Saturday, December 29, 2007

Whatever Will Be, Will Be

24th (Monday) - Christmas eve -> Uncle's place for lil Celebration ( Done in one of the last post)
25th (Tuesday) - Christmas Day -> Simple Dinner with Sun,Fan and Karthik (Done this too)
26th (Wednesday) - Sunshine's Birthday -> Sun's Chalet Birthday Bbq than Mos
27th ( Thursday) - Wild Wild Wet & Jiejie come back for Holiday
28th (Friday) - Xavier's School small production *Cats*

I shall try to recall them one by one....=)

So be ready...Go toilet , then wash hands, grab some chips and drinks cos this is gonna be one freaking mega long long entry!

Here goes.....~

26th (Wednesday) - Sunshine's Birthday -> Sun's Chalet Birthday Bbq than Mos
Before Sun's party start, we exchanged our Christmas gift for our mystery person...

Sun got for Lu, Lu got for Sun , I got for Fan , Fan got for Siong , Siong got for Me!

Thank you Ah Siong for that very nice dress...=)

!!!Sunshine is 18 now! WoooHooo!!!

We got her 18 random things...haha...
Sunshine had a not very big but very fun birthday Bbq!!

I SET UP the fire for the BBQ..okay...fine..I was not the only one....Papa Siong set up one too but mine was better...! Ha..I am serious...Ask Irfan! Oh...and Papa Fan help to fan..=)

I am so proud of myself! It's not the first time I set up the Bbq Fire but it is the first time that I did it very successfully and fast and I win ah Siong..Haha...

Meet some of Sun's Secondary friends aka Besties...
I think they are quite nice and friendly but did not have the chance to really talk to them cos we were all in our own group.Maybe everyone was Shy....~
Well for sure we know that Siong was very shy...He was setting up the bbq fire outside and as usual, he took off his top... Then he was too shy to go in the chalet to take things cos inside the chalet was Sun's other friends ( girls). He had to ask Lulu to help him get his cardigan so that he can wear them during the bbq ( he was wearing a new white A/X tee and he din wan to dirty them so he choose to wear the thick black Zara cardigan instead). Eh~ Who wears Black Cardigan and some more Zara ones to BBQ?? Siao ar... As if it is not warm enough....But we all know that it is because He is Shy to show Sun's friend his "sexy body!" or maybe he din want to get Papa Fan horny...+X OoooppppSSS... Hahaha...~

Sunshine got a very beautiful cake from her friends...Oh no..wait..Not one but a Box of beautiful cup cakes....
Awwww... How nice... I wish I would have one of that too.... **hit hit** Hahahaha...

Anyway, after the bbq we went mos. Sun,Me,Lu,Siong and Fan..

It was Ladies Night and we reach there about 1 plus...It's freaking pack...Esp in the R&B room...
We dance, Drink a lil and continue dancing, take picture, dance, take picture, drink, dance, dance and more dancing...

*talking about dancing...I must get lower heels to club if I plan to stay there the whole morning...Dancing in 3 1/2 inch heels for 3 hours plus can really kill you!*

I got to say...Irfan and Vincent are very good guy friend...They really know how to be man and take care of the girls around them... It was super pack at mos and when we were dancing, random people would pass by and they would like shift the girls and like make sure we are like safe..not being touch by people and not being knock or something... So I got to say this to Vincent and Irfan..Thank you very much...We notice and very in moved...

*No picture for this section cos ah siong is never online during the holidays...*

I left mos at 4.15am to catch a cab home cos I promise mama that I would be back by 5am to wake her up. And I must keep my promise so that she will not lose faith in me...=) * Nelly is such a good girl..! ~puke~

27th ( Thursday) - Wild Wild Wet & Jiejie come back for Holiday

Went WWW cos there was free tickets... And thank god that it was free cos it is SO FUN...not...

There ain't much fun thing to play.. The slide was not as good that I imagine it to be..I like the lazy river and the wave pool ..but too much is bad...really the end of the day I feel dizzy and wanna puke everything from Sun's bbq out..


My Sis got quiet alot of things back from her shang Hai trip... Fun and interesting things... Trend y and nice clothing...She bought one small Hello kitty frying pan which has a HK face in the middle which means next time when I make pan cakes and etc, I will have a HK face shape! WOW...* Sun must be like..eeeeeeeeee*haha..
She also got a pop art phone back...The phone is like a can by itself..Its cylinder in shape and the numbers are at the bottom of the can.. Aiya...I should just upload the picture....I will when I have it..

