Tuesday, August 26, 2008

GuangZhou buying trip [Part 1]

Day One

Changi Airport
The master mind of the trip!

On the AIR to china...

The wordings in red dun make much sense to me... If I lack the ability to read and understand the Emergency instruction, how would I be able to understand this part then?


First thing to do when u touch down from a budget plane is to go to the loo...And this is how the Chinese in china remind people to flush after use.... Nice ar.. Like poem like that...Not like the ang mo..."Please flush after use"..

We Left the airport and went to the hotel and then to lunch... And this is what we had for lunch..
Vanessa's ordering for our( Jacq van me) table.. See the calculator? We were given about 25rmb per meal. And 25 rmb per meal is alot cos the food there is cheap..Like a bowl of noodles is like 3 , 4 ,5 rmb...So we just order almost what ever we see...Hahahahaha...

The black one is Herbal jelly...Damn good...Not like Sg one...This one got the herbal Taste..Bitter but nice...Plus the sweetener is Honey...FABULOUS!The white one is " double Boiled milk". I make out that made myself...haha...It is actually very milky...It is like..cream..Very strong milk taste...I LOVE....

After lunch, we started shopping...Our very first market.... This one sells Accessories...But...not as fantastic la...I mean..Not as WOW as I expected....But still passed.

After shopping is dinner..Yes..Food again...=)

We went somewhere near the hotel to eat...

U get bread talk there too!

This is their version on Chee Chong Fun...Thicker and bigger...come in different filling for only 3 - 4 rmb.. But it is not as tasty as ours...U need to dip in more soya sauce...But still pass la...Come on...its only 0.60 SGD plus..

This is green bean paste with Quail egg...It's a cold desert...Weird but nice..=)

After dinner...more shopping! Walk around the streets near my hotel... We stay in LIDO hotel.. And it is located at Beijing Lu, the supposed bugis/orchard in Guangzhou alot of shops around...But things there are not very cheap...Maybe just a few dollar cheaper then Sing.So i din buy anything from there,expect one ice cream that tasted horrible, the whole trip.

May can take picture well...Haha...And maybe china food can make me jump higher...LOL

After walking for a while, we went back to pack the things we bought for SUI! and all the paperwork,bathe and sleep......

.....to be continue....day 2 tml...

Monday, August 25, 2008

Home Sweet Home..

I am Back!

Still packing and sorting out the pictures....

Will upload all picture by tonight and then i can blog tml....

Will be visiting the doc tml too....
Down with bad cold...


see ya guys...!

Monday, August 18, 2008


About 6 more hours more to go and I`ll be on my way to Guangzhou....
And I still haven pack at all...Hahahaha...
But at least the luggage is sitting in the living room already....
I`ll start packing right after this....
Pak-tor-ing at midnight...
*pak-tor as in dating...Hope i spell pak-tor right..Dictionary.com got no such word to check..*
Laling was in a good mood on Saturday....
He bring me go pak tor at midnight on his bicycle...
We took the last bus to Alson's place at bedok to get his bicycle...
Then we travel from bedok to east coast park...Walk around.. Surprisingly there's still alot of people..Maybe because it's the holiday season for polyes and plus it's weekend.... Anyway... We went to the pool place and realise it actually quite a happening place...But there's alot of Ah Bengs and Ah Lians...Then we pack MacDonald to the beach here... what else can u get at that hour but MacDonald?
It was very hazy that night, so not much stars around...But the moon was shinning brightly... We were sitting under the moonlight...Hahahaha...Sit sit...Eat eat...Talk talk...
Then we travel to the bridge near the Oasis...I dunno what is that place called... There also got people.. The view from the bridge is awesome...Got water...got lights..Can even see some building at the CBD area..Sit sit..talk talk again...then cycle to Geylang...
On the way we saw a few other groups of people that were cycling...I think they are school organise..cos got one like teacher and a group of student.. And it was already about 4 am...There were still alot of cars and people around....So who says that Singapore dun have night life?
Anyway.. We din really go to Geylang Geylang..we only pass thro of the the lane Geylang...Got a few Chicken standing around...Some are not very pretty...some wear so little that it is as good as not wearing... I wonder how much they earn one night....hmmmmmmm.....
Then from Geylang there cycle thro my school then to lulu's block then home.... When we passed lulu's block, I saw Mui mui on the stone table under her block...It's really a very beautiful cat....
Back home, I was already dead tired..Bathe and pop into my bed and fell asleep right away...
We din take any photos although I really wanted too..But it's because it the 7th month so...Better be safe then sorry....
*I had a wonderful night love...Thank you very much!
Let's do it again someday...Let's do it more often....
Hey...Not only i get to have fun..U get to exercise also...=)
See you guys when I am back!

