Friday, May 14, 2010


Fresh....Thank you papa siong and lulu for coming!

oh god...
I am so to update my blog now...

Monday, May 3, 2010

There's no place like home

I am back in sg for 1 week!
And I am busy all day everyday.....
Haven got time to stay home to rot for a day!
I know u guys must be thinking : " Wah lau.. This girl holiday for 1 month plus still not enough, come home still wanna stay home to rot!!"

So for the pass one week I have been working and meeting up with friends that i haven see for a month plus and building relationship...
Lots of change too place..In both human and place~
Surprise to see new building pop out in orchard when i dun even remember seeing any construction before i left sg..
Damn is Singapore growing too fast or am i just too slow?

I am taking some time to adjusting to life now..
Hmmm..just a little different..
Seeing more things then what i tot i would..
Brain working a little too hard which i dunno if it's good or bad..
Sometimes i think i just need to be brave and not think too much to just do things i want...
Maybe i should just grow bigger bust so less blood flow to my brain, i may think less.. =D
Oh.. I need to grow some confident as well..
Damn i lack so many things!

I know blog post of my tw are not yet done..
Promise i will find time to do them yea?
Maybe Tuesday morning before i rush off to work..

For now, i think i wanna go sleep...
Dunno what time i'll be home..
I cant wait to find time and chit chat with mummy again..
That time at Charly's T is no enough!
Let's do it again!=)