Monday, October 25, 2010

House Meeting!

Ladies night out!

Dinner at Ma Maison-Bugis
Ivy's Beef stew..
For wl & I...
Alicia'sAnd that key is actually the bill...
She tot was some key to some random door..
But the key really look like you can use it in Alice in the wonderland..
Tea time at the Lounge.
Miss Rabbit..
Use to see her EVERYDAY for one whole sem!
I so miss having tea!
Thank you very much for teaching me how to appreciate tea..
I am very happy with having tea with my friends or even by myself!

Saturday, October 23, 2010

Evening all day

This is what I saw when I step out of the house....

Reminds me of Taiwan!
I remember waking up in the morning to look out the window, and this is what i will see, to check the temperature before I think of what to wear...
My brain did a short debate of weather I am in Tw or Sg...

And it looks like this the whole damn day...

I cant decide that its gloomy cos it's gonna rain or cos its evening or it's the haze.....

Seriously.. If this haze goes on... I am gonna shut myself in doors man...

Call me old school

Kids these days...
I got nth to say...
My friend read this on her friend's wall...
D is for your dazzling style
E is for the way you make me excited
S is for your beautiful smile
S is for your sweetheart
Y is for all I think about is you
Is your goosebumps standing already?
And this is actually wrote by a 13 yr old girl on her teacher's fb WALL...
kids these days so open one ar?
I mean...
When I was 13, I got crush on senior I also dun dare to say lor..
* although everyone in school somehow knows *
And when there's cute male teacher...
The most the girls in school do is just giggle and fix their eyes on him whenever he's around the area...
They not only show they shout it out to let the whole world know!
And they are girls leh...
Talk about being out going and brave man...

Cat & Goldfish bowl

I just ate potato salad..
But I am telling myself not to feel guilty..
Cos I skip and did jumping jacks..

Thursday, October 21, 2010

Why Breakfast?!

I was mad crazy hungry when i woke up and this was what I ate....
  1. one bowl of Special K vanilla almond
  2. one small ang ku kuay
  3. one chocolate Muffin
  4. one slice of peanut butter + cheese sandwich



Wednesday, October 20, 2010


Just got this mail in my mail box....

In case you have no idea what the hell this is....
There was this promotion, The Big Picture, by Aviva on Facebook getting people to donate their pictures so they can project it in some random cities at random times.. And for each picture donated, They will donate 1 euro dollar to charity...
And yes, I donated my picture ( my current Fb Dp) and now they just mail me to tell me that they are gonna project my picture on 21-10-10 at 22:33 hours at Central Mall Singapore!!!!!
How awesome sia!!
BUT... I'll be working at Sg pools that night....
I hope Aviva or someone will record it , film it down , take a picture or anything so I can see myself on the building.......=D

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Hi Babe!

My life is missing of something.
Not exactly missing of something..
I think its more like.....
I dunno what...
I think its because most of my friends are either in School now or they have a pretty decent job...

Whereas I am.....not really doing anything...
Yes I am working part time..
I get to plan when and where I want to work..
But the jobs that I am doing now are not exactly gonna help with my resume...
Yes I am learning some other "life skill"..
but baking is a hobby! ( and nothing else other then baking at the moment..)
I don't think I am gonna work as a baker in a bakery next time.....

It may seems like I am like , what I tell people, enjoying life...
But I think I kinda got enough...?
Yes, I still want to travel...( but I dun have the money..... =( )
I am like considering a full time job...
But the tot of it...kinda make me.... sian?
I think is the full time job thing that make me feel like really being an adult, really grow up...
Which is what i am trying to avoid...
I know you guys must be thinking I am damn silly....

Told U I quit...

I have plan my next 3 meals out!
Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner..
All set!

Monday, October 18, 2010

I like!

My date with Nelly..

I was a little late and miss the first 3-5 mins I think..=S
Was pretty mad with myself but well, there's nothing I can do about it..
Watching alone was....Pretty okay actually..It din really make much difference to me..
I mean it is not like it some horror flick that I would need a someone there for me to hold on to so we can scream together..
It only felt weird when i was buying the ticket.
Cause usually it for two or more...
Anyway, I am not the only one watching alone...
There was a lady beside sitting beside me and she was alone too..=D
Eat Pray Love is awesome..
It made me cry, it made me laugh, it made me cry some more, it made me think and most importantly it reminded me that only I have the power to make myself really happy..
I shall not be a spoiler now...
Go watch Eat Pray Love!
Watch it alone or with a friend..
Just watch!
Now I cant wait to lay my hands on the book!


Friday, October 15, 2010

Thursday, October 14, 2010

V Power 2010!

Yes, F1 pictures...
Okay, before I start..
This is the group that I was minding....
They are call Brazil! Brazil!
Okay, girls, dun start drooling....
To Find out more, this is their FB page:
View from the room.
16th floor..
The only night where I have the energy to slide open the door and step out to wow...
The rest of the night I can only drag myself to bathe and drop dead and sleep...
The boys went to Simei ITE to conduct workshop... Tea time!
Strawberry Tea...
I know you must be thinking what's with the glass..
Swissotel atas mah...
Damn cute right??
I like!
Daughtry at F1 village stage..

I was at the side of the stage..
I was dead tired..
Tired to a point that i was crazy...
And that was what Jovel and I did...
We were laughing all the was back to the room...
After the last performance, we went to the Stamford suit to watch the race and chill!!!
Yummy Food by Goodwood park hotel..
I was too hungry to snap any picture so your tummy is spare..=D
Went to watch Mariah Carey after the race..She.......pretty big!
she sang...o-k-a-y..
I left on her 4th song...
Helped to pack up and send off artist..
I send Adam Lembert to the airport and he was nice!
I mean i tot he was gonna have his nose up high in and act one cool and not talk.. But he is pretty nice and cute!!
I got him to sign some passes..=D
And I finally got home...
I so miss my mum, my sis,my bed, my neow noew, my moomoo..And I even miss my gate..
Felt as if I just came back from a holiday...
Had a good rest.
Met Wl for lunch and send her off first...
Then went back to the hotels and fetch them...
I miss them so....