Thursday, August 14, 2008

Packing my Bag and making the list...

I`m flying soon..

Haven start packing yet...Maybe I should start tml...Or Sat night...

Just some Tees and Jeans....
Wait till go there buy more..HAHAHAHA....

Right now I am doing the very important thing...
Making THE LIST....

The SHOPPING LIST of course!


I seriously hope SG500 is enough....

I can`t wait!=)

My love will get you home....

“My love will get you home” Lyrics by Christine Glass

If you wander off too far, my love will get you home.
If you follow the wrong star, my love will get you home.
If you ever find yourself, lost and all alone,get back on your feet and think of me, my love will get you home.
Boy, my love will get you home.

If the bright lights blinds your eyes, my love will get you home.
If your troubles break your stride, my love will get you home.
If you ever find yourself, lost and all alone,get back on your feet and think of me, my love will get you home.
Boy, my love will get you home.

If you ever feel ashame, my love will get you home.
If its only you to blame, my love will get you home.
If you ever find yourself, lost and all alone,get back on your feet and think of me, my love will get you home.
Boy, my love will get you home.

If You are able to download this song or happened to have this song..Please send it to me...=)

Monday, August 11, 2008

Let's "fly"!

Alot of people have been asking ....

" The Singapore Flyer change direction ar? Why ar?"

Well.... This is why....
SINGAPORE, Aug 9, 2008 (AFP) - Officials in Singapore have changed the direction of the world's biggest observation wheel because feng shui masters said it was taking good fortune away from the city, a report said Saturday.
The Singapore Flyer, which opened earlier this year, had originally revolved so that it rose to face the business district and went down overlooking the sea, the Strait Times newspaper said.
However, masters of the ancient Chinese art of geomancy convinced the wheel's management to reverse it so that it was not taking fortune away from the city.
A number of feng shui masters had approached us to tell us that the Flyer is on the perfect site to pick up the good qi (energy) flowing into Singapore, but it was going in the wrong direction," said Florian Bollen, the Singapore Flyer's chairman.

"The Flyer was going against the sun and taking fortune away from Singapore."
Bollen likened the change to the "completion of a perfect movie" to give a better story, but added that it cost the company a "six figure sum," the report said.

For visitors now riding one of the wheel's 28 air-conditioned capsules, their view starts with beaches and housing estates in the east and culminates with a vista of the business centre.
At 165 metres (545 feet), or 42 storeys, the Singapore Flyer is 30 metres higher than Britain's London Eye, said builders Great Wheel Corp.

Despite being a modern city Singapore is a largely ethnic Chinese nation, where traditions still hold sway.
*This is a copy and paste article from yahoo...
So now you know why...
But the thing is...I dun understand why din they get Feng Shui master in the first place? They got 6 or 7 religious leader to bless the land before they start building... If they can think of getting the land blessed, why they din think of getting some one to see how the wheel should be turn? I wonder why is the wheel turning in anti-clockwise in the first place..
It cause so much trouble for us when it first started to turn clock-wise...Training every morning.... Have to role play every morning...walk up and down the deck...walk in and out of the cabin...Change this and that...
But things are better now thanks to Ally....One clever mind that plan and convince the upper management...
Well... it is still fun working there la...people are nice..well at least on the first layer... People smile to each other...and say hi or at least smile and nod.... But i think there is way too much part timers....i heard that there are about 52 part timers! 52! what the hell... and there are not much full timers..One shift of 11 people and the ration of full timers to part timers is like 1: 3...
I dont think it is very safe for a company to have too many part timers right? What if the part timers all gang up together and leave? Then dun need to operate liao lor hor?
And now because there's too many part timers..sometimes you kinda need to "fight" to work....hahahaha....
Oh..talking about cease operation.... We always secretly wish that it will rain heavily cause when it rain heavily with thunder and lighting, the flyer will cease operation till the rain stops...And when the flyer cease operation, all the crews will walk around the flyer together in different groups to inform the customer and at the same time we will crap and talk rubbish..
That all... my chain of thought stops here and I dunno how to end this...
Night people...
time to sleep! =)

Saturday, August 9, 2008


Jess and Arron once asked me why do i have a blog? To prove that I exist? I could not answer their question at that point of time...

