Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Always togther...

Early celebration for Eileen 21st!
simple dinner celebration at Cedele
I am madly in love with their apple pumpkin soup!
Got this ideal from lu's 20th birthday..
So instead of getting a cake kind of cake..
Got a few different sweets from here and there and put together.. So this is how mine look like..
Mine's a lil more messy la...
May your wishes come true, love. =)
Very dim..
Put flash too bright..
Cant wait to hang out all together again on christmas eve..
At least I wont be alone this year..=)
I love you!

Met leen to eat Fish & Co and pass her this..
A little package of goodies for her and nana...
They going Genting and KL the next day..
This is to keep them company on the bus ride there..=))

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