Sunday, January 31, 2010

Scooters pullers

Quick post.

  2. Msn fixed. Thank you mak! *Mak fixed all my IT problem without even seeing my laptop. He is way better then the people from my school IT help desk... He is fab! *
  3. Haven upload my overdue pictures.
    Can i do tt on Monday?=)
  4. Ph was good!
    who said it was terrible?
  5. I must be the nicest smelling bookie even after one whole day of bet taking..

I am gonna bathe and sleep.
I must not be late for hiphop tml. Gonna do some bboy stuff...

Friday, January 29, 2010


#$%^&$^&*(^&* $%^9*&^TYU^%$#8


haven do rj.
My phone keep ringing...
How come so many people wanna go ph liao ar?
Not all say friday ph no fun lor?

Just stalk the stalker

Just reformat my laptop.
And I can upload all the pictures.. =)
*can only do tt tml night or sunday afternoon.

No more post it on my desktop.
No rainlander.
No funshion.
No realplayer.
No itune.
No more favorites list.
No more list of blogs/ blogshop and shopping site.=(
Bottom line: laptop empty

Still trying to download My msn.
Something is wrong.
Need to go down to IT help desk again...

Miss Ho is pissing the class off.
what's new?
About half the class left during 3rd meeting.
I so wanna tear her face now...
Bloody Hell...

I am pissing Mc off..
Damn funny..
Mc, U sure u dun wanna use my mouse.

My tummy is growling.
Damn loud.
But I dont really feel hungry...
What will happened if i dun eat and party later?
Okay.maybe we should find tt out..
Or maybe not........

It's LaoNiang birthday tml!
Heading down to powerhouse later.
Dj b.i.g. Please play some good music tonight.

Need to wake up early tml.
Okay not exactly that early la...
Gonna start work at 1.30 pm..
I kinda hate the new call script. Pretty stupid..

Gonna head home straight after IT helpdesk.
Gonna steal some vodka later.

Thank you very much.
I know you care.
I will be fine.
I promise.
RaRa very cute.
I laught when i saw the MMS.

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

baddie in the block

Took a lot of pictures today.
But i am too tired to upload them now...
Gonna do tt tml.

Did quiet a bit of silly stuff today..
Oh well...

Off to bed.
Love love.

Hot off the presses

Am i busy?
Let me see......

  1. headache over my stupid 21st
  2. still angry with myself over air ticket
  3. talking to a friend in need
  4. asking myself if i did what i preach?
  5. sian over going to school in formal tml
  6. thinking about what to do after RP
  7. thinking about what happened the night before & the night before
  8. regret what i type in msn just now.
  9. re-playing a song in my head that makes my eyes puffy
  10. worry about my friends
  11. thinking about him.
  12. a lil piss with him but i duno why
  13. thinking about what to do about him
  14. and thinking about what to do about him also
  15. random stuff like why did i eat so much today and how many kg am i going to put on.

My brain is just the size of half nerd ang's fits.
So why am i thinking so much?

I am over working my poor little brain.

*okay, this sounds like another emo post.
I am gonna puke...

I am gonna stop thinking,wash my face and slap on a mask and chill on my ipod...
It'll be so nice to hold a cup of chamomile tea in my hands now...

Load and push

Fann wong and hubby is singing cny song on tv...
Feel like getting a red dress for cny too..
Ah yap just fed me egg tart.
I ate chacho's with sweet chili after my *not so healthy* salad..
Plus i ate one traditional sweet
-cotton candy, marshmallow kind-
Before that i ate 2 bread right after i step out of the swimming complex...
So what is the point of me swimming just now?

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

No Signal

Tom too free...
Finish editing his own picture then come play mine...

These are what he did......

I like this one...

And he was like..can i edit sunshine's picture?


Msn died on me..
So gonna reformat my laptop on friday..

End up everyone found me on Fb..
So I am chatting on Fb the whole day...
Even he knows how to look for me on Fb..
Thank goodness for Fb..
I think i am really a Fb addict.

Monday, January 25, 2010

I am not speaking...

I am a good girl today!
No school and i stay home all day...=)

Made custard pudding..
Wah.. Damn nice sia!!

Got craving for dark chocolate mocha though...
How come alot of business choose monday as off day ar?
Jones close at 6pm -> no mocha
Everything with fries close today-> no dinner with shine
Sad leh.....=((

Sunday, January 24, 2010


Its pretty good today!

At some random Jap food place at sengkang at 3pm.

FYI, the content in the cup are not tea, its miso soup.
yea, i know....
DAISO Sunshine guide to life: "How to reach for product that is place too high "
He learn fast.
Nothing much to buy...
Dinner at KC's place...
Just look at it...
His mum cook fish mwah...
One big bowl of fresh scallop, dried scallop,chicken,crab meat and fish mwah..
*wink* Hungry?
Christina Ang's chalet
I must mention ang cos there is too many christina around.
Birthday Girl
Happy 21st!
I hope u like what we got for you! =))

Like i always say...
Its nice to see old friends....
* I have been pretty diligent with my blog...*

think, is not real

This is the last time it is gonna happened.
I am never gonna let my itchy fingers get in the way again.
I am glad that u are happy.
Good for you.=)

This is the last time i am going to have puffy eyes.
This is the last.


Thank you ah siong.=)
Love love!

Saturday, January 23, 2010


After a few months of hard work and few weeks of stress.........

We are finally done with the report...=)

Today. Assessment day!
My attempt to make passport picture again.
This time, bed join me.

Over and done with FYP. =D
Now, the last bit of class and then UT3..

Friday, January 22, 2010

The best time in my life

My friend just uploaded this on FB....
This is taken during sec 3 camp...

Spot me.
Wah, damn super ugly!

But that was one of the happiest time of my life.
Never gonna forget sec 3 camp.
never gonna forget Hope 1.

When the rain dont stop.

Heavy rain this morning ...

Stood in front of my shoes rack and keep thinking to myself that today is a excellent day to wear Dr martens...
But I dun have Dr martens!
Why am i even looking for dr martens in my shoes rack?!!?

I am a poor kid.
Damn sad...

Gonna send my laptop to IT help desk.
So if you dont see me online.
You know what happened.

Thursday, January 21, 2010

Hotti Totti Potti

It's 11.40 am..
I am in meeting 2 now, faci going thro worksheet...

This is what i ate during break out 1....=D

Audrey's cookie creal

My potato salad.

Mc shepherd pie

My healthy meiji biscuit...

20 mins later......

And now..
I'm enjoying my mocha.....

I am a very happy kid..
even if i plan to go dinner-less....