Monday, March 30, 2009

Looking back

Went back to school today and i got my password problem fix.

Now I can log into my mail box.

I found 2 things...

One. I got into PR.
Oh yeah..! I was worried that i wont get into this module cos my gap is pretty bad now..
And...Lovey chin is the module chair.
I wonder who will be my faci....

Two. Almost everything in my mail box got something to do with SUI!
and now that i am stepping down, I think it is time to clear everything.
While deleting the mails, I was thinking about how i got into sui and everything.

SUI! is like a child to me.
It have grow from just a shop in school to one of the well known IG in school.
We have events, competition and paid oversea trip....
It's a something now...

People see SUI! like.."Oh...SUI! ar...Oh..okay..."
and u know what.
At the end of the day.
People know SUI! it is not like some ulu IG that people go.." huh..what is that?"

Sunday, March 29, 2009

should buy or should not buy

I am having the buy or not buy problem again.

I so wanna get the shoes from gojane that sunshine showed me...
I so wanna get the top from fox...
I so wanna buy some new dress...
BUT. I am going Perth next week.

By right i should go Perth then do my shopping cos:
- It'll reduce the chance of seeing someone at orchard road with the same outfit.
- Can try and make sure that it really fit nicely( esp for shoes)
- Get it on the spot of purchase ( no shipping )
- Wink and smile and cheat my mummy to pay for my shopping ( eh, i only have $200 sing to change to aust dollar hor!)

BUT THEN.......~

I went to china about 1 week ago thinking that and i came home disappointed.
No nice tops.
No nice dress.
No nice heels.
No nice bag.
Only some pumps, bangle and some long racerback.


I dun wanna go aust full of hope and come back disappointed again.
But, I dun wanna buy now and see something better in aust and regret.

Oh goodness.

Oh god, why did u make grandpa rich but pass nothing down but blank papers?

Friday, March 27, 2009

Mop hair

Went to van's place and got my hair done today.

Her mummy nice.
quite funny...
told me a bit of van's story.

Her mummy happily chop off my hair...
That's her mother.
Reminds me of Shepard's dog.hahaha
And my hair was super bouncy....

End product.
Vanessa say I look like 16.
My Gaia boss say I look younger.
Gabriel say dun suit my face & that I look my sister.
I say I look funny and my face now look super round.
I guess I just need some time to get use to it.
I'm pretty sian now.
My sister just got her braces on.
Somehow or rather,either me or her, her temper got worst.
Like a bloody fuck up bitch.
Screaming when she like, scold people when she feel she is right ( which is like all the time).
I dun feel like going to Perth.
I dun feel like going Perth at all.
It is like fucking waste of money and time.
I can predict that we will fight everyday, like wtf.
Someone please buy my air ticket.

Tuesday, March 24, 2009


Went to work.
Came home.
Meet laling for supper, Prata & Indian rojak.
I am so gonna put on another kg.

I am pretty tired now but i dunno y i kinda refuse to sleep.
It's 2.08 am and yet i feel like a little too early to sleep, yet it is late and i know i should be sleep.
I gotta wake up early tml.

I borrows thro face book.
and started taking all the funny funny quiz just to kill time.

From the quiz i found out that...

1.My real age is 17 ,from " What is your real age?". ( well, its good to know that i am still young)
2.I was Pablo Picasso in my past life , from " Who were you in a past life". ( Is he the artist?whoever he is, he sound great.)
3.I am a Cinderella , from "What Disney Princess Are You?". ( which part of me is like Cinderella? Only, female + bully by sister. Oh...I see.)
4.My heart got color one.And it is Crimson,from "What Color Is Your Heart?"( I tot my heart is black with some part red and some part pink.)

I am going to sleep.

Sunday, March 22, 2009


It so good to see the blue sky and white clouds when i look up...
I missed it for 3 days...

Yeah, So I am back.
Didn't buy much...
Nothing much to buy.

Rather disappointed.
Did not manage to get what I wanted.
Nvm la...

Pictures will be uploaded soon...
Hopefully before i fly off to Perth..

And my password is giving me problems.
I cant check my class and I think I wont be able log into the laptop once I off my laptop this time, cos i tried to change my password and it din work.
I am feeling shitty now..
Like damn sian.
*finger cross*

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Let's FLY!

Sound like some tag line from act3.

Anyway, I am glad that the festival is over.
But i'll miss the artist...=)

In another 15 hours time,
I'll be in a tiger air plane, ready to fly off to china.
I only got like $200 sing which is 900 plus RMB and another $150 sing which is about 750 HK dollars.
I dunno how long can this amount last me.
I dunno what can i buy back with this amount.
I just hope it's enough for me to buy some proper present for everyone.
And maybe get myself some new clothes and bag.
AND! I wanna go to welcome. That their supermarket.=)

I better go sleep now.
I haven pack my bag.
I will do that tml when i wake up.

I'll take care and I'll miss everyone when i'm in china..

*for goodness sake nelly, it's only like 4 days 3 night*


Candle burning bright

Lulu's day!

Lulu had her birthday party on the 13th.
Was a little late but still there...
Unlike somebody...
Girl Girl must be think..." what is happening? why got so many people? "
Poor thing.
He's alone.
Better half , Vincent, got work.
Cannot come.

