Wednesday, November 28, 2007

The demon in me...

So it say this is the demon in me.. agree with what it says? take the respond and let me know ok? Click on the link to fine your own demon too.. BUT before that, do my respond first!


The sky is overcast

I am not feeling very good today.

no mood.
Dun like things around me.
Very sian.

I am :
-tired of schooling in rp
-tired of RJ
-tired of the PBL system
-tired and hate maths
-tired of UTs
-tired of wanting to achieve good daily grades
-tired of the journey to school
-tired of the journey home after school
-tired of having drama till late ( dun get me wrong, I still love drama)
-tired of waking up early everyday
-tired of not having u beside me when i needed you
-tired of feeling like you don't understand me at times
-tired of feeling that you don't give in to me
-tired of feeling crazy
-tired of feeling pissed off at little things
-tired of feeling I don't know what am I REALLY pissed off at
-tired of feeling tired

I dont know what has happened to me but I am just like that.
I dun feel good.
Dun stand too close to me.
I might bite.
Dun step on my tail.
I will breath fire on you.
And that fire is strong enough to burn down the whole amazon.

I dun behave like the usual nelly.
but i am still nelly, still me.
This is just another side of me.

OK.. I am boring...
Got to go back to maths.
Dumb maths.
dumb Benford's law..

Tuesday, November 27, 2007


He is still missing...

Saiful....! Where the hell are you???

I hope he is not being kidnap...

Saiful, do get in touch with us asap?

Sunday, November 25, 2007

You add colours to my life

He is FINALLY back!

picture is rather blur..but i think he is very good fact...he is handsome! wahahahahaha!

but for 12 days only.

well... that is better then nothing..

I am amaze with myself. I actually pull it through for 6 Freaking months!
Thank goodness i have good people around me to keep me company...

these are the

Thank goodness for drama too...

just came back about 2 days ago.... went out with laling and his besties..Alson and his girl, yi xiang (i hope i got the spelling correct) and yan ting.

Had dinner.. at some noodles house... not bad and the price is rather affordable too...and then i help yi xiang to take the famous "10 continuous shots". LOL!

I shall be nice and not post all the ten, but i think one is ok..haha...

this is the 10th shot. lol

when shopping around. Laling got me a watch that i have been eyeing on.. not very expensive but i like... hee... Look out for my gold watch when you see me..haha..
Got tired of shopping...*not the girls, the guys!* So we head to tcc for some drinks and deserts.... *wiNk*

that tcc at bugis got very good ambiance... nice deco, nice lighting , nice seating,nice deserts, nice drinks.. but i think they can improve on their efficiency..they were rather slow in serving the drinks. but overall, they're okay..

since we are at such a nice place, i took the chance to practice my photography here it is...

So which one really means TCC? dpdp?
Eh..not bad right?esp the second one...haha...

Laling & his besties
Caught in the act. they are stealing Yantings's

that's laing and i...

of cos i took more then this. but i am too lazy to upload
hmmm..looking at his photo i remember what i wanna say..HAHA...

no wait, it is not HAHA..

lol.. i mean what i wanna say is that my boyfriend has become very very tan! as u can see from the picture above, I look so much fairer. Hahahaha... my boyfriend as turn into a coal!

anyway...enough of blogging.... i am tired... i wanna go wash up and drool... i am very very tired...

I love my panda very much...

*hugs and kisses*


Tuesday, November 20, 2007

I got Chocolate!

I got a little surprise today..

Sebastian got me chocolate today.=)

How nice....=)

Something small but it is a pleasent surprise.

Thank you SEBASTIAN!=)

Now I am hyper cos of the chocolate!

a new random everyday...

I added something new to my blog today!Haha!
Spot strings of colourful wording on your left of this blog?HAHA...
I just added that this afternoon and it's suppose to be like a welcome note.

well..Lulu came to school to join us for lunch today... it's good to see her in school. the feeling is just different.I dont know how to describe it but just different.

I did not see saiful again today. I really wonder what is he busy with? And I hope his Pl@ytime is fine and ready cause I hear his group's performance have been brought forward to this Thursday.