28th (Friday) - Xavier's School small production *Cats*

Sun acc me to Xavier's performance...Like what he said, it is not very professional but I think he did a good job...He is the only year 1 and the rest was year 3!WOW! And his singing was still the same...GOOD! Haha...

But I feel a little weird seeing him upstage while I am down...I am so use to see him acting/ performance beside me and etc.. I miss those days when we chong productions together, bully jrs and ask them carry props, scolding jrs, leading rehearsals ...................

It's so true when they say we are going to miss the days in the secondary school when we leave...

Tuesday, December 25, 2007



-nope, I did not go to any count down event
-nope, I did not go clubbing
-nope, I did not go to any late night party
-nope, I did not go to any party in fact, unless you count the gathering at my uncle's place.

I am a very good girl for this Christmas. =) *hee hee*
Had enough of Christmas party and foams and crowed places plus he is not in Sg, so I decide to be a goody good girl and stay home. SO maybe I'll get extra credits for staying home.LOL

So instead, I head home with mama after the gathering at my uncle's place and start calling people up. NOT to ask to go party, but to wish them merry Christmas!

Everyone say: Awwwwwwwwww...~

I scroll down my phonebook and called those whom I have not contact for some times and as well as those who hit my mind, most of them are my secondary school mates.I started call from 11.40pm to about 1.30 am?Ha! I miss those days I had with my secondary class mates and my besties.

Me and my besties use to chat on the phone till both side of our ears burn.

We would talk about boys, bitch about who and who is together, gossip about some random girl in school and "discuss" homework as well as the teachers at the same time, try to TEACH and CHECK homework together on the phone.....haha..I even tried to do and teach how to do cheese cake through the phone!

Those were the days!

Haiz....sadly, poly life has somehow drift us apart.Now that we are in different poly, it is rather hard to, I mean even if we are in the same poly, it is hard to keep in touch as well! Well, we cant really blame that , I mean if we really want to maintain the close relationships between us, we can but we somehow did not. I don't know. I don't what to say but we just din.

So how we are just enjoying random call and chat for a few hours....And one in a long long time a meet up...

Well at least that is better then nothing!~

Well, I did not just call my secondary school mates and classmates, I called my ex-mos manager as well, I called long-time-no-see friends and some random people. HA!

IF you did not received my call, don't be too sad cos I was not every sure of calling people after 1am. So I stop calling from 1 am and then I came online and blog, chat,shop. ~Wala~


Anyway, I am going to rest soon. I am very tired and I need to sleep.

Good night people!


Monday, December 24, 2007

I saw Mummy kissing Santa!


"It the time of the year of giving and sharing ..."

Oh... I mean...:

"It the time of the year of burning a big hole in your pocket!"


I don't know about you but I know I have...

I am drain till I only left $2 in my bank..Yes..that is how pathetic...
Oh well...I guess no more shopping for me..As in no more buying things for me for myself..

I still left 2 Christmas gift to buy tml..One for a 9 going 10 year old boy and another for a girl around my age.....And seriously I have no idea what to get for that 10 year old boy!I guess I just have to wonder around and hope I'll find a decent one before I head to my uncle's place...

I wonder what kind of gifts would I get for Christmas this year....?
I hope there would not be any "junk" gifts...

Well... I don't mean to be mean...but really....Like stop giving me bears (unless you are my boyfriend and that bear is from "me to you" or "Ty"*hit hit*), photo frames, little display toy or whatever that is called, ugly calendars ( I am very happy with my Rainlendar) and I think that is all....I think....

Okay... I know the saying : the gift does not matter, it's the thoughts that count...
Yes yes, I know, and I kind of agree but don't you think if you really wanna get someone a gift you would really take some time to pick something nice? I mean like it does not really matter how much the thing cost, but I think it is important that when you buy a gift for someone, you have that person in mind and you would think of what he/ she would like/ need instead of getting some unless dump junk....


Anyway, I just passed the hand phone to my boyfriend's mum... She kind of not want it cause I think she does not really like changes...She like to use her old phone ( she is using 3315 btw) and it is going to die anytime soon...But yet she still refuse to change it, so laling and I just have to " force her''.

I hope she will get use to the new phone and like it. It is not hard to use, really! Just "play" around and you will get the hang of it.

