Thursday, July 30, 2009

Bitchy Busy Body

Another shopping trip with my sister.


Goodness I'm so fat and my bust is so small....But trust me...The dress is BEAUTIFUL.
ION Orchard....

Yum yum~

Ion is big..but messy.

Messy as in complicated...

I dont like...

But got alot of shops!!

I love...=)

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Fats comes in all shape and size.

Blogger finally decides to go back normal and now i can upload pictures!
Happy Happy.

July 22
Meet up with Carissa for dinner at bugis mos burger.
Haven seen her for about 1 year...

I am a broke kid...See those coins on the tray? That's all I've left....=(
It kinda look gross now...LOL

I miss you!


Tuesday, July 28, 2009


Blogger 又有问题了!

你是否在想我是不是疯了, 为什麽会用华文来 "blog"?
blogger 又不可以上载照片!


*I've spend more then an hour typing these few line...*

Chillin out under the cold cold sun.

Okay. Stupid blogger got problem again.
I cant upload picture nor change font colour...
Tsk tsk tsk...
But at least the layout is till right..

I am done with my fyp report.
Last step is the "presenataion" which is not really presentation cause we are not suppose to present anything at all.
In, all team members will be sitting at one table in the same classroom and the assessor will just be asking questions table by table and we'll just have to answer them...Weird right?
So i guess it's more like a Q & A session.

I hope butter is on this wednesday cause I am so ready to party and shake the stress off!
But then again, its butter. Somehow, I dun put high hopes in going butter anymore. It's like I'm not fated to go or something...

Anyway...Holiday's comming...Will be busy but I'm sure that there'll be at least a few phuture + butter + st james...
Can't wait!
Can't wait!

Saturday, July 25, 2009

Chew the rabbit eye

FYP is drawing near...
I haven sleep since last night...
Only some winks here and there on the bus and in class...

I have not finish the data analysis yet.
Chap 5 is not done too.
I have work in the morning tml.
I just realise I may not get to see fan's performance at all....

I am in a mix of feeling of sky high and rock bottom low...
I am confuse and high and full of ?????
I kinda feel like doing crazy staff...
and actually, i think i did start to do crazy stuff...

Okay. I am ranting rubbish.

Nelly, dun lose your head, dun loss your mind and please be sound...

Friday, July 24, 2009

IGNITE! 2009

Got no place to go this weekend night?
Pay not in yet and you're too broke to go anywhere?
Love free things and anything free is best??

You should head down to Republic Poly's IGNITE!

10 reasons to come down for IGNITE! Music Festival 2009

10.Happening on both Friday ( 24 July ) and Saturday (25 July)! * so if u miss one, u've got one more chance!!

9.It's open air. So dun need to worry too much about H1N1.

8.Release all the stress from PP, FYP or whatever project you are doing...

7.DJ Soowei from 98.7fm will be there

6.Plenty of bands will be there...( The Great Spy Experiment....Fatskunks...Vertical Rush...Caracal....etc etc etc)* etc etc etc is not a band. Its just etc.*

5.Good chance for you to explore RP if you have never been to Rp.

4.Good chance for you to explore woodlands if you have never been to woodlands..( hey,I've never gone woodlands before I study in rp k?!)

3. Chocolate from Cocoa Trees for sale at IGNITE! Plus, it's for a good cause!( now there's an extra reason to get fat!)

2. It's FREE!!


Tell me...How can you not come?! --> for more details...

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Monday, July 20, 2009

Blow Wind Blow

Out with my sister.
Something while I have been doing more these few days.
Somehow, our relationship is better but there's things that she don't I strong dislike.
And yes, of cause we still fight.

We are sister.

Holland Village.
Off to the bakery.
Just look at that!~
Trust me, She had a hard time biting that.
Drooling already?

Look at the amount of red bean......hmmmmmm~
Let's take a walk around.
Cha cha cha~
Off to frolick!
Damn I look like turtle.
Finally we decide to buy .

Night market

My sister when for Palm reading.
Most of the thing he said about my sister is very true but just don't know if what he say about my sister future is true. Well, i kinda hope it is...
I go kinda tempted to do the Palm reading thing but $$$$$$.
its okay, i can do without the Palm reading fun.

Movie at iluma with laling..

Watch H.P.
Hmmmm...Not very nice. Like no peak and no ending.
The answer of who is the half-blood prince is out too easily and too random, so no fun.
Supper at old train station.
Meow Meow~~

Sunday, July 19, 2009

Cake, Creams and Candles


Wednesday, July 08, 2009, 12:28:42 PM

Vanessa's Bday!

She's serious about this wishing business.

See that space beside me?
That space is save for Jes.
Down with H1N1 , So he cant come out...

Wednesday, July 15, 2009, 12:38:34 Pm

Sandra's Bday!!

Just a small cake, simple celebration. We hope you like it. =)