Thursday, September 30, 2010

Purple Pet Dog Dino

Do you know??

Today is the 5oth Anniversary of Flintstones!!

I miss watching Flintstones..

They use to show on Kids central in the evening...

V vs very vood

I Heart Vitasoy...

Monday, September 27, 2010


I think I can safely say that I am done with F1...
I hope I can send my Brazil Brazil off tml...
If I can get away with work that is...
And if i can do that..
Then I can send WL too...

I need to shape myself..
Lots of nail broken...
Need to get my hair done..
And I really really feel like swimming....!!

I miss my bed so...
Gonna upload F1 picture soon..
Took very little but still can make up to a post...

Mini Tw

Dinner with Jovelyn at Taiwan food street...=D

Real fish meat inside!!
Mama Yap's fav!
Just look at the fork... Tsk.. Annoying!
Not nice dumpling..
Smelly tofu..
Lor Ba Rice!!
Yum Yum!!

I miss Taiwan.....
I miss the Lee family....~

Thursday, September 23, 2010


I am at one of the function room at Swiss hotel now...
Wont be leaving till 27th...
I have been awake since 6.30am in the morning and moving non-stop since then...
I hope I can sleep at 1 am..
Gotta wake up at 6.30am again tml..
So busy yet I dun really feel tired yet...
I love doing events..
I love the busy feeling..
And love to know that at the end of all the Sleepless night and eating bad food is an awesome event that everyone enjoy!
One day almost done and 4 more days to go!!

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Let's Fly!

Kite Festival 2010...


Tiger Air..
Train kite...
It's easy to spot me in the crowd now...=D
My mini kite...
Spot a Mermaid?
My cousins..
And it never flew...
Oh well....
Other's fill the sky as if there's thousand of birds flying in the sky...
Does this kite remind you of the first aeroplane? These are the kite master that I took care of..
Tian Deng.
This is bad example....
Bad bad bad example...

Day 2.
Remind me of Up!
Super busy..
Running here and there..
Shouting at everyone with my manly voice..
I was so tired at the end of the day that i din even have the energy to take picture of everyone..
Despite feeling super tired, lost my voice and very little pay...I had PLENTY of fun which made it all worth while....=D

Yum Duck!

Dinner with Rainbow at Dian Xiao Er @ vivo

When we got too much time in hand..
* I miss taking pictures like this...*
Aaron- Gonna POP in 2 weeks
Jes- Gonna Enlist in 2 days
* day count from date of picture taken*

Seeing so much duck heads really make me feel guilty..
Ah lian...
Where are you?
This is Happiness!
This is also Sin!
But Hack it!
Thanks Jes!
My mad mummy and crazy wabbit.
Poor puppy got locked in the shop!

Minds Cafe!

My old firend, Rainbow's new friend!

Our fav!
Jes: "Hello, I am here to tell you that I am going Ns on Monday..."
Finish in one glup!
Aaron:" Attention everyone! I cheated in a game..."
Laught and laught and laught..
Laught so hard..
Wondering why?
Why? Cause they tore the card into half..
More Importantly, this is not even the colour that they are collecting...
So why are they fighting over it?
Ask the boys.
Another round of ice cream!
This is sin~
Real bones anyone?