Monday, August 2, 2010

let's talk about super stare

Haven been blogging properly....
Here comess...

Duck rice for lunch...
Got shake up by my ah yap..
Force to bathe and change and get out of the house just to eat this...
she loves the duck rice here...
Nice but a lil salty..
MacDonald cinnamon melt..


Some random day...

This little boy ran into cumulus..
Smiled at me with the dimple soooo deep and cute!
And check himself in the mirror in the shop..
Ran out of the shop and ran in again..
Ran around the shop till I approach him and then he smile cheekily at me...
Another random day..
taken at the covered walk way around my house...
this cat sleep till like damn shiok..
Not suppose to work that day..
Then dear Tia and Xavier fall sick..
End up..I work from opening till close..
Damn sad..
Plus it was raining that day..
What better way to cheer myself up with mocha and strawberry filled donut?
Another random random day..
In case u dunno what's in the picture...
It is 2 man on the exterior of the glasses...
And this is the view outside cumulus window..
and I told my boss.." maybe i should go look for these kind of job for my next part time.."
what better way to chill after one night of crazy party then startbucks and magzine?
My August is pack pack pack..
First week to 3rd week all pack..
Busy Nelly is back!

Then dinner with Wl...
Dunno what Fish Apple soup...
First time drinking apple soup..
So weird..
But the cook apple taste like old cucumber...
Seafood fried rice..
What i want to show is..there's prawn roe in the fried rice also!!
I heart!
**sorry..all pictures taken with my phone...which explain the quality..**


lizethcarlon said...

The food looks really tasty :) Hi from México :)

Random sophistication of Nelly said...

Indeed they are really yummy!
Do consider singapore as your next holiday destination!