandwich. It tops from the bottom. 

One tip : The server mention that you need to call beforehand to make reservation for the afternoon tea set. So in other words, they do not serve the afternoon tea set to walk ins. 

Afternoon Tea @ Lobby Lounge
    Level 32, Westin Hotel Singapore
   12 Marina View
   Asia Square Tower 2
   Tel: 6922 6888

Sunday, May 18, 2014

Hello Silly!

It feels like its been a thousand years since my last post and I almost forgot that this existed.

And I am very surprise that I do people ( who are not my friends ) reading ( and following?!) this.

I am amuse that some find my this amusing because looking at my past post now.. ,they are actually pretty boring..
No gossip, nothing very informative, not even pictures of good looking dudes and chicks!

Since now I know I do have some readers, I totally should continue this to......

1) earn that few cents from nuffnang....

2) improve my english.. ( oh, I am sure the queen will be happy to hear that ! )

3) better use of my time.... --> Blogging > hay day-ing.

4) diary... ( erm.. I need one? )

5) FAME ( who knows, i might be the next IT BLOGGER in Singapore!? * dreaming about earning SGD5000 per month just by blogging *  )


So that it, a new start for this next star. * wink *


Sunday, August 26, 2012

Diner En Blanc

Diner En Blanc

Meaning: Dinner In White
Say it right: Din-ne ong blonk

When: 30 August 2012
Time: 5pm onwards
Where: Ha! No one knows! Even the meeting place is unknown!
Diner En Blanc in NY ( i think )

"Je' suis excité le Diner En Blanc"

( That a very simple sentences saying "I am excited about dinner in white ", 
Please do pardon me if there's any grammar mistake. )

Now.. I gotta make sure I watch my diet carefully and hopefully to lose some inches so that I can squeeze in my little white dress... 
Oh cant wait cant wait!!

Thursday, August 16, 2012

Thursday, July 12, 2012