Sunday, November 28, 2010

Weird Pms

Now I really really really feel like doing accounts.
Why ar?

I must be mad.
I feel like going BBC to buy my old accounts textbook.
* need to buy another one cos I was nice enough to loan it to people to study but i think it did not come back..So much for being nice...tsk..*
I feel like taking out my TYS and start doing all the random question.
But I know in the real world, all higher education and most company uses excel to do accounts and not exercise books...
And that is my problem.
I dunno how to use the freaking excel..
I just have no ideal how tt thing work.
I know it is a very powerful program and suppose to ease our life and all but gave me hell when I tried to use it the last time when i was in RP.

Wait a minute.
Why am I ranting about accounts and excel in the middle of the night instead of sleeping?

I got damn weird PMS.

Good night people.

* I dunno where are we going...*

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