Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Lets Flip and Click

I have something to tell.
I have a confession to make.
I have an addiction to own.
I. am. hooked. onto. Instagram.

What is Instagram?
In case you live under a rock or on some mountain peak, Instagram is an App on iPhone.
It works like twitter but instead of text, you post/share pictures.
You can Follow people ( friends or strangers) and likewise people can follow you too.
You can view pictures of anyone else unless they kept private.
And like Facebook, you can like & comment on pictures and " # " your pictures to categorize them..! =)

This is my profile overview on Instagram as of 22/12/2011.

Here are some of my friends on Instagram!

The next few people you gonna see are new friends I made at the Hungry BBQ food tasting session.

Next are fellow Singaporean which I follow and I really like their pictures...

*love Moonx's Charcoalbaby and Snugglesbaby.. They are just so damn cute!!*

Then there also strangers from other part of the world with very nice pictures too...
The things is you dont to follow in-order to view the pictures, like I like the above two pictures N I dont have to like them in-order to view them...

Quick! Everyone gotta go Download! Plus it free!!!!!
It is available on itouch and iPad too!
*If you are still stuck in old Dinosaur's days and do not own any apple product, fret not.
You can view Instagram pictures via Webstagram..
--> <--
that will link to me of cos! hahahhahaha..!=P

Friday, December 23, 2011

Hungry BBQ + Ice Scream

Some time earlier in December...

Remember sometime earlier I blog about a makan session with Dr Leslie Tay, ieatishootipost, and during that session i made some new friends.. One of them is Hazel, a food blogger ; .

She got invited to a food tasting event and she was so nice to invite me along!! =D

This food tasting session is by Hungry BBQ.
Hungry BBQ is a Bbq catering company and they provide both yummy cooked and uncooked food!

Session 1.
We got invited to their house!
This guy here u see in the picture is the Boss of Hungry BBQ!
He is like the walking encyclopedia of bbq.
Anything, everything and whatever you want to know about bbq, I am 99% sure he'll be able to solve...! =D

1. Do not continue if you are already feeling hungry incase you may end up eating ur surfing device..
2. Do not read this late at night.. We all know that the hungry monster likes to attack us late at night...
Love the thick melted cheese on my mushroom!
Their standard prawns are the Large prawns that we find in the market..
Its super fresh and the meat is.....Oh so excellent!
Best bbq prawns I ever ate in my 22 years of living...
What is a bbq meal without chicken wings?
These are honey coated.. The chickens are marinated right into the bone... They taste just right.. Sweet, salty and a lil spice somewhere...
Vincent will love this...
Perfect Medium well..;Juicy but does not taste too bloody...

They served alot more food then these but I was too busy eating..
There was..
-at least 3 kind of Sausages
-Sambal Sotong
-Sambal Stingray
-korean ribs (I think this is not on their menu yet but if you guy are keen to try, call and ask if they can make special order for you! Its damn good, in my books, like Die die must try kind ..! )
-etc etc...
And the good food kept coming.. I cant help it cos my hands cant stop sending those yummilicious into my mouth...
Now if you were to look at this picture, you would see a normal size satay, a standard large prawn and a KING PRAWN!
The King prawn is damn damn damn huge... Its really KING size prawn...
Eating this is even better then lobster...I am serious..

After the sumptuous bbq feast, we were serve ice cream from Ice Scream!
There was 12 flavors!
Let me see if I can remember all 12..
1. Milo dinosaur
2. Durian
3. White coffee
4. Lychee
5. Black Sesame
6. Teh Tarik
7. Rum & Rasin
8. Ah tattap chee ( plum )
9. " this i dunno what name but i was told its a cross between durian and jack-fruit which is new and Very very nice.."
10. Salted caramel
11. Passion Fruit
12.* thinking damn hard...* Oh crap... I cant remember the last one.. -__-!

Anyway... Ice cream from Ice Scream are all home made, low in sugar, premium and real ingredient use...

I really like their Teh Tarik cos there is this sweet bitter after taste of tea after eating it..
Those who loves sweet and salty together must try their salted caramel cos it awesome!!
And for those who love black sesame paste die die must have their black sesame cause it really as good as eating those black sesame paste from the dessert stall!

Most of the invited food bloggers was not able to make it for this session so din really meet the other bloggers but the guest for the evening was equally cool!
There were 2 other photographers one of them is @tubbykat if you use instagram..

This felt more like a family dinner then a blogger's event.
Very nice, friendly, warm and cosy..!
And when Hazel and I mention what a pity that the other bloggers was not able to make it, they invited us back again the following week cos the next session is where all the other famous bloggers are coming!

So lucky lucky us..!

Session 2.

Oh! I forgot to mention..
If you love to eat bbq food and hate to cook and none of your friends wants to do the cook or even know how to bbq, fret not! Cause Hungry BBQ thought of everything or you!
Bbq helper for hire!