Had my full-dress preview today. well. not really full dress la...cos we din have our full costume on. Our mask was with Anthea's boyfriend(he is helping us to paint the mask white. THANKS anthea's boyfriend!), we have not sew our black and white cloth together. So we only had our white top and black bottom on. But the preview was good la...well good as in at least it sort of ran smoothly.=)

well, it would had been better if Yan gave the RIGHT expression on his face! GOODNESS! when he was suppose to have an expressionless face he dunno give what odd funny face, and it look so darn funny, everyone was like laughing. And when he was suppose to have the sad expression on his face, he was expressionless. GOODNESS YAN! please..dun make me lol on stage can...pls...Plus you know i got short attention span.Help me la... thing about yan.This guy is like a boy band wannabe. his action and moves like some boys in the boy band or sometimes its is like high school musical. he would do the steps / dance moves that most boy band would do and etc. and then I would like...Yan...stop the high school musical thing / boy band thing can? Haha.. but overall he is ok la..

while walking to the mrt station with yan , nat and shida, we were talked about behavior. So the question was Do you behave differently while you are with your friends and boyfriend?

And then I think about it, hmmm... i think the same la... I mean i dont think my behavior change alot when i am with my friends and boyfriend. Same Nelly. ok..well maybe a little more childlike more "teah"( i donno how to spell that! haha...but i hope u get what i mean. if not...too bad! HA)

But I think it is rather okay la..cos he is my boyfriend what... i dun "teah" him i "teah" to who?
haha.. *finding excuse*

then on my way home on the bus. i think again, ok so i behave the same with laling and my friends. but do i behave the same in front of his friends? and his mummy and his aunt and grandma?

hmmmmmmm....I dont think so....

I think in front of them i shy. LOL! (yes! shy!cannot is it?) so i tent to be like more demure, i don't laugh loud loud and not so random, less talkative and action less fact i hardly move around cos i shy.haha..but other then that is the same la. same way of speaking, same way of smiling, same attitude towards my boyfriend. haha...

RIGHT Laling? I behave the same right?only a little more good girl in front of Bo mu and aunt lily and Ur friends....

my boyfriend likes to disturb me and want me to call his mum BO mu instate of aunt. cos he say the way i say BO mu very funny and BO mu is like more old school and china. haha....

2 more days to go! I am in good mood in the past few days because of this. Haha..

ok.i got to go sleep. tml got ut. I hope I can reach class early tml.

Goodnight people....

p/s: pray for karthik's sister if u know what happened to her.
Karthik's sister, get well soon !

Friday, November 16, 2007

Missing post with missing pictures

Went to Saiful's friend's place for his and his friend's combine raya open house...
that was on the 3rd of Nov i think...

The people that was present...=)

Saiful's friend took some other photo for us to but I have not receive them yet.. but will post them after I receive them. Some of the pictures, we have to do some rather weird post. I mean they dont Look weird la..just when u posting u feel weird cos we dun usually do those post, well maybe in studio? But Ful's friend is like a photographer so we should always trust professionals. =)

Then the other day again....erm..I think that was the 2nd of nov. Anyway..lulu came to meet us after her work. then ah siong bring us to a very cool place.Okay..its the second time the gang went but first time for me cos i mia the other time when they want. should i describe this place? is like on the top of some expressway. Its is like a 15 min walk from paragon. and of cos, we were not the only people there la...some others also know that chill out place. but we mange to grab a big place for us....HAHA!

Crazy girls! LOL


I took this! HA! love the effect!

Karthik & I... awwww. i miss this bitch. So glad that he could come chill with us.....And he was afraid that the picture would be to dark to see him..LOL.. but u CAN see him right?

Ah siong was Dj and we played music from his laptop... and we realise that siong listen to oldies

K i am done. got to drama to rush to.. =)

Busy bee... & friends...=)

This got nothing to do with the new bee movie..~

Well.. I am just busy busy...As busy as a bee... =) *eh..I am an English tutor*

Missed the bowling session with the gang on Wednesday cos got drama and could not skip..
*sorry guys...Ice-cream on me next time okay? My bad...~

But they are like true friends..NO, wait, it is not like, they ARE true friends..

They , Lu Sun Fan Siong, are always there for me when i needed them. They are understanding that I have my Passion and responsibilities to attend to and at times they would wait for me till i am done with my meetings and etc and then walk to mrt tgt or if we still have some time, we would go out. And they do this with almost no complain... and they came to support me and fulful for our first performance in rp! which is rather significant to me...=) thanks guys!

that's us...Fan. you look like there's something stuck somewhere...LOL!

