Thursday, July 29, 2010

Shoo Boys!

Just came back from Ph..
Awesome music!

I wonder why am i not asleep now....?
Been out since 10.30am..
Work at cumulus all the way to closing...
Party, breakfast and now home online....
* love the fried bee hoon at my hawker! Thank goodness it came back =)) *

Anyway... I am looking at cameras again....
My hands are itchy..
I wanna get a new toy...
Should I get a super flat or a golden half?
And the Diana mini white is beautiful!!
okay..shall wait for my pay and see what i can afford...

I miss playing with my holga!

p/s: please help to fix my holga when u are back... Thank you..=)

Tuesday, July 27, 2010



Went out to watch movie with Cai LaoShi...

**just realise...No picture of cai laoshi...why ar?*

Stadium station very nice..
How come MacPherson not so nice ar?
Been wanting to go but never seems to have the chance to...
Anyway...It's pretty quiet..
But I quite like this place..
I mean, it's sooo near my house..
And they have what I like..
Awfully chocolate, starbucks, coffee bean, cold storage, flimgarde...
So it would be a good place to head to on days when I want a quiet afternoon to myself...
And this is better then Parkway cos i wont be able to shop here...
Tsk tsk tsk...
Moo moo's out today!
These are worth one whole day of diet tml..
*but I shall still eat my 3 mins noodles for breakfast tml.. *

they look so glossy like M&M...

Watched Despicable Me...
Agnes is so damn cute...
"It's so Fluffy...~ I am gonna Diieeee~~!"

Monday, July 26, 2010

Move it Movie!

Plenty to watch!
It seems like the good movie season is here!
I want to watch ALL!

Not too bad..
Its a little like Hp..
I think there's gonna be a part 2..

Hello Shine, Lu, Siong & Fan!!
Are we gonna watch this together or not?
I am still waiting!!!
I really want to watch this leh!

Settle this with me before you lose all your hair!

I kinda want to watch this although I hear the reviews are not very good..

Watching this later!!
I cant wait!!!

I am soooooo excited!
Happy happy happy!!
These are coming soon...
I cant wait...
I love this lion...
Always makes me want to own one..
So nice and fluffy...
This should be awesome!

And u can settle this with me when u are already botak. Hahahahaha~

Potato fish

I just realise something damn cute...
Click on the Mister Potato banner on my blog if u see...
*It's either on the top or all the way at the bottom..*
Nice advertisement!

Sunday, July 25, 2010

Poke your eyes.

Must I like.. Really say it in your face?!
I like to take bullet train when I travel..
like in tw..
Save time and pretty good view..
But, for anything else, I like to take bus..
So I enjoy the process...
And u never know what u'll find..
Maybe new shopping centres or park along the way..
U might alight along the way..
get it?

HelloHello RingRing

This is from Facebook...
Peck Sin Lee's status : If you fall into the hole for the first time, shit happens. Twice, you're careless. Thrice, just stay inside the hole, and start building your home!
Raphael Kang comment : den ure home inside and people fall in what do u do??):
Peck Sin Lee replied : You could try to be nice and ask : "WOULD YOU LIKE TO BE HOLE-MATES?" :D
I got damn cute friends!

that sounds wrong

I said no to bird nest.
good night.

Saturday, July 24, 2010

Mini Pocket

What did I do again this time?
Seriously what kind of a year is 2010?!!?
I hope I din say anything wrong..
I hope you really understand what I am trying to say....

Friday, July 23, 2010

Just got these from Eileen in my mail box this morning...

So cute..
Love love~

911 please!

.Thursday -- Tough day
爱心便当from jiejie..=)
And this is where I work.....
Come look for me and buy me some chocolate when u do..
It's raining almost everyday, the whole day..
Its making me feeling down..
Reasons as stated below:
  1. Why am I not at home, in bed?
  2. Why am I working instead of sitting in a cafe with hot tea or mocha reading my books and people watch?
  3. Where are my Dr martens?
p/s: why am i sleeping later and later each day now that world cup has ended?


Thursday, July 22, 2010



-with Rainbows at Blue Mountain @ 313

Spaghetti Vs Angel hair
Everyone's present!

One of the student painted this!
I heart!
its a wall full of cookie...
And they smell damn nice!

I like this picture.. So Cute~!

My turn!
Candy Floss!
First attempt...
Fun but a little tiring la...
My best made for the day!
And we start letting customer try making the candy floss themself..
The guy on the left made the most presentable candy floss of the day.. even better then mine.. and his 2 friends....... Try harder...LOL

Saturday, July 17, 2010

Sweet Stuff!

Nothing to do on the coming Sunday Morning/ Afternoon?
In case the words are too small...
Date: 18 July 2010
Time: 9 am to 3.30pm
Venue: APSN Centre for Adults
(its super near tkss)
I'll be selling cotton candy with Wanleng..
She's selling popcorn!
Come join us...
I'll give extra cotton candy!
Spread the love!
Spread the words!
Come join in the fun and do some charity!

Let's hit the city!

Very happy this week!
Meeting everyone who I haven meet for very long...
Yesterday was leen they all..
Today is shine and gang!
And tml is the Rainbows!

Thank you very much for my new red watch!
I got a red hello kitty ring to match it..=)
The hello kitty ring look like jelly;Makes me think of jelly the whole day!

Supper with the gang~
Siong want to be car model...
Botak gang all look like tt...
U can find plenty at ph on Friday & Sat nights..
p/s: papa fan and papa siong.. dun worry, we still love u even if u are botak!
Chocolate from Fan....
Thank you very much!
I will eat one every morning!!
miss u much much!
Dun go DB again hor!

I so miss all of us hanging out together...
I remeber we all use to wait for each other at bk every morning and then walk to school tgt..
After school, we'll hangout anywhere.. From Rp hell canteen to popey at airport to prata at jalan kayu!
So much fun!!
I am so happy that we met again today..
Cos at a point i really tot the group is gonna break and just be the 3 girls..=S

-Never take picture with lulu and shine?

Then Gabriel give me chocolate again...
8 packs of kinder bueno!!
Everyone is feeding me with chocolate!
But I am on diet!

Thank you very much!
I feed very loved by all!