Monday, August 23, 2010

Time to Thai


Lunch with Rainbows
and we had thai food!This is at kovan..
Along the shop house..
I think some tv food program introduce this before...
The food are pretty good..
I dun usually eat thai food but this one makes me gonna go there again..
Not too spicy..Okay, other then tom yum soup..
I never like them anyway...
And I like the pineapple rice..
Sweet Little Things..
Ice Edge Cafe is at Kovan.
Very nice place to chill out..
Ice cream makes me happy! =D
Very interesting...
They have durain Ice cream and it super nice..
Taste like durian puree~
And yea... Aaron is missing...
Poor boy was having out field...
Ah neh...We miss you! =D

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