But now...I think I can...

Why I want to have this blog now because I feel that it is a good place for me to express myself...
To voice out my unhappiness...Cry out my anger in words....

Because...I can't express myself well to people sometimes...and other times..well..I am sad to say that the other times i feel nobody is listening to me when I talk...

When I talk, nobody listen and everyone wants to talk...
When everybody talks, I HAVE to listen....

I am just a nobody...I dun talk..I only make noise..and no one gives a damn about it....

No one really cares..

Talk is cheap...Action is always hard...

Right now I feel like one of those kids where they would blog about things like " Nobody love me..." or " Nobody cares about me..." that sort of stuff...
Sound like some attention seeker?


Yes..it does but i am still going to do it...

Nobody loves me...Nobody cares...

To all parent soon to be, or plan to be a parent some day... : DONT have kids if you dont know how to be a mother to someone....You will just ruin your life and that poor kid's life.... How your parent treat you is your fucking problem... not your child's.... Treating your child like shit would make things better....!

I always think that you are strong ...that you are able to raise me and jie jie up by yourself without dad....But i guess... Jie jie and I are the strong ones..Not you... You will NEVER understand how hard isit to have to work and study since 15. You think it's easy? You think it's easy to try to get good grades, to perform well in school and work to keep myself alive? You think all i have to learn in school is ABC and 123? Just go try it yourself...! I think you would barely live for 1 week!

All I ask for is you to understand..and OWN up to your own mistake and not push the blame to me or Jie jie...Or worst blame me for random things that happened...IT IS NOT MY FUCKING FAULT!

Now I understand why jie jie say she blame papa for leaving us early...
I use to think that it's actually good that papa left...At least I learn to grow up and be mature...
But now i always wished that papa was still around... Then i can be daddy's little girl...One chance of havng someone to love and dote on me...

Why the hell did you have to die... I am starting to blame you for dying... Because if u haven die, I can at least turn to you.... Everyone told me that you use to dote on me when you were around.... But if u really have love me, why did u leave? why cant you wait till i grow up?

You have no idea what is like to have no one there for you...

Daddy i miss you...

Why do people have to disagree and fight?

The truth about me is, I dunno how to talk although i do seems like i know how to talk and express myself and say what i want to say...But the fact is, I dont. And sometimes i just feel like keep quiet cause i dont know what to say. I dunno how to put my feeling into words.

Accept me for who i am....

I know I like to win.. I like to be right...Dont you?

I am not say you are trying to pick on me or pick fight with me....
I think sometimes things just happened.. One leads to another and sometimes it just leads to unhappy things... SO why do people have to fight?

Sometimes i really feel like just being MIA... Like one of those people in A4 size poster you see in Mrt stations and bus interchange..." MISSING"...

I just want to be alone and be with myself in my own space till i feel good enough to come out...Although I am not very sure if it's going to work...

I ask myself...If i really go missing and go into hidding but i never feel good enough to come out then how?

Now i know how come got so many missing person in singapore...
Maybe they have gone into hiding and waiting for the time where they would feel better to come out...Maybe....just maybe..


Now i feel better...=)

That is why i like to blog...it makes me feel better after blogging...

Sometimes blogging leads my chain of thoughts to random stuff....=)

But sometimes i wish that no one knows about this blog at all...
I don't really want people to know about my depressing stuff and my anger and my pathetic life happenings.....

I thought of changing my blog...But i like to stick to things that i start with till i die or that thing die... I thought of having another blog specially for the gloomy things..but i am not so free to blog two blogs...and I certainly hope i don't have so much gloomy things to blog about....

*big sigh*

Do me a favour....

Dont drop any comment on this post or ask me what happened or talk to me about any part of this post.... Really.... Read it and shut up... Dont use this as a discussion topic with others who reads my blog...

I dont wanna talk about it...Just let me be.....

Now i am thinking twice of publishing this post....


Btw...Happy birthday Singapore...!

Monday, August 4, 2008

I found this on a online florist....