Mastermind: Sunshine
Helper: Nelly, Irfan & Lu's sister

Mind cafe.
Finally had a chance where all 5 are out tgt!
and this time, laling came along.=)
My cake was a surprise.
But i know not intended one la..
Lulu's Shit.
Laling and vincent will be good friend soon.
No no no.
Laling and the rest will be good friend soon.
* Good for me so i can hangout with both at the same time!hahahaha *

I realise we din take a group picture!



Not my real mother la...


She turn 21!
She had a celebration on the 7th.
But I got no picture yet.
I hope she like the 21 gifts we got for her.
I hope she like all of them.
Got steamboat pot, got dress, got top, got pen , got chips, got chocolate, etc etc etc.
Even got toilet paper!

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

The Big 20.

My Day.

Had a fight, or rather should I say I got bully by my sister, at 2am.
Sleep late.
Wake up early to go work, act3.
Lucky got only one show.
So...sian la...

12 noon.
Done for the day with act 3.
Meet laling for lunch at my fav wanton mee. ( The parklane one.)
Then ice cream at one of my fav ice cream cafa.
Two scoop.=)
Yum yum..

Rum & raisin and Italian cookie with kinder bueno.
Walk to Cathay and walk walk. sit sit. take picture...
Then nth to do.
Walk o Ps.
Buy finger food.
walk to Istana park.
sit sit
eat eat.
take more picture...
This Daisy is a birthday present from me to myself....

Take picture properly, cannot.
Must *roar* at him then can smile...
See la..
Then continue to walk.
Walk to liang court.
Eat again...
This time is Japanese Salad.
It's made of Spaghetti
This one got crab meat.
A little expensive.
I wanna try making this the next time.
I made the pepper lunch one and it's good.=)
Then after that.
laling cheat me to walk with him.
Actually i know got surprise la...
Just din know exactly when.
And very surprise to see sunshine they all there.
Cos i tot is the rainbows only...

They blind fold me to this thing and made me go up.
I am kinda game for it la...
I mean I dun mind trying.
And now it's my present.
So free!! Y not?
Went up with 2 strangers.
2 ang mo ladies...
Held their hands when the thing shot up.
It is very fast.
Very short
But not really that scary.
The fun fair one, the one that can turn 90 degree while moving front and back is more scary.
Still, i did not open my eyes.
I think my eyes will pop out if i did open.
actually got open la...
Open when i was at the top.
When it "stop" moving.
The view is beautiful...
Everyone should try it one day.
when i touch down, my eye was watery.
I dunno if it's my tears or sweat.
But i felt a little lost.Like..huh...what?
And then there was the birthday cake.
With 2 big candle.
I old le...
Very yummy chocolate cake.
Very good chocolate.
Expensive also.( i think cos it's from Canele)
* fan missing *

Then we head to minds.
For dinner and hang out.
My birthday drink from minds.
I earn it.
I went to all the table in the house and sang myself happy birthday.
Play Pink elephant.
My birthday present.
Top one from jie jie.
Bottom left is from sun , fan, lu & vin.
Bottom right is a camera bag from laling.
OH! One more. some where in the middle.
My bungee experience from rainbows and Wl's bf.
And my cake!

I really want to thank all u guys to plan this and those who came.
It make me feel...special.
Very special...
Thanks guys!
And thank you to those who have Facebook me , msn me and sms me happy birthday..
Too many to name.
Too many to count.
But I remember you guys.
And U know who u are!
Most of all...
Thank you laling.
Thank you for taking my rubbish.=)
I lub You!

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Birthday Mayhem

I dunno how should i describe my birthday....

Alot of mix feeling...

Grumpy,Upset, Pek chek, a little sian,Tired, Confuse, Surprise, Elated, Blissful, Touch, A little gulity.

I dunno la...


But thanks guys...
All of u!!
I din expect it..I mean, i kinda suspect the rainbows are up to something, but it's totally different from what i've imagine.And the gang was in it too...hahahahahaha
I love u!

Pictures will be updated in the next post.

For now, I am gonna pack and sleep...

Good night.
First proper night sleep when i turn 20.=)

Sunday, March 8, 2009

Piss hiss tsk

5 person in my Fyp team.
minus me --> 4
out of 4, half of them did not reply my mail.
Out of the 2, i sms one of them and no reply.
And the other one, i lost her number.

I left march and April.
March is pack till 22.
And in April, school's gonna start on the 20th and just before that i am on holiday for about 7-8 days.

Fyp proposal not done.
Team mates haven gone for the flyer ride yet.
No meeting done yet.
Flyer is chasing and asking me every time they see me.
Even the manager that have left flyer sms me to ask how is the FYP thing.
I have no idea what the hell my faci send regarding the fyp.
I have no idea how and what to do / is needed to be done for FYP.
And I am suppose to be the team leader.

Just great..
In fact, it is wonderful..

I dunno la...
If they dun want to respond to me, what can i do.
Also cannot do anything...
Also LL..
! #& ( _) %&^$^ #^ (& *&% %$%$#% &( * % # @@ #% & **^ %^ )0 (&&%&^

I've started my job with Act3 and today is the first day of the festival.
I am super tired now.
I am just gonna pop in my bed and drool.

Good night people.

Thursday, March 5, 2009

Blink and stop

Expired Picture
Feb 14.
Alson's cousin's bday.
Feb 28.
Just walking about.
Dinner at AMK RamenTen.
Somehow i like to look at grey clouds...

Laling's new spec. His valentine gift.






I dunno what to do for my FYP.

Or should I say I dunno how to start.

And my teammates are not replying E-mails.

I am worried.

Very worried.