Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Yum Duck!

Dinner with Rainbow at Dian Xiao Er @ vivo

When we got too much time in hand..
* I miss taking pictures like this...*
Aaron- Gonna POP in 2 weeks
Jes- Gonna Enlist in 2 days
* day count from date of picture taken*

Seeing so much duck heads really make me feel guilty..
Ah lian...
Where are you?
This is Happiness!
This is also Sin!
But Hack it!
Thanks Jes!
My mad mummy and crazy wabbit.
Poor puppy got locked in the shop!

Minds Cafe!

My old firend, Rainbow's new friend!

Our fav!
Jes: "Hello, I am here to tell you that I am going Ns on Monday..."
Finish in one glup!
Aaron:" Attention everyone! I cheated in a game..."
Laught and laught and laught..
Laught so hard..
Wondering why?
Why? Cause they tore the card into half..
More Importantly, this is not even the colour that they are collecting...
So why are they fighting over it?
Ask the boys.
Another round of ice cream!
This is sin~
Real bones anyone?


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