Friday, October 30, 2009

The clouds are showing sign of leaving...

Was talking to mc about food and it reminded me of us use to share food tgt and the good times we had eating at all the different place...

-Rum and raisin ice-cream at shaw centre
-wan ton mee + mix ice-cream( with kinder bueno) at sunshine plaza
-bits and pieces to make up a dinner at pasamalam
-mid-night supper mac.
-India rojak + teh chino
-Supper fatten cheese pasta
-cheap and good jap food.( jap food seems like our fav.)

I guess maybe u are sick of these already..
And i am still the stubborn one..

I wont stand being sorry for myself and I think I am going to move on... =D
I am on diet but I am still gonna eat.
And because I am on diet, I will be more picky about what I stomach...
I am going to explore the new and different places and try new food...
Alone or with my family and friends and dates!

All the cafe and restaurant in Dempsey..
Along the road bistro..
Yummy ice-cream outlet..
Fine dinning restaurant..
New fast food chain..
Quirky store at food court..
Mouth watering pastries and cake...
yada yada yada yada....~

I will still reminisce the time we share around the table..
Maybe when you are free, bring me out for a meal. A good meal..


Smile for me...
Because I am Nelly.

Thursday, October 29, 2009

when the song starts playing.....

I remember when I was sec 4, when I was after you..
Eileen got me hooked to this song...
She said it's very....Me...
True enough...

After we got together, I totally forgot about this song...

4 years later, this song came back to me like a flash of lighting...
This song is exactly what i want to say to you.
Word for word...
Listen to it..

I know you wont bother to click.

But if u ever have to chance to hear it outside somewhere, somehow, just spend 5 mins listening to it.
Listen to the words.
*Its not too much to ask for 5 mins of ur time to listen to a song right?*

The next song..
Somewhat our song..
Now is my song to you..

I've said what i wanted to say.
In fact i think i said too many time.
I know i can say umpteen times and if u refuse to register into ur head, u will never remember..

U and ur selective memory.
I just hope somehow ur brain select me to remember.



Quote from Gossip Girl season 3 Esp 5:
There are songs that make us want to dance.
Songs that make us want to sing along.
But the best songs are the ones that bring you back to the moment you first heard them;
And once again break your heart....

Make up ur mind!

I found the perfect halloween outfit!
(No party for me this halloween but still....)

Its looks like a lion+tiger+fox kinda feelin....

Super chio can!!
This is to die for although i have no idea where or when will i wear them out in Singapore...
Packing my room and found alot of mask so i decide to dump all of them in the chiller.
And then i realise...
Ranging from watson's birdsnest to Korean Q10 to china herb and some other random brand one...
Can start mask spree already...

Monday, October 26, 2009

Happy Belly

CRM class on last Thursday

What you did for last Thursday class when you were in school?

Did i hear stupid and heavy textbook?

Did i hear long worksheet and super long pre-reading?

Oh..what that's?Long hours of lecture?


. sad....=(

Guess what I have? ;)


Its been dunno how long since i last play with lego...
So much fun!
My team mate..
The future coke can design......
3 Target consumer.
The young children
The youth adult
The working adult / Business people...
Mel's team work..DAMN CUTE!

The Cruise....
I chip in a little but most effort goes to Fara...

Mel's random work...
Cute right?!

Rp's learning with a difference...

U make good girls gone bad

To do list by the end of today:

Finish my KitKat
Pack my computer area
Pack the living room
Wash my socks
Pack my room
Meet Kc
Meet JingYing
Jog a good jog
Take a good shower
Pick my clothes for tml ( It's RM class!)
E-mail Chris and Act3

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Come Let's Share!

Tuesday's class.

Brought my happy biscuit to school...

So cute la...Got baby some more...

Melissa's entertainment

I guess everyone is in good mood that day...
My classmate share her Japan chocolate biscuit with me..
Course mate,James, happily come into my class and distribute candies to everyone...
My faci came to class with Mochi ice-cream...
How wonderful...~

Monday, October 19, 2009

If you're not the one.

Went shopping at Ntuc just now..
Bought some stuff that will make me happy..

I got the " I wanna go school, yet I dun feel like going school " kind of feeling...

Anyway, it is good to have many good friends that stays near you...
Thank you ZiYang for taking the random walk to mrt then to ntuc and then back home...

I kinda wish i can fall into a deep sleep and wake up 2 yrs later.
2 yrs cos 1 seems too short and 3 seems too long...

It nice to be in ur arms again and it will be sometimes that i will miss alot..
It guess it will be the thing that i long for after each day of hard work...
If this is what u need to make ur dreams come thro then I will come to terms with it alto somehow it does not really make sense to me.
I once told Vanbed this:" we are only young once..Of cos have to go out to play till you drop la!"
I know and i understand this.
Go ahead and have fun.=)
I agree with lulu..I just wish I am a little older now and I have met you later...
But I am glad that i met you anyway..
Just leave me a space k?
I am keeping the keys..=P




I miss those fun time when we hang out.

Lets hang out soon.
Real soon.
Like now!

Okay, not now.
I am joking but real soon k?


Sunday, October 18, 2009

Here's where I'll wait for you.


That's all i had for a day.

In fact, I only ate 2 cookie and brought home one for mummy...

Milo from e1 cheat money, cheat feeling one...

No milo taste at all lor..

It's like brown coloured plain water!




Anyway...It was a happy morning...

I dunno if its because I din sleep plus the sugar rush or is it you...

But I kinda skip to school.


I always here & you know how to find me.

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

That's why I love her..

One of the Austin Flower girl who i minded during F1 called today.
She have a job for me, to co-ordinate for their show(winx club,i think) in some shopping centre during nov 19 to dec6.
Sound so tempting but sadly, most are on school days=(
Then she ask me how much do i charge to do co-ordinating work for her if she wants me to arrange stuff for her show...
~Wah...I feel damn happy la...Like damn proud...
I must have been bloody good!~
I told her just pay me anything, I am not professionally train, I am still learning so, anything is good....Pay me what she think I am worth...

At least someone is looking at my worth...=)

A little surprise to see 3 As out of my 4 days.( surprise in a good way la!)
My first grade was a B so i kinda expect to see all B and i was prepared to even get an C...
Surprise surprise...

I got Beautiful hair today but not really in a good mood. But after the call and seeing the As, i guess it's not going to be that day today...=)

Monday, October 12, 2009

what a FATbulous day!

.Gossip Girl
.One pack of Chips Ahoy-12 standard size chocolate cookie
.One class of HL chocolate milk

.Fyp meeting at changi airport
.Filet-o-fish student meal
.One chicken nugget from vanessa

.Mexican cheese pasta with Cai Hui
.Mama's xiao gua with prawn

So much for lossing 1.5 kg.
I think i gain 2kg within one day.
I am so not going to eat tml.
I so wanna be size zero.

Saturday, October 3, 2009

You can be a Sweet Dream or Beautiful Nightmare

Dempsy is what I Fancy!

Meet up with Sunshine today for lunch and we explored dempsy!
Pretty pretty place and made me super happy!
Yea yea yea!

Barracks @ House
Lovely place!
& it made us feel rich!

Here comes the food!

Wild Mushroom Truffle I think...
Oh...& Fries...
Super thin!
Like biscuit...dun really like the crust cause it taste a little burn..
I feel happy just by looking at the serving plate...
Ben & Jerry!
That's my "fish" choco chip and shine's still stuck...

Thank you sunshine!
I am very happy today...
I haven feel so good for very good..
I am smiling from my heart!
Thank you sunshine!
P/S: It's good to see you today...It kinda mada me happier...=)