Friday, December 10, 2010

Let's gorge like Pigs!


Vincent's 21st Birthday

Missed his surprise party planned by Val and his dad..
But still went to surprise him by val's pool side after the party..

Supper at Jalan Kayu at midnight..loves.
Sg is so small..
At first, Siong and Mo same camp.
Then found out Siong and DQ same camp, same company.
Now, DQ and Mo same camp and maybe even same company...
At noon..

They makes me happy...
With yap.
I love window seats...=)
She bad mood.
I say take picture.
She show me this face.
She din bring her pass to work...
That's why I am having lunch with her..
But I should be the angry one lor...
*shake head*

With wl..
And she got me one whole bag of goodies!!
love love love..
We both should sleep more..


Vincent's 21 Birthday
Actual day!
After this, went walawala..
One beer , calamari rings and one pack of fries...
I kinda finish the whole pack of fries myself..
Vincent's place..

Dont ask me what is this doing in his room..
I just thank god that we din go there that day..
I see this i feel like vomiting already...
Everyone meal in 2 hours in madness!
I was so freaking full!!
BIRTHDAY BOY! * took him and his gf.. but Picture was not nice, din upload*
Atas Chai Tea tabao from Lu's place.. Lost about $1?
I miss them alot..
Its been so long since we last hang out together..
Too bad Fan was not here..
Cant wait for Sunshine's Birthday party next sat!!
And the gift ex-change!
I buy the gift liao..
Gonna keep it for 1 mth..

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