But dun get me wrong that my other friends are not good or not true friends or what. Just not as close.there are a lot of nice people i met in rp and they have, in a way , change my life.

there are some of the others...
miss her..really do..

SHOPPING! Zara sales...LOL...~

I miss my classmates in W46F.... Miss those days when we skip 3rd meeting together... pack food to class and eat together....Piss Ping Ping off together... Dance in class during break together...Miss the skit we did together..Miss this miss that....haiz.. I miss you guys...


the class...

Sometimes, things change. and it is hard for one small group of people trying to hold one big group together.Everyone should chip in help... I just wish we could go back like we use to....

seeing this remained me of saiful... i have not seen my fulful for some days.. "Eh saiful...where you go? MIA ar?"

Ful, I hope you are okay and that every thing's okay too..=)

He is missing...haha..

I miss my sec school people too!

the latest picture I have with them..i's arts

this was sec with now..LOL
this is for allan...LOL... *Allan, this is my the only photo that I have u that u are up front and is the biggest..LOL* My darling, sweetheart and honey...*wink*

the 3.8 tai tai

Goodness... I'm so gonna cry.... I miss so many people... I got too many things at hands and 24 hours is not enough.....

Wait...i think i have post something like this before....Oh...Nvm...just change the topic before i really start tearing..

Oh...less than one week and i can see my Bf! yes!


Wednesday, November 14, 2007

I think I am dumb

Goodness...I S*ck at I.T stuff! Like seriously! I cant even change my blog skin...!

Okay..partly because I have not found one that I really like and I feel that my present skin is really nice. It is like simple and not really that simple. I like the layout la..cos some skin will "compress" the post, be it front size or picture size, then I dun really like the end product. And some skin have some weird weird side icon / link / row to add extra info but I don't like and it is very hard to remove.

So in the end i decide i shall stick to think until i found something i really like.

I only can conclude that i am no good in compering. Not in VB, not in html and in Java, although i never try doing it before but i think it's similar to the other 2. HA~

I need to sit beside me and teach me how to do all this! goodness..!

But anyway, i wanna thank hui ru and jannah for giving me the blog skin site and trying to help me understand what is it about.* it is not Ur fault if i dun get it. i am just a dumbbell when comes to this.....Goodness..another love hate situation.!



Monday, November 12, 2007

I feel like chocolate..

I mean I feel like eating chocolate....

Haha... I dont mean just any chocolate..

I want this one!


You bet that I miss my childhood. I use to get my mummy to buy me this every time we go pass some mama shop and it only cost like $0.20. Haha...And I use to use this as a mask.

Haha...2 in 1!

So I would like use put it over my eyes area and then eat it one by one at the same time. I would carefully PoP open and get the chocolate out. I would pretend that I am some super hero going around. Haha... i miss those days...Its not the best tasting chocolate in the world or the type of chocolate i like neither is it my favourite but.....that chocolate accompanied me throughout the days when i cried and days that i smile in my younger days....

those are the carefree days. Do what I like and not need to worry about anything. eat and sleep and play and go shopping with mama.

Oh.... I miss the days where i spend alot of times, HAPPY times, with my mama. Life is so busy now and so much is going on and the amount and quality of time i spend with mummy is getting lesser and lesser..

This is me and my mummy....=)

Okay..i think i think a little too much... Oh...I am getting a little emo...haha...Stop....LoL...

How odd...Actually I just wanted to post something about chocolate but in the end it end up to be talking about my mummy....haha....

Talking about chains of thought.HA!

Okay..I must get back to class now... I think it 's my turn to present next...It's always the same for Rp...Daily routine...BORING!

Wish me luck for my Ppt later!



I wanna learn Lancing~lol

I just watch a tv programme on channel 8 that interview a family where the whole family are ball-room dancers and etc...

Awwww...the way they dance just make me want to dance too!

and...... their younger son is AW SO DAMN CUTE!


erm...anyway... yes.. I am so going to learn to dance with my boyfriend...


cant wait!



Sunday, November 11, 2007

I am so damn fat and I cant blame anyone.

*this suppose to be a Saturday 10 Nov post but due to connection break-down, it has been post-pone.*

The mouth is mine. No one force me to put the food inside my mouth and chew and then swallow. And repeat the whole process again and again. So I can only blame myself for feeding me.

Well..I just went out eating again....Haha...