For just $90 for 3 hours, your bbq helper will:
-set up the fire..
-cook all your food just the way you like it..
-suffer the heat from cooking for you
-helps u to keep all ur make up intact and smelling good cos all you have to do is just eat!
Garlic Bread! Better then Pizza Hut's!
Just look at how thick this sotong is... and nope... Its not rubber band at all!
According to Hungry BBQ boss ( and cheif ) it only takes about 3 - 5 mins to cook the sotong.. after this 3-5 mins, the sotong would turn to rubber band.. BUT, it will turn back to nice and chewy ( and not rubber band-ey) after 30 mins of cooking, and the cycle continues...
Just how amazing is that?!
But do note that after cooking too long, your sotong will become smaller... =P

This is the lemon butter salmon...
This is A-W-E-S-O-M-E for all fish lovers esp salmon lovers..
This is like medium raw- medium well ( if we compare it with beef steak )..
You NEED the bbq helper to get such standard.. Seriously.. Its super good..
Esp the fish is fresh.. Its like warm, the skin is cook so its partly flaky but the center is more to raw so its like eating sashimi... You can taste the sweetness of the fish... Its just heaven!
The Prawns again.....
Really the best bbq prawns I ever ate....
Now.. These are the other famous bloggers..
There is Melissa, Hazel ( which is Aimakan) and Moonberry... There's also other famous food bloggers like Keropokman and etc etc etc..
Its really fun to watch them as each time the bbq helpers serve the food, all of them would start taking our their DSLR, Semi Pro and iphone and flashes here and there on the food.. !
So I told them, u guys take pictures of the food and I'm gonna take picture of you guys doing that!
Yes, ice cream dessert from Ice Scream again! Yay!!
There were 15 flavors that night...
Other then then repeated 12 flavors from the last session, there was also
- grape
Look at the pistachio nut in the ice cream!! Wahhhhhh... *loves*

Thank you awesome people at Hungry BBQ for having me over twice..=P
Thank you cool peeps at Ice Scream for bringing all the yummy ice cream over..
And most importantly, thank you hazel ( aimakan ; ) for inviting me to join her for both session! =))

Hungry BBQ
Address: 57 Jalan Tua Kong Singapore 457253
Tel: 6243 2243
Great for: Small party, Big party, at east cost park bbq pit, condo bbq pit, home bbq pit or just a family and friends of 10 craving for awesome bbq food. =)

Ice Scream Singapore
Address: Blk 301 Serangoon ave 2 #01-328 (s) 550310
Tel: 9818 6151
Great for: All Day, everyday's ice cream craving.. They do cater for parties too! Oh, and I hear you can "request" for flavors that you like to..! * " request " cos if the request is too weird and impossible like you want sichun ma la ice cream or laska ice cream then that a little too hard and much la..*

Thursday, December 22, 2011

Just walk and flag

Vincent birthday's tiny celebration..=)

Dinner at The Merry Men..
Place we sat was too dark to use iphone to take any nice food picture...Just like the old times...=)
And Happy ( belated) Birthday Ah Siong!

Should I dance?

Here's a quick simple post with picture...

( yes, same day as picnic day with Wanleng)
Meet up with the old Gang to hangout and catch up...=)

That's my friend Irfan!
He's A W E S O M E!!

Settler's cafe @ North Canal Road
Silly Cooking Game.. Hahahahahaha
Miss the days we spend together..

* Cant wait to meet the girls for brunch on the coming 27th!*

Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Marmalade Pantry

Some Random Day...

Brunch with Jake..
Marmalade Pantry at Ion Orchard.

This flower sits on my table.. And it reminds me of P.s Cafe...=)
My.....( i forgot the
But, I think its over price and its not exactly very nice...
The Food did not came hot.. It was just...warm...
The bacon was almost cold and SUPER oily..
Bake Bean too little ( and cold )..
The toast was okay.. Like..Normal lor..But it goes well with the toast...
Other then that...its just OKAY.

Forgot to take picture of Jake's salmon pasta..
Pinch a lil salmon from him..
The salmon is pretty fresh but it was not hot as well..
Pasta.. I dunno if it nice but it should be just okay only la.....
I was spoiled for choice.. I kinda stood there for a good 10 mins to finally decide what to eat... =P
Super Sweet!
Super Nice!
Super LOVE!!

Address: 2 Orchard Turn Singapore 238801 #03-22
Tel: +65 6734 2700
Great for: Tea and cakes.. Great, Awesome, Yummy cakes and eat but not for brunch.. Dont think their lunch or dinner will be nice too since they cant even make good brunch....

Monday, December 19, 2011

Big Bells

Boyfriend's Brother Wedding!!
My Boyfriend and his nephew.. Damn super cute! *love love*Awwwww......~

Yay...New dress from H&M.. Hee hee
*cant stop smiling to myself while looking at this picture..I look pretty pretty.... hee hee*This is my crazy Boyfriend...
Before going down for breakfast still wanna pose.... LOL
Mr Roti Prata..
He makes prata, eggs and everything nice!!=)
All we need for breakfast is Mr Roti Prata..
Da ge's wedding door gift...
So cute!

Waiting for the wedding photographer to send the pictures.. will upload them asap so all of you can see the beautiful bride! =)