Wednesday, March 31, 2010


I wore my butterfly out today.... Very pretty...
& i have not thank you yet!
thank you very much...

Wish U were here to walk with me

31st March
Day 7.
Mos burger
Dunno what burger but nice...

Bid goodbye
Byebye darlings..
See u online.
6 days passed so fast. we had so much fun, thanks babe..
So glad that we tw tgt.
My new hostel.
Let's anyhow walk and explore the area...I found Welcome!
I dun really know what does the sign says..
But if i am not wrong...It says they provide model and show girls...
So i think they hire show girls too la...
Anyone wanna be show girl?
Call them...
Flower damn nice leh..
two colour sia.
How nice if i have a dog to walk...

Randomly saw this interesting shop...
Its cake.
not too sweet but a lil hard.
Nice la...
Another randomly found shop.
I dun really know what i buy but i go it anyway.
Some cake thing la...
Brough back to the hostel to enjoy...
Very butter smell, i like.
cake not too sweet.
Cake not too soft or hard, nice... Then i found ice-cream at the bottom..
Together with my instant mocha..
And my storybook..
Even moomoo is happy...
Look he found a friend..
*that's my mos burger cookie*


30th March.
Day 6.

Today not cold.
Just nice.
I like.
If no sun even better...

Na and i went back to the market we randomly found near our hostel to eat..
I am a happy kid.

Another Metro mall.
We use to have this...
Randomly walk and we saw this shop.
Their sour and hot soup...
I dun like.
This is the curry flavour..
Jui cai.
Normal one.