Saturday, August 21, 2010

Hello Milo

Just find out from Bagaholicboy that Mandarin Gallery is gonna launch Sanrio Baby Milo Store collection !!

*btw, I am feeling a little yaya cos bagaholicboy added me on fb..I mean like he is like a well-know blogger and well he may know me cos I work at cumulus now..Woah! i feel like a got a famous friend!LOL but i am sure he adds everyone la... *

OMG!!! I cant wait to go see!!

Okay.. This is no1. on my want list!!
I will so use this bag lor...
Wah! Awesome cuteness!

This is no 2.
I was contemplating if i want this hoodie or the tote bag more.. then i realise the tote bag will be more useful cos i am no longer in rp, not much chance of wearing this hoodie but I still want it!

This is no 3.
Cute but not annoying enough.
But i am pretty sure that this tee is gonna be much cheaper then the hoodie and the tote bag..
And i think this tee is gonna be SGD$80...=S




You know where to find me on Aug 28 2010...=D

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