Hey! what? Its my mum's birthday... So we are out for celebration okay?

Anyway... We had Korean food this time round. some little Korean restaurant at somewhere near Singapore river. Its is rather Small but.....boy, the food is good~ hee hee..

Took some picture of the food but cant upload yet cos somehow my laptop does not read the data from my sister's hp...So...Too bad...!~

We only ordered two dish and very very filling! Okay...other than the 2 dish, the are other little cold dish as well la.. got Kimchi, that is like of cos!, got peanut, got ikan , got tofu and ect ect. So when all add up together, it is very filling.

One day should bring laling and his mum and aunty lily there for dinner...hmmm...yummy and it is not very costly as well...*wink*

After dinner we had a short walk along Sg river then we head down to orchard cos that is the only place for u to shop till 11pm plus....

Went into a few shops but did not see anything i fancy or worth buying so we din get anything .

Head down to Swenson for ice-cream. hmmm... oh..and they were having this promotion " buy one get one free!" Yes, so when you buy one ice-cream you get another one free....haha

So we end up with two bowls of ^topless 5^ which makes 10 scoops of ice-cream! 10! yes 10 scoops of ice-cream for 3 ladies late at night about 11 when we just finish dinner around 9 plus! Goodness..what were we thinking man!haha...

got pictures of the ice-creams too but they are in my sister's phone so...Monday maybe...

But i got to say one thing about that particular swenson outlet at orchard has rather a lower standard than the others. should I put it.. is like every visit to that outlet, something unpleasant would happened.Be it the food or the standard of service... Well this time was the standard of service. Or should i say their method of serving?

Anyway, this was what happened. So we ordered topless 5, which means the ice-cream itself does not come with any topping. But my mum like to have whipped cream on the top so we had a add on of whipped cream for the ice-cream. But when the ice-cream was serve to us, the whipped cream was missing. So we got someone, a girl and i think she is like a manager or something cause she was wearing a white shirt rather that the polo tee, to double check our orders again. So they made a mistake and forgot to give it to us. This is okay. I am not complaining cos they forgot this.

What my sister and i was unhappy about was that they end up giving us the whipped cream in a little bowl like thing where they usually serve the tata sauce in when you order side! And I was like...huh.... Hello! I am eating ice-cream here...and not french fries! Am i suppose to "dip" my spoon with a scoop of the ice cream into the whipped cream as if i was eating french fries?

I mean like come on la..Who eats ice-cream like that? Ok.fine..i mean MOST people dont right ?and most places selling ice-cream would add the whipped cream ON TOP of the ice-cream instead of giving it as if it was a sauce for a side. right?right? RIGHT?

Okay. So we got them to change and add the cream on top instead. Ok...done. fine.

So it comes to billing time. Goodness. We ask for the bill and waited for like 10 or 15 mins and still the bill was not brought to us! it was already like 12 plus and we wanted to catch the last bus 65 home. So in the end we decided to walk to the counter instead.

Then at the counter, a little problem with the whipped cream thing cos the person who took our order kinda told us that the whipped cream was one for one as well. I mean like it like ok la...its only $0.90. But I just not happy la.. We waited for so long and somehow i felt that we was not serve properly,( Hey we are paying the 10% SERVICE CHARGE and i expect to be serve properly You should not be paying 10% extra if you are not being serve properly!) , and so we told the person that the one who took our order said it was one for one and blah blah blah. Done . So we dont have to pay for the extra whipped cream. But when we feedback to the person at the counter ,who was a manger, about the whipped cream thing, guess what heshe said?

"Oh..that is the standard way we serve whipped cream for add on."

I was like...what the... So i said " but we are eating ICE CREAM. Are we suppose to dip the ice cream into the whipped cream like how i eat fries with tata sauce?"

and shehe still reply " that is the standard."

Cannot be bother and we just went off.

Best of all, we missed our bus.

Maybe I was making a big fuss over a all a small thing but , it is like alot of small thing built up and it just make people piss off.

was suppose to end the day well but...Oh well never mind that. Just maybe I might want to think twice going there again...


Saturday, November 10, 2007

Today is Saturday.

Yes, today is Saturday. Haha..ok..fine. I got nothing better to do...haha...

Anyway I just came back from school not very long ago, actually about an hour ago. when back school for SUI! Re-arrange the stock and performing my duty etc etc etc. Was kinda fun. And the store look so much better now! like seriously k... so much neater and organise. Well i hope the rest of the mc people like the way the store now look as well.

