Tuesday, November 30, 2010

I am

I must brain wash myself.

'' I am okay.. I okay.."
" I am good.. I am good.."
'' I am a happy eater.. I am a happy eater.."
" I am happy with myself.. I am happy with myself.."

I have many people giving me nice compliment like:
Mandy- you look very good..
Random customer- you are so sweet..
Xavier- stop counting calories. where is the damn fats?!
Kyer- your are in good size.. so small already..
Dorry- you're perfect already what..
Mc- you so skinny..

I feel very happy when people tell me that, of cos.
But I dun exactly feel that way..
I still feel.......that I still have a little too much meat on my body and i think my face went less sharp as compare to 3 weeks ago...
And I do feel a little guilty for eating after time..

I know this is bad.. Like damn bad..

Whatever happened to " Love yourself.. love the way you are.."?

I must brain wash myself to think that I am okay..I am good...

* Young, Fair, Slim & Beautiful...*


Anonymous said...


Random sophistication of Nelly said...

Yes, I think so too leh.. I think I need to see a doctor.. =(

But wait.. i dun think is 厌食症.. Cos i still eat.. i will have craving and i will still eat.. but is after eating i feel guilty but no. i din force myself to puke.. unless i really eat toooo much that i am way too bloated then it auto come out.. HAHAHA