Sunday, August 29, 2010


I miss Lulu
I miss Shine
I miss Ah Siong
I miss Fan
I miss the holiday villa at sentosa cove...

Saturday, August 28, 2010

Friday, August 27, 2010

Bloody F-ing Rats!!

I curse the theif who stole the Lexon and LIP watch will
always be late,
miss their flight....
fungus growing in their finger nails,
tons on paper cuts on their fingers,
rashes on thier hands
and patches of blue black on their arms!

Thursday, August 26, 2010

dont raise a brow

I am not sure if I did is right..
I dunno if I am gonna regret someday..
But at least I know I dont want to waste ur time..
You're a good man.
Right Person, Wrong time.
Wrong Person, Right time.

Monday, August 23, 2010

colourful squares

I am in love with Ivy's Pm...


Exact reason why I like photography...


Time to Thai


Lunch with Rainbows
and we had thai food!This is at kovan..
Along the shop house..
I think some tv food program introduce this before...
The food are pretty good..
I dun usually eat thai food but this one makes me gonna go there again..
Not too spicy..Okay, other then tom yum soup..
I never like them anyway...
And I like the pineapple rice..
Sweet Little Things..
Ice Edge Cafe is at Kovan.
Very nice place to chill out..
Ice cream makes me happy! =D
Very interesting...
They have durain Ice cream and it super nice..
Taste like durian puree~
And yea... Aaron is missing...
Poor boy was having out field...
Ah neh...We miss you! =D

Time Machine

Went to the National Museum with Jiejie last friday to see the exhibition on

Singapore 1960
If u can see, there are actually a hand full of ladies in the office, i wonder what happened to them now....
Chinese newspaper was printed top down and right to left..
I know Taiwan still do that now...
Wah! Her world is from the 1960s!
Holiday to Penang was something...
Now, we go Bkk...
This model look like my auntie..
The one that we dun like...
And.. I think last time is common if ur clothes shrink after you wash them..
Cause this advertisement is to teach the public to how to buy clothes that will not shrink...
People in 1960s are so cute!
Ehhh..Last time 1 box of cigarettes is less then $1 leh...
Now is like $10?
I would love to be living in the 1960s..
Cause now being slim and skinny is in trend and back then is to be NOT skinny!
How awesome man!
Damn cute ads..
can u see what it says?
Learn Malay from the papers...
how awesome!
If we are not wrong..
This is the Show luo (xiao zhu) at that time...
And this one look like Beyonce right?
Then this one look like the Taiwan host Xiao S.
And we did a look-a-like..
A lil dark but still can see right?
Damn funny..~
Do u guys know about Neptune?
If I am not wrong, it was one of the high class place back in the 60s..
If u host ur wedding dinner there, u are atas~
Seems like Tiger's tag line is always around time...
Grandma's coffee shop use to use them and i still have them at home..
High tea?
No...The tea cups are actually speakers..
--The end --

This is another exhibition..
I dunno what's the title but went anyway...
Dun ask me what is it trying to say..
Cause i dunno also..
A little scary when i first see it...
If i have a big pet dog.. I will bring him out picnic and sleep on him like this...=D