Bought 6 donuts home for mama for her tea time.hmmmmm..yum yum..haha...

Was suppose to go bowling with lulu they all...But...that ah siong la...dun wanna say earlier that he got soccer...make me excited the whole day then in the end never go. STUPID AH SIONG ! He is not my besti anymore. Dumb.

So in the end all stay home, other than siong in soccer with his friends and Sunshine in her cheer practices la. There goes my last chances to hang out with them..cos after holidays I will pack with stuff after school and etc till Dec. Welll..blame it on AH SIONG then..

*Ah siong are you reading this?Yes...blame it on you...who ask u not to reply us during msn yesterday, u din even sms us.See now...we all cannot go bowling because of you! Haha..jkjk la..*

One good thing about ah siong is that he never get angry with us. He will only keep quiet and look at us with the "what the hell" look then stare and say..."Han na Han la me la..." Haha...But he very nice la... the saying goes.....^Dont poke the little kitty too hard or it might turn it into a tiger.^Haha...Okay..that kitty and tiger thing I anyhow one...LoL. but you get what am trying to convey right?

Oh..I just found out how to add a picture onto my blog home blog looks better...haha...

Yawn* I think I wanna go nap for a while... hee...

Night people... I mean evening people...haha..=)


Went shopping again...

Shit...have been going shopping none stop. Goodness me...Going to be so broke soon... someone please stop me!

Well. I went Chinatown today....It's been so so so long since I went china town to have a good walk around... Actually I went there to get a zip la...haha... but I end up with no only zip, but nail art, nail pierce-in, (Oh wait...I got them at orchard instead. Ha), etc etc etc..

Hmmmm...People's park has changed alot! Like seriously! Last time people's park was not so crowed, more shops selling sewing stuff...zips, button etc etc...But now! Goodness... almost every corner you turn there is a shop selling clothes. Normal dress and tops you see in orchard road and they cost about the same as orchard and some even cost more! Goodness...

Wait; don’t get me wrong that saying all those shops selling clothes are no good. Their good. It may even help to draw more youngster to china town and etc but... I mean somehow I feel that people's park is a place well know for sewing needs and out of a sudden, about 1/3, or more than that, of the place are selling clothes. And I find it so different. And what if one day all these clothes store take over the people's park building? then people's park would no longer be know for the place to go to look got sewing needs but instead another bugis street, only that this is not a street but building.

You get what I driving at?

So...ya… my reflection on my trip to china town…haha….

Oh no! Reflection….not good… too much rp...haha

Chat with my secondary school classmates…Awwww…just like old times… and yes... apple (ping) is right; I must stop mia from gathering man! Haha…


I would like to ask people out there who are reading my blog to give me some comment on this.

How would you like if a site online that sells almost everything u needs to doll yourself up?
Example: selling clothes, bags, accessories, cosmetic and some extra season thing like Christmas the have Christmas hats, some mini deco etc.

Friday, November 9, 2007


Weeee...I went shopping the whole day today! HA!

I kinda junp out of bed this morning 11 plus am change and got ready to go out. It's been a long long time since I went out shopping for a whole day with my sister and mother. First stop: Vivio city!

Goodness....vivio was pack with people here and there... Went Zara and saw 2 vest. Very nice design but i dint fit the size. S is a little too small. And M is too big. haiz.. too bad... but at least know i know what design i really want. Oh...i saw a little hot pink*super loud!* raincoat cum jacket at the kids section too! Wah....damn cute! And it fits me just nicely! BUT....its freaking $127!!! Goodness... but my sister say wait for sale then see have or not. if have then buy lor....Ya la..kinda true..not really worth it. Plus its like hot may not always suit my mood,but i know i will wear. Even to school...haha...

*must remember to keep a lookout for Zara sales! Anyone out there knows when Zara having sales, please do let me know k?drop me a comment! Thanks..=) *wink*

Had Carl's jr for lunch. hmmmm..yum but the burger is very very big. haha...but one Carl's jr meal can keep me full for one whole afternoon. worth it sia...haha...walked around vivio after lunch. buy this, bought that, pester mother for this, dig into my own pocket to pay for that..haha...
But i din not buy everything i laid my hands on la..i got think one okay! haha...=)

After all that walk around , we had tea at coffee bean before leaving vivio... hmmm....after this coffee trip i conclude 2 things...One: my mummy loves to have coffee during tea break. Two: My mother prefers Starbucks then coffee now i know how to please her.

