Thursday, October 14, 2010

V Power 2010!

Yes, F1 pictures...
Okay, before I start..
This is the group that I was minding....
They are call Brazil! Brazil!
Okay, girls, dun start drooling....
To Find out more, this is their FB page:
View from the room.
16th floor..
The only night where I have the energy to slide open the door and step out to wow...
The rest of the night I can only drag myself to bathe and drop dead and sleep...
The boys went to Simei ITE to conduct workshop... Tea time!
Strawberry Tea...
I know you must be thinking what's with the glass..
Swissotel atas mah...
Damn cute right??
I like!
Daughtry at F1 village stage..

I was at the side of the stage..
I was dead tired..
Tired to a point that i was crazy...
And that was what Jovel and I did...
We were laughing all the was back to the room...
After the last performance, we went to the Stamford suit to watch the race and chill!!!
Yummy Food by Goodwood park hotel..
I was too hungry to snap any picture so your tummy is spare..=D
Went to watch Mariah Carey after the race..She.......pretty big!
she sang...o-k-a-y..
I left on her 4th song...
Helped to pack up and send off artist..
I send Adam Lembert to the airport and he was nice!
I mean i tot he was gonna have his nose up high in and act one cool and not talk.. But he is pretty nice and cute!!
I got him to sign some passes..=D
And I finally got home...
I so miss my mum, my sis,my bed, my neow noew, my moomoo..And I even miss my gate..
Felt as if I just came back from a holiday...
Had a good rest.
Met Wl for lunch and send her off first...
Then went back to the hotels and fetch them...
I miss them so....

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