It's time to get my mummy a new phone too...I will do that once I get my $$$...I'll get Jiejie to share cost!

That is the advantage of having a sister, to share cost when buying things for Mama...

She's oversea in Shanghai now.

Bet she is having loads of fun!She better get me some nice H&M clothing...HAHA...

Okay. I have crap enough...Time to rest. Got to wake up early tml.
hmmm...I think I want to wear my boots out tml.hope it does not rain..!

Have a happy Christmas eve!

* I miss you very very much. How I wish we can spend the Christmas together!*

Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Tie us into a knot

Events can bring people apart, but it can also bring people closer together.

The death of my grandmother has certainly brought the family closer together.
For the past one week, I have been meeting my cousin , my mum's side of course.

Well, let just say that I am not close to the people from my dad's side.

Back to what I was talking just now.

For the past whole week, I have been meeting my cousins.

Last friday to this Monday -> grandma's funeral
This Tuesday -> Family dinner
This Wednesday -> Happy hour at Vie bar
This Thursay, aka yesterday -> Movie , Golden compass

3 taking picture, 1 holding the camera, 2 outside waiting talking about games, 3 went to grab bites for the show and 1 wonder off to buy her "props" again..! HA~

And next Monday we'll be meeting for Christmas.


And we all have come to an agreement that we, as cousin, shall have an outing every month and each month will have different organiser.

This month was suppose to be Dawnice, but she did not do her job so her younger sister took over instead. So I guess Clarine would be consider as the organiser for this time round, next month is my turn.

Hmmm... I am so excited, although I have not really decide where to go or what activity but I am confidence that it will be fun and things will be done, carry out smoothly....=)

Finally I got my Laling's Christmas's gift. Great thanks to Lulu's help and company.
Hope he really like it because it is nice and not just because it is from me....

I receive my first Christmas gift already.
A ? wallet from Laling..
Really nice and useful!

*Great Thanks to Laling's friend Benny for being Mr Package man for us!*

Got to continue my Christmas shopping tml before going work, so got to wake up early!

Ah Siong......... Dun forget to buy hor!

* I know already....=)

Back to life.

Things are pretty much settled...

We'll be having dinner tml...

~Eating again~

we have been eating and eating for the past few days cos there is nothing much to do around..

Take care if the younger ones, eat, fold the paper, eat, serve the guest, eat, rest, eat...

eat and eat and eat and eat and eat and eat..

I think it's because grandma is 90 and it is consider good enough, plus she have a hand full of grand it was not so bad....

Anyway, I wanna thank my friends for giving me support and concern...

Lulu, Sunshine, Ah Siong, Irfan , Alson, Vanessa.........and the list goes on... =)
Thanks guys...

Friday, December 14, 2007

Wednesday, December 12, 2007


*Fill in the blank.


I skip school again today....

REASONS FOR NOT GOING SCHOOL ,more like excuses.*Ahem.*

-Too tired to get up.
-Bad weather to go out.
-School is way too far to travel to today.
-School is way too cold today.
-Today's module is maths.
-NEED to stay home and watch HEROS
- My bed refuse to left me go.


So I stayed home today and watch 2 episode of heros and the movie, Not another teenage movie.

I got to start watching heros! All my classmates are at the 2nd season and I still at season 1, the first few episode!Ok..I got the holidays to watch all...haha..

well..the Not another teenage movie is rather funny and lame. But somehow it is not a good reflection on the teenager in America. Maybe I am thinking too much. It is just a movie and people just wanna take things lightly...

I am thinking too much ! Too much culture and cognitive, moral values.

I am so into rp now. * as if*

Just had a wonderful dinner at home.

HAHA! Guess what I had for dinner?

and along with my fav steam fish!


Waaa...the meat of the abalone is tender and succulent...
The skin of the wanton is so smooth and the meat is filled with bits of crunchy water chestnut!
The steam fish is to fresh and juicy!

HAHA! hungry now?

To bad I din take pictures....
Got to get a camera asap.....hmmmmmmm... to go Download 6ps and maybe watch one episode of heros before I sleep...

Wish me luck for my UT tml...!

Monday, December 10, 2007

Dirty Old Man



Some dirty old man just tried to add me on friendster...

He look like he is 30 plus, old and ugly...Like some old ah beng uncle then very pervert one. HAHA...

I went to see his profile...