Second stop: parkway parade. went there to get my mum's shoes and then walk around some more.

OK.I am so tired now. Been walking around the whole day.... my leg is aching big time. my eyelid is dropping........ ok...i got to go sleep now... buay ta han liao..haha...

Night people...~
*waiting for 22nd to come by*

Thursday, November 8, 2007

I want to be skinny!

I was "friendster-ing" around... and i saw alot of my Ex-classmates and school mates,Female ones, and they all have very good figure and complexion!

Then i look at myself...

SHIT sia! I am putting on weight! "Damn..."and I am getting Tan! "Siao liao la.."And my face is popping pimples! "This time is comfirm die..." --> so singlish ..haha..

Ok...I must learn to control! MUST control!

1.Must eat less.
Esp junk food and eat more veggi and fruits and drink more water and exercise and sleep more!

2.Must wear sun block!
If I keep getting more and more mum's gonna kill me and stop buying clothes for me!
*mummy...why you like fair girls so much?"

3.Must take care of my FACE!
must keep my itchy hand off my face! must have proper skin care! wash, tone and moisturise !

But wait! Why do I wanna do that? I mean i should love myself for who I am right? But then again....I think I would love myself better if I am less meaty, less tan a little or should i say a little brighter as in skin tone and have a more flawless face...But would I then love myself too much until i am obsesses with myself??

OKAY! STOP! I am thinking too much... This is one of those Rubbish Entry!

goodness...i hate being a girl esp when it the time of the month! ~okay...random...~

i think i had too many post in one day... i think i should stop...
and i notice i had been doing the and...and..and...and...and thing....i think i should stop that too...

~talking about being a girl!~

Wednesday, November 7, 2007


And that's Mind My Own Business..


yes...I am indeed trying to mind my own business... is so hard trying to set a business! I have to consider so many things....

I have to consider the name,must be nice & special & attractive & have meaning...

have to consider the layout.cannot be so plain right...i see other's blog...sia la...the blog skin all that so nice, got so many pattern and this and that..

Have to consider what i want to sell, what style and this and that..

Have to consider how to display the goods...

Have to consider the content of the what to type, the terms and condition and etc etc etc....

*sigh* I feel so stress sia.... I scared later I cannot do well....Plus I am like a I.T dumb ell....shit sia...

How how how.....

My ask people around me...those very pro one..Lulu,sunshine,reena........etc etc..haha....
hope they can help and teach and suggest what to put and ......and...and...and.....

Wish me luck!~

I miss Gmss..- hope5-1 esp.

I miss my secondary school class mates and school mates...


I miss those days when we go home together on bus 61 and creak all sorts of lame joke and taking pictures on the bus and having lunch together at hawker center and poking fun of Mrs lau and her helmet hair and making fun of kee jong and Regina and disturb kim han as he blush easily and buying the 3 for $3 bread and eat on the way home and Allan's condo as our class chalet and Mr chia's "So savvy~" and how we get detention as a class outside the office and how we work together and won the champion of sec 3 camp and that and that and this and........
Lunch at han's ~*hans family*~

Oh my many things and event to reminisce about...

March baby's celebration at parkway pasta~
Mid- Autumn festival at Allan's condo

Gosh.... I miss you guys alot!
Last gathering before O levels~

the gathering at the start of this year.At Allan's condo again.Ha!

Toilet photo at old school.Geylang site.~

Hope that we can meet up soon and I would be free to join you guys...I am so sorry that i always mia for gatherings....But i really misses you guys alot.take you...*kiss kiss*

Home alone..~

I forgot when was the last time i spent a lovely afternoon at home and just enjoying the company of me and myself. Reading and suring the net for nothing.I feel so good..=)

Good thing that drama was cancled so i could enjoy the afternoon at home...

I just finish reading Roald Dahl's . It is a lovely book about father and son relationship with a little advanture. I think i would list it under "touching stories".*Read it to find out the story.=)*

The book end with a little note at the back that says :
" A message to children who have read this book. When you grow up and have children of your own, please remember something important: A stodgy parent is no fun at all! What a child wants and deserves is a parent who is SPARKY!"

