Friday, December 31, 2010

What a December 31st I am having....

I just wanna go home..
Bathe, make a cup of hot Milo, on my Dell and blog...
Oh! And I need to do my resume..

I dunno what the hell was I thinking..
I kinda make a mental plan of how to celebrate ur birthday..
I was ready to bake u something..
But I guess I think too much I guess...
Anyway, nice knowing you...
I wish u well..
Just be happy!

Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Let's play poker instead !

My friend posted his on his fb...

Because when a girl fall for a player,
she would risk her heart
just to see if her love could make him retire his game...

And I thought about it..
Yea, haven we all know or at least hear at least one friend that do everything to keep a player?

I posted this back on my fb...

Every time when a girl falls for a player,
sweet love rushes through her
and made her believe that her love can make him retire his game..
But the sad truth is...
If he is out to play..
You are just another game..

P/s: I am not saying players are guys only nor am I saying girls are the only one that get hurts.. I just happened to know more guy player and more girls that got their heart shattered....

Friday, December 17, 2010

Nice fabrix

Colin is one of the nicest guy around...
And I think he is really really cute!!
His gf and him are so sweet...:)
I hope they stay happy together..:)

Thank you colin..
I owe u one whole day of work at loft..

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Battle mental

I sleep at 4 am and I auto wake up at 9 am....
I feel so sleepy and I am still yawning but I just can't sleep back and i dunno why!!

Right now...
I am lying on my bed..
Together with moo moo lying on my chest..
Staring up into space thinking about you..

Am I missing you?
Or am I just merely thinking of you?

My heart does not feel right..

I should just stop all this..
It's making me insane...

oh well...
Time to get out of bed and get breakfast!

One day,One more time


Cousin, Wei Rong's Birthday!
-More picture in my cousin's Dslr-
So cute right?
He is my nephew...
And he look so Korean!
His dad told me once there was a Korean lady that ask him if he is Korean cos his son looks Korean!
*Ivy...I found you a bf... =D*

Birthday Boy! Erm, Man I mean...
He ORD 2 days before his birthday..
Thank god this didn't take place on my party...
I still remember we use to fight when we were very younger..
But I cant exactly remember what..
Usually its toys I guess..
And end up I always kanna more scolding cos I am a girl and I fight with a boy...
Hey I am still 21 year old okay?!

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Love in the mail

Love from Taiwan..
Finally it's here!
Waited for one whole morning on the 10th and they din come!
I nearly burn the house down..
Anyway, got them send to cumulus instead cos no one's home..
Its a SuperSampler!
I am so touch!
I kinda melt on the spot when I saw it..
I really count my blessing..
I am really a very bless girl..
Pei, Thanks alot!
U make me feel like a have another family overseas...
U guys make me feel so love!
I hope to see all of u soon!

Monday, December 13, 2010


I am so tired..
I wanted to post my picture of my present from pei..
But I am so tired now..
I need to go bathe and sleep..
I really need to learn to sleep early..
And I want to rant..
Just a short one..


Friday, December 10, 2010

Let's gorge like Pigs!


Vincent's 21st Birthday

Missed his surprise party planned by Val and his dad..
But still went to surprise him by val's pool side after the party..

Supper at Jalan Kayu at midnight..loves.
Sg is so small..
At first, Siong and Mo same camp.
Then found out Siong and DQ same camp, same company.
Now, DQ and Mo same camp and maybe even same company...
At noon..

They makes me happy...
With yap.
I love window seats...=)
She bad mood.
I say take picture.
She show me this face.
She din bring her pass to work...
That's why I am having lunch with her..
But I should be the angry one lor...
*shake head*

With wl..
And she got me one whole bag of goodies!!
love love love..
We both should sleep more..


Vincent's 21 Birthday
Actual day!
After this, went walawala..
One beer , calamari rings and one pack of fries...
I kinda finish the whole pack of fries myself..
Vincent's place..

Dont ask me what is this doing in his room..
I just thank god that we din go there that day..
I see this i feel like vomiting already...
Everyone meal in 2 hours in madness!
I was so freaking full!!
BIRTHDAY BOY! * took him and his gf.. but Picture was not nice, din upload*
Atas Chai Tea tabao from Lu's place.. Lost about $1?
I miss them alot..
Its been so long since we last hang out together..
Too bad Fan was not here..
Cant wait for Sunshine's Birthday party next sat!!
And the gift ex-change!
I buy the gift liao..
Gonna keep it for 1 mth..


I am home..
Thanks to Chow and Xav for sending me back..
I just love to see them tgt..
So sweet...
We can all have a bf like chow..

Mini Celebration for Xav just now..
I really gotta say that Irwin is really a nice person in my book..
He is willing to take time to hang out with us even after work and he pays for the drinks..
And just now, I wanted to go toilet to wash my hands, he followed me to the toilet and waiting outside for me...
Wah.. I think like that is really nice..
So far I think only Jake will do that..
( I mean, dun count the other guys that wanna go out / I am going out with la.. )
Plus he is like my boss..
So the more it make him nicer!
I am just a very blessed person..

Oh.. and I bought a dress at 12.45 am with Tia..
X and Chow was there too..

Oh Oh!
I got my Nigel!
I took a picture of him..
Shall upload on Sunday or Monday..
Will be working like mad for the next few days..

Went to do Christmas shopping after picking up Nigel..
I tot i could finish shopping by today but I did not...
But at least 1/4 of my list is done..
And I do feel kinda broke already..=(

I am really tired..
I think I should sleep.
Good night..

Wednesday, December 8, 2010


I wanted to post this on Fb but then again i think i better not..
I think I need to lose another 2-3 kg..
I just weigh myself..
Put one like 1 kg (was 44kg)
* u guys must be thinking 1kg only! But if everyweek 1kg?!*
So i think i must be like 42kg then okay...

Cos my sis just touch me and she scream..
She ask Y am i so soft..
I think soft is not good?
cos soft mean fats right?

then again..
I am like thinking...
If i lose till 42 right...
Its gonna be a lil hard for me to buy clothes leh.....

Tuesday, December 7, 2010


I pig out today ( or rather yesterday )...
Like totally.
I am so gonna not eat later...
Just breakfast and fruits..
I am so gonna skip like mad, swim like mad and maybe jog like mad..
But.. I had lots of fun!
I miss you guys so much..
Love love!!
Now i am gonna go sleep now..
Wake up, breakfast and then blog!

Monday, December 6, 2010

Horkey Pocky

Random pictures, Random week!

Chocolates are god send food..
They just make everything feel better...
Finally Irwin remember...
New home for my Silvia, my camera..=D


Brought Moo Moo out..

Went to roam around..
Din manage to take any pictures which i tot i would..
I think I just did not feel like it...

feather or fur

You are who you mix with.
You'll be deemed as the same.
Never fall into the wrong crowd.

Sunday, December 5, 2010

Smile Smiley

Aaron's 21st!!
His belated birthday party..
7 colours plus Aaron's logo--> smiley face.. :)
There.. the birthday boy!!
He look so good in his new clothes!
Chrystal commented: Ur food look like abstract art....
ME: -_-"
Rest: lol dun ask me why..
They are just in super matching yellow tee... lol
These are the flyer people..=)
I miss those days working at sg flyer..
And I miss all the people working there..
All so nice!
WL missing cos she's working...
Happy 21st Aaron!
Hope U have enjoyed ur party!!