Guess what...

99% of his friends on friend list are all GIRLS!
Girls around my age...

okay...I just saw his age... he is 36!

some girls are like 15?eeeeekkk....


his profile name is ken lai..

Oh...and by the way..his shout out now is " I`m sick!"
haha.... how true!


But then when I think again....

These girls that this man add, I mean his "friends" , are rather pretty....
And when this man tired to add me, does that mean that I am pretty too??


Okay.... stop!
But I don't really care...

Anyway I rejected his "kind" offer.

I don't like adding stranger on my friendster..
I mean what for? Add so many people but end up knowing less then half of the people on your friend list?

what you trying to act? Popular ar?
Get a popular card then. It's faster!


Saturday, December 8, 2007

Lazy Saturday afternoon..

Oh my... I cannot remember when was the last time I had a proper lunch at home with mummy...

hmmmmm..yum yum.... mum's cooking is still as good...Heehee...

Oh, she is in the mood to make tea leaves egg...I`m not sure if that is what you call...but in Chinese is call " char ye dian" LOL...SHIT! I dont even know that is the right han yi ping yin or not. Haha...

And well be going to my aunty's house for dinner and we'll bring some egg over.

It's been so long since I went to my auntie house and last saw her was new year I think...Goodness..I am like packing my self with so much things and there are so many things i forgot to do...I mean I am like so busy till I dont spend time with family anymore... This is not good... I must make time..

I haven blog about my chalet trip with laling and his friends and with lulu they all... GOD! I am so lazy...Ok..maybe I will do it sometime next week when I come home early from school...
Right now, I am too lazy....

The weather is so nice..No sun..not raining...The wind is blowing softly.... awww.....

And anyway, I got to go soon...going to my aunty's house remember?


Thursday, December 6, 2007

Happy birthday to Ah Siong!

Today is Vincent yeo ah siong's birthday!!

Happy 18 siong...

*Vincent yeo ah siong is not his real full name..

So of cause he is not in school today. Who would want to go school on their birthday anyway?

We kind of celebrated his birthday yesterday la...
But yesterday was his girlfriend's birthday...but there was no cake and all so... I also not very sure who's birthday are we celebrating yesterday...

I think both la...One stone kill two bird. haha.

Anyway we went to ah siong and his girlfriend's little birthday bbq.
Finally met his gf in real life and eh..ah siong's gf not bad in pretty la...haha...
met some of siong's friend too and his dad and his younger brother who sunshine and lulu is very interested in...haha...

Eh..come on la...he is still a kid...don't scare him can....

Anyway i think ah siong look very different from his dad and his brother. His dad and his brother look rather decent but ah siong look a little like gangster le... *ooopppsss..siong ge bu yao da wo...!*Haha...

well..we`ll be celebrating ah siong birthday again tml but i am now very sure how....
Guess i`ll have to find out tml then..

Laling called just now... Oh goodness...I miss him very much....

Okay..I am rather tired. I think I wanna sleep... Good night..

Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Rp got nice people...~

I just realise something...

Rp got nice people...
Nice and helpful people...

awwww..... so sweet...~

Ok..this was what happened.....

SUI! is having Christmas promo and we are selling gifts and etc at the Argora Hall aka Stage area...

So I am the in-charge for the whole day which means I have 3 shift to do, one during 1st breakout, one during 2nd breakout and one more after school.

We missed the first break out due to some miscommunication and etc.
Sale during the second breakout was rather good. My first sale for the day was about 12 plus... not very much but consider quite good okay! I am rather happy with my first sales. then subsequently sold some other things sales for second break was amount to about $36 or $37 plus. * hee hee*
But we got no luck after school... Oh well... It's okay..I can do better next Tuesday...

Ok...anyway.. that is not really the point..

So here's the point why i say that Rp got nice people is because we was suppose to push the SUI! shelves out and I kinda have to do it alone after school as there was a lack in man power. As i was pushing the shelves toward or rather thro the front door of the Argora hall, i got a little stuck as there was a little step and the shelves itself was rather heavy. So while trying to "free" myself, there was "strangers" to came up to me and ask if i needed help. It did not just happened once or twice, i think about 4 or 5 small group people,both male and female, who walk pass me ask if i needed help in that mare 60 sec or less!

I reject their kind offer cause I know I could mange. But it was indeed very nice and un-expected of them. I felt warm in heart after knowing that there are nice and helpful people in Rp...