I hope i would still remember this when i becomes a mummy...=)

Just found out that i would not be working on thursday, friday and saturday.Will be working on this sunday only. It good that i can rest and hang out with my friends but on the other hand, no work means no $ to cut down my expenses....

But then again...i could use my free days to plan and lunch my online store...! Weee...~haha..
I hope it will do well...a little scared..heee..

Nothing to do, so i drew on this picture...HAHA...

And then i realise...Irfan was missing in this picture..haha..."Fan...where were you sia..~haha"

Pictures only

As the title suggest...
Pictures and captions only..haha...

~ This group of pictures is the most recent one that I have...Taken in Admiralty park after Benny's show that Friday..~

O... we look so Small...ha ha...

we were trying to play ''measure your foot and count your steps" game..ha ha

I stole this form lulu...haha...

Lulu's jump!


Ah siong is having dinner too...and he is very hungry!HAHA!

~Heatwave's company dinner at Mimara hotel. The jap food there is FABULOUS!! drool..~

Feel the orange! *influence by fan maybe?

Tuesday, November 6, 2007

I am very tired...

GOODNESS me....I don't know why am I so tired these days.....Like seriously....I had not been online for the weekends....yes..even on Friday..i just drop dead into bed on Friday after the little meet out with lulu and gang...

Lucky rj close on sat 10 am..I had to wake up at about 7am to do Rj. After I was done with Rj I had to rush, pack and get ready to go work,at act3,which report time was 9.30am.
So over the weekends, I was doing Foh of peter pan and it was rather tiring...and i dunno why...cos foh is simple job. Just smile,greet and lead customer to the seats and ect. hmmmm...could it be that I am growing old??

Oh shit...!


Anyway, I went school for Pl@y time preview and blocking for scenes 1,2 and 3,which is a little slow by the way...

After school I went to meet lulu and the rest at east coast park.
Apparently Ah siong was the one who suggest to go east coast park cause he feel like riding bike and in the end he was late! Like really late! About 3 hours late!

^*^Ah siong ar~Ah siong.......Don`t work too hard okay....give her a break!HAHAHA....*oOOoopPPsss~ haha...^*^

So in the end, we reach East coast park around 5++pm. We got our bike and went all the way to the end. Even further then bedok jetty. I think we went to somewhere near changi beach. Haha...long ride and my butt hurts sia...even at this moment as i type..haha...But it's fun la!

Found a Romantic site at east coast and i think i wanna bring my laling there when he is back for his 2 weeks holiday...haha....

Anyway. I got feedback from Lulu and sunshine that i explain too much all the (.......*details*......) etc. Hmmmm..but i was afraid that people would not understand if i don't explain......

But also true la...I do find it very long and draggy nagging like that..Oh..No no...its old grandmother story! Haha....

So I have decided, I will try my best to summaries things up and only go into details if i have to.Then i would be less old grandmother and have shorter and nicer post.*wInK*

Okay...enough...i am super tired. I need to go sleep now.. Got to get up early pl@y time again.Ok...tml I will post pictures! Lots and lots of picture that i have taken over the past few weeks and days....=)

night night..*15 more days to go!I cant wait!hee...

*Ah siong is Vincent. As in Vincent yeo and not fat Vincent.

*lulu's boss's besti's wedding lulu get an off day!haha...we must thank and bless the bride! Weeeeee!~

Friday, November 2, 2007

I strongly dislike Vincent strongly

WAIT! Don`t get me wrong...This vincent that i am talking about is not my besti vincent aka ah siong. They are two different person okay? one like skinny the other one is fat. one at least got style as in stylish the other also got style...but the style is like old fat uncle. One is better looking then the other one..etc etc etc.....* too many differences to list down*

So let's just address the vincent in my present class as FAT vincent. * I know i am not that slim either but....HA! you are Fatter! HA HA!

I dislike this Fat vincent alot! alot alot seriouly alot! I just cant stand him and i am kind of thankful that next week is holiday and i dont have to see him...

You may asked why i dislike him so much? And if i were to answer that question, i may take the whole night to list them down cause there are just too many things i dislike about him and he pisses me off.

I am not going to list all the things/ point because i fig that it is not very nice and i am tired. main point of having this entry is to express how much i dislike him. I dislike him so much that i cannot even be bother to wast my time talking about him.

I just dislike fat vincent very much!