Come! Lets all learn the message behind the flowers...=)

Say It With ROSES

1 stalk - Love at 1st Sight
2 stalks - Mutual Feelings
3 stalks - I Love You
7 stalks - I am Infatuated by You
9 stalks - Together as Long as We Live
10 stalks - You are Perfect
11 stalks - You are My Treasured One
12 stalks - Be My Steady
13 stalks - Friends Forever
15 stalks - I am Sorry
20 stalks - I am Sincere Towards You
21 stalks - I am Committed to You
36 stalks - I Will Remember Our Romantic Moments
40 stalks - My Love is Genuine
99 stalks - I Will Love You Till the Day I Die
100 stalks - I am Totally Devoted to You
101 stalks - You are My One and Only
999 stalks - My Love Will Last Till the End of Time

Colours of Roses
Red - I love you or Encouragement
White - You are heavenly, reverence of innocence & purity
Pink - You are gentle & graceful
Light Pink - Gratitude & appreiation
Dark Pink - Admiration & sympathy joy & gladness
Orange - Enthusiasm
Blue - You are special
Purple - You are my romance
Yellow - Joy, Gladness, Freedom
Two Roses - Joined Together, Engagement
Red and White Roses - Together Unity

So that time laling give me one white rose...that means....
He Love at 1st Sight and I am heavenly, reverence of innocence & purity....