Okay..maybe I am over re-acting a little but I really use to think that Rp dont really have helpful people and etc but I change my point of view towards people in Rp today..

We are all warm blooded and nice and helpful..=)


Anyway I got an interview tml and after interview must rush to ah siong's party at east coast so i need to rest early.

Night people...

I miss my him ..

Monday, December 3, 2007

tired and lazy and fat..Haha...

I am very tired! Did not have enough sleep ...
woke up at 6, left home at 6.30 and head to laling house. Then wait for him to get ready and etc then we went to have breakfast at the market before going to the airport.

We reach rather early. So after check in still have some time to hang around..walk around T2, nothing much to do. Took a ride on the sky train to T1 and back to T2 very bo liao but fun le..haha...then we sat down and talk and chit chat....His flight was about 10.55 so he went in around 10.30. When it was about time for him to check himself in i did nothing but cry and hug him lor...

WHAT...of cos I cry la... 6 months le..u think 6 weeks/ 6 days / 6 hours or 6 mins ar?

Then when he check in I head home and rest first lor...wanted to take bus 24 but din know where is the bus stop and was too lazy to find so took the train instead.

I got in the train and then very tired and i snooze off thinking that the train would be going to Boon lay side. But after some time i woke up and found myself at expo, while the "lady" inform the passenger on board that next stop is CHANGI AIRPORT. I was like HUH? SHIT...then i realise that i have been on the train going form the airport to T.M! How many times? I dont

but i got home eventually...haha...

Reach home aound 11.30 or 11.45. Or rather laling's home then lie on his bed and make the bed messy, throw the pillow around, make the neatly fold blanky messy..haha..and then watch tv lor...laling's house got scv so got things to star movie then finish some dunno what show then watch mtv. Laling call at 1 plus to report that he have safely landed. Keep watching till about 2 plus then tired and took a short nap. wake up at around 3 like than then change and head school lor.. Head school for sui meeting.

After sui meeting then go town to meet lulu for dinner... Me, sun and fan eat first then we acc lulu to eat mos cos we could not wait till lulu knock off which was we ate first. Wondering where is Vincent? Oh..he skip school again..LOL..

after dinner go home lor..

hmmm..I miss my laling very much now...hmm...miss his some crazy woman like that...haha...

Oh...By the way, I just receive news from lulu that saiful is fine. He was down with the " mosquito kiss you and you get fever" thing and his hp was not with him.So the whole month he could not contact us...I hope he is really fine now..

I mention at my last entry that I will post something about chalet and etc today but i guess not. Because I am very tired and lazy ...So i guess I'll have to do that on Wednesday then cos tml i got SUI! duty and i might be tired again...LOL..

Oh no..I gain alot of weight and my tummy is like 5 mths old! GOODNESS.., too much feasting for the pass 12 days...This is not good.. I must slim down...ok...tml I shall start my diet plan....
Goodness, I am like super fat la..SHIT!LOL I am really tired. I am going to bath and dry my hair and sleep..

Night people..
I love my laling very much...=)

~waiting for u to head home again...~

12 days is like a flash

Just the previous Thursday I fetch him from changi airbase and tomorrow I'll be sending him to changi airport...

Goodness...12 days just passed like flash!
and we haven even brings/ do all the things I listed down.

But, well, we did spend a lot of quality time and more or less quantity time together.( well i do admit that he spend so of the time in these 12 days with me, but it's still not enough!)

I hope he can/ will be able to come back during Chinese new year or on my birthday or on his 21st birthday. Bottom line is I was want to see him sooner. 6 months is not easy man!

but I am glad I made it through and will still be able to hang in there for another 6 months before he ORD and be back in sg.


Anyway I am like super tired. Din really sleep at the chalet. But I think I may have some problem falling asleep.
cause 1. my laling is flying off again. 2. my mum just took my bolster to sun tan which means my baby bolster don't have my smell anymore..*cry* shit man! she did it while i was out this afternoon. Damn. i think i need to lock my bolster from now on, who knows she might just sun tan it again.'s weird, i am reading what i type and somehow it does not make sense to me.
But i dont care. even if it really does not make sense or whatever, i still wanna post it, HA!

I think i am too tired. I shall just rest now and then do a few post tml.A post about chalet, a post about sending laling, a post about the 12 days.....

but now it's time to sleep....~