Friday, March 21, 2008


The list of celebration for this month:
3rd- Hui ru's birthday ( my sec school friend)
8th- Regina & my cousin's birthday
10th-Li feng & Nelly's birthday
12th- Wan ling's birthday
15th- Miss Mel's wedding
18th- Lulu's birthday
29th- Yan ting's wedding
SEE! So many celebrations...=)

Hear the wedding bell rings......
Less rubbish talking..More photos!
That is Miss Mel and her......DAD of course!
Miss Mel and hubby...
The bride and the future brides...=) I want to be as fair as Miss Mel..

less then half of the class...
Wedding cake..I mean Wedding CUPCAKE...Yum..Full of love and of cos..FATS!

Miss Mel is what I would consider a beautiful bride...
It was not because of her sexy white dress....nor the lovely hairdo..
It was because of the smile and her eyes that sparkle with happiness...
They clearly announce that Miss mel and her hubby will live happy ever after....=)


Finally.....No more sneaky night into club with her sis's ic...Haha

Went to Vincent's dad's The berth @ sentosa cove!
View from his unit..
Full view of his pool

And it made be felt as if I was in another country...
Lovely place with great view!
but not really accessible...
Anyway..back to lulu's big day!
The princess of the day..
this is what we did :

-Had a bbq...
I got to start the fire...but...erm...lets not go into details...=)
Yum yum..~Nice pose, Sunshine! lol
More Food!

-take alot of picture..
what can i

-Stuff Grapes into Fan's mouth...


-18 doughnuts for lulu as birthday cake...

Count them if you want...

-3 crazy woman squeeze into a bath tub and play water...

told u she got nice legs...
enjoying the tub of hot water..

drop dead..

-Morning wake up at 6 plus to see the sunrise..

And vin say no sunrise from their unit....

-when back to sleep again...

Lulu in her lala land

-wake up in the afternoon...

Crazy dance by Lulu and sunshine...* credit to lulu's blog =)

-went to the pool again...

Off to the pool!
love the pool cos it's shallow enough to stand everywhere...haha
*swim swim swim*

-bath tub again....


Time to wash ur friend's hair!LOL

-home sweet home..

* I must take note, not to use the small size photo again*
Great thanks to ah siong's father!

Tuesday, March 11, 2008

nelly 19th birthday. old already

And that is the name of the folder, given by VINCENT, with the pictures of my birthday inside.( Vincent, thanks ar...U are INDEED my best friend hor...)
Birthday girl..=)

But...My laling says that I will alway be his little girl....hee hee...=) (shy)
And he called early in the morning ( okay..not early morning but I was still sleeping) and sing me Happy Birthday in chipmunk voice...I seriously think he got some chipmunk genes in him..but he say I can be his nut..=)

Okay, enough with the mushy things before all of you start puking....

SO.......ME DAY.. was another lil busy day...
Miss Macdonal Beauty Queen....LOL

Had a little party at sunshine's place.
It was suppose to be a mini pool side party,
but it rain...okay...drizzle..but still water fell from the
so we stayed in sunshine's house instead.
I cook some food... ( yes I cook...I cooked everything and nothing was burn)
but hell, who had thought that 4 item would take 4 - 5 hours to cook!
Dino Nugget..hmmm...yum..~
'Munch munch..'
Don't ask me...I also dont know what is he doing...LOL
A Little goodie bag for every child at my party...=) YEAH!

Made Lu and siong wait for me..
From orchard to paya lebar mrt to Singapore post...
I think they waited about 3 hours in total...( Sorry & Thanks guys =) )
They got me a tub of Ben & Jerry ice cream as my birthday cake... ( I requested =))
My birthday wish is..........DONT TELL YOU!!! hahahaha
TIME FOR ICE CREAM!hmmmm...yum..

I am very happy to see Saiful....
And I am happy to not see Karthink..okay...i just feel like putting that even though i know i should not..but i dun care!
And of cos Sunshine, Lulu , Fan papa and Ah siong Papa...=)
AND, I am even happier when I got my present!!!
LOL, haha, HA-HA, ROTFLOL,lolzzz
(oh shit...I forgot to take picture with my present...)
I missed him...=)
My present! * I think Siong is trying to practice his kiss for wendy..=X
Lulu got nice leg....REALLY!

The guys got me a lovely cute set of clothes...
that I plan to wear on my first day of school,
that is if I am able to ta han till April 7 la...
HAHA....( sorry but i just have to wear NEW...=) )
And Ful Ful got me a cute cushion...
and it is now resting nicely on my sofa...=)

Hang out for a while then we all when home...
No crazy big loud party..
No clubbing..
No boring cake..

Just a cosy lil party with some friends....=)
My lovely friends....

Thanks guy....I was actually dreading for the day to come but you guys made it great and I had a Happy birthday...=)

Monday, March 3, 2008

Budweiser wont make you any wiser

It's been days since I last updated...

Had been busy...

Busy doing COP script..which would be my first show that I am going to direct in Rp.. and also my first black light show...

And the best thing is.... I don't really know how black light work..

but I'm sure I will by the end of may...=)

Will be doing Prudential Children Festival till the end of this week..
Had been going to the arts house for the past few days and Oh my...I really love that place!

Got such nice lighting..
Such nice fixtures and fitting...
And the atmosphere.... Awwww....

Love working in that place! =)

The best thing about working with act3 is that you get to meet people...I am not just talking about the customer...I am talking about the actors and actress..People from Britain, France, Australia...... It is really nice to meet all the different people and working with them is a great learning Journey...

Gone shopping with tiger today.... Was SUPPOSE to window shop..but we end up getting two pairs of footwear each...Same design, same size, but different colour...=)

I must really stop myself from getting anymore foot wears.... My shoe rack is really going to be rack and ruin...


Went to topshop...Saw a really pretty dress...but guess where I found the dress under?


You must be rich to wear a $46 dress to sleep or you must be out of your mind!

And now I cant get that dress out of my mind...HAHAHA...

I been using birthday present for myself as excuse to buy things.... It's just the beginning of the month and I am as good as broke...

How I wish there is really such things as $$MONEY$$ plant where I can really grow $ on the trees..
but then again.. if $ grow on trees.. everyone would be no point... =(

OKAY! Stop crapping.. got to go do research on Paris...Pre-U sem meeting on wednesday...

I miss my panda prince...