The Meanings Of Flowers
ACACIA - Concealed Love, Beauty in Retirement, Chaste Love
AMBROSIA - Your Love is Reciprocated
AMARYLLIS - Pride, Pastoral Poetry
ANEMONE - Forsaken
ARBUTUS - Thee Only Do I Love
ASTER - Symbol of Love, Daintiness
AZALEA - Take Care of Yourself for Me, Temperance, Fragile Passion, Chinese Symbol of Womanhood
BACHELOR BUTTON - Single Blessedness
BEGONIA - Beware
BLUEBELL - Humility
CACTUS - Endurance
CAMELLIA (PINK) - Longing for you
CAMELLIA (RED) - You're a Flame in My Heart
CAMELLIA (WHITE) - You're Adorable
CARNATION (GENERAL) - Fascination, Woman Love
CARNATION (PINK) - I'll Never Forget You
CARNATION (RED) - My Heart Aches For You, Admiration
CARNATION (PURPLE) - Capriciousness
CARNATION (STRIPED) - No, Refusal, Sorry I Can't Be With You, Wish I Could Be With You
CARNATION (WHITE) - Sweet and Lovely, Innocence, Pure Love, Woman's Good Luck Gift
CARNATION (YELLOW) - You Have Disappointed Me, Rejection
CATTAIL - Peace, Prosperity
CHRYSANTHEMUM (GENERAL) - You're a Wonderful Friend, Cheerfulness and Rest.
CROCUS - Cheerfulness
CYCLAMEN - Resignation and Good-bye
DAFFODIL - Regard, Unrequited Love, You're the Only One, The Sun is Always Shining when I'm with You
DAISY - Innocence, Loyal Love, I'll Never Tell, Purity
DANDELION - Faithfulness, Happiness
FERN - Magic, Fascination, Confidence and Shelter
FIR - Time
FLAX - Domestic Symbol
FORGET-ME-NOT - True Love, Memories
FORSYTHIA - Anticipation
GARDENIA - You're Lovely, Secret Love
GERANIUM - Stupidity, Folly
GLADIOLI - Give Me a Break, I'm Really Sincere, Flower of the Gladiators
GLOXINIA - Love at First Sight
HEATHER (LAVENDER) - Admiration, Solitude
HEATHER (WHITE) - Protection, Wishes Will Come True
HOLLY - Defense, Domestic Happiness
HYACINTH (GENERAL) - Games and Sports, Rashness, Flower Dedicated to Apollo
HYACINTH (BLUE) - Constancy
HYACINTH (PURPLE) - I am Sorry, Please Forgive Me, Sorrow
HYACINTH (WHITE) - Loveliness, I'll Pray for You
HYDRANGEA - Thank You for Understanding, Frigidity, HeartlessnessIRIS - Fleur-de-lis, Emblem of France, Your Friendship Means so Much to Me, Faith, Hope, Wisdom and Valor, My Compliments
IVY - Wedded Love, Fidelity, Friendship, Affection
JONQUIL - Love Me, Affection Returned, Desire, Sympathy, Desire for Affection Returned
LARKSPUR (PINK) - Fickleness
LILY (WHITE) - Virginity, Purity, Majesty, It's Heavenly to be with You
LILY (YELLOW) - I'm Walking on Air, False and Gay
LILY (CALLA) - Beauty
LILY (DAY) - Coquetry, Chinese Emblem for Mother
LILY (EUCHARIS) - Maiden Charms
LILY (TIGER) - Wealth, Pride
LILY OF THE VALLEY - Sweetness, Tears of the Virgin Mary, Return to Happiness, Humility, You've Made My Life Complete
MAGNOLIA - Nobility
MARIGOLD - Cruelty, Grief, Jealousy
MISTLETOE - Kiss me, Affection, To Surmount Difficulties, Sacred Plant of India
MONKSHOOD - Beware, A Deadly Foe is Near
MOSS - Maternal Love, Charity
MYRTLE - Love, Hebrew Emblem of Marriage
NARCISSUS - Egotism, Formality, Stay as Sweet as You Are
NASTURTIUM - Conquest, Victory in Battle
OLEANDER - Caution
ORANGE BLOSSOM - Innocence, Eternal Love, Marriage and Fruitfulness
ORCHID - Love, Beauty, Refinement, Beautiful Lady, Chinese Symbol for Many Children
ORCHID (CATTLEYA) - Mature Charm
PALM LEAVES - Victory and Success
PEONY - Shame, Happy Life, Happy Marriage
PETUNIA - Resentment, Anger, Your Presence Sooths Me
PINE - Hope, Pity
POPPY (GENERAL) - Eternal Sleep, Oblivion, Imagination
POPPY (RED) - Pleasure
POPPY (WHITE) - Consolation
POPPY (YELLOW) - Wealth, Success
PRIMROSE - I Can't Live Without You
PRIMROSE (EVENING) - Inconstancy
ROSE (BRIDAL) - Happy Love
ROSE (HIBISCUS) - Delicate Beauty
ROSE (LEAF) - You May Hope
ROSE (PINK) - Perfect Happiness, Please Believe Me
ROSE (RED) - Love, I Love You
ROSE (TEA) - I'll Remember Always
ROSE (THORNLESS) - Love at First Sight
ROSE (WHITE) - Innocence and Purity, I am Worthy of You, You're Heavenly, Secrecy and Silence
ROSE (WHITE AND RED MIXED) - Unity, Flower Emblem of England
ROSE (WHITE-DRIED) - Death is Preferable to Loss of Virtue
ROSE (YELLOW) - Decrease of Love, Jealousy, Try to Care
ROSEBUD - Beauty and Youth, A Heart Innocent of Love
ROSEBUD (RED) - Pure and Lovely
ROSEBUD (WHITE) - Girlhood
ROSEBUD (MOSS) - Confessions of Love
ROSES (Bouquet of Mature Blooms) - Gratitude
ROSES (Single Full Bloom) - I Love You, I Still Love You
SMILAX - Loveliness
SNAPDRAGON - Deception, Gracious Lady
SPIDER FLOWER - Elope with Me
STEPHANOTIS - Happiness in Marriage, Desire to
TravelSTOCK - Bonds of Affection, Promptness, You'll Always Be Beautiful to Me
SWEETPEA - Good-bye, Departure, Blissful Pleasure, Thank You for a Lovely Time
TULIP (GENERAL) - Perfect Lover, Frame, Flower Emblem of Holland
TULIP (RED) - Believe Me, Declaration of Love
TULIP (VARIEGATED) - Beautiful Eyes
TULIP (YELLOW) - There's Sunshine in Your Smile
VIOLET - Modesty
VIOLET (BLUE) - Watchfulness, Faithfulness, I'll Always Be True
VIOLET (WHITE) - Let's Take a Chance
ZINNIA (MAGENTA) - Lasting Affection
ZINNIA (MIXED) - Thinking (or In Memory) of an Absent Friend
ZINNIA (SCARLET) - Constancy
ZINNIA (WHITE) - Goodness
ZINNIA (YELLOW) - Daily Remembrance

So now we all learn a little something....

To the guys: pick a proper type of flower for the girl u like...

To the ladies: Understand what that guy is trying to tell u with the flowers....=)

* See..CHRYSANTHEMUM are not only for teas and "old" friend....It have meaningful meaning as well k.....=)