Friday, December 3, 2010

21 Guns

I thought I will..
But I did not..
So when I thought I wont..
I did..

I dunno why..
I just could not control it..

Maybe it was the weather..
The cold..
The drizzle..
Or maybe it my brain and me feeling tired..
They just rolled down..
I could not help it..
It was out of control..

And I feel worse after that..
Whatever happens to " just cry out and you will feel better.."
Cos I feel so stupid and insane to just tear and walk alone on the street late at night..

I feel bad to disturb leen and give her a shock when she is watching movie..
I feel bad to having answer wl's call with tears and sobs and making her panick in the middle of the night plus she had to hear me rant.
Thank you babes and I am sorry..

And I want to thank dorry too..
He just did what I needed..
To " Slap " me with my words..
I know I am always tell and encourage people with the right thing to do and think positive tots and all.. But I am did not do them..
I just needed someone to just slap me with my words and tell me in the face...
Thank you..
I feel lighter after hearing that..

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