Friday, January 21, 2011

Catch me

I learn a few things...

1. Sometime you just need to take one wrong move and you'll lose everything.. You would change everything...
There was a period of time I tot u are gonna be the one and started to imagine US..
There was a period of time where I can do everything but take u off my mind...
There was a period of time I love to see my phone ring...
There was this period of time where I just love the way u smile at me..
There was this period of time where I just hate the way u make my heart beat..
There was...
There was..
I guess this is better for us?
I am not sure if I m truly over you..
But for now..
I think I am...

2. Looks is ... Just looks.. Give thanks to what u have..
Yes, my eyes are small.. But I can see perfectly...
Yes, my nose is not sharp.. But they r not deform and I still smell the aroma of my food..
Yes, I dont have the perfect pout nor super white and straight teeth.. But I can still talk and eat properly..
Yes, I dont have perfect flawless complextion.. But I have skin to protect my flesh and they are normal..

What goes around comes around...
I will learn to be nice..

Sunday, January 9, 2011

Killer puff

I am never going to eat another donut again..
Neither am I going to eat another cream puff..
Do you know that there's at least 200 kcal in one mini cream puff??!!
And I ate 8 that night...


Thursday, January 6, 2011

Cookie Boogie

Saw this tweet from sesame street...
Cookie Monster: Me love when little kids eat cookies,cause they always leave lots of crumbs!
Dat when ME switch into “Hoover mode!”

Dont you just love cookie??

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Satays And Ribs


christmas eve..Little count down get-to-gather at Barrage with my girls!
I feel so blessed that our friendship lasted so long....=)
I love you!
-leen was at church helping out with next day session...=/ but we still love her !-

Christmas day!

Went to work in the morning at Cumulus...
Then as usual, went to uncle place for dinner like we always do every year...
Pot-luck for the 3 year I think..=)

I am just very happy that we skip the whole gift-exchange thing..
It is such a pain to go thro it every year..
Not just buying the gift..
Recieving the gifts was the real pain..
Cos you know will know if the gift is "anyhow" or a "have-u-in-mind" kind of gift when u recieve it...
I hate it when I put in effort to go think, shop and search for the gift and in return I get every...anyhow kind of gift...
It makes me think why am i even putting in so much effort..

At night...
2nd round of dinner at chilli's on Irwin...
Love the ribs!


Big Black Rims

Sunshine's 21st party!
Theme: Nerds and checks!
Happy Birthday Shineshine! (belated now I guess..even if ur actual day is 27122010)
I really hope you like your new big red bag..
We love you!!!

Steam fish and oat!

I slept at 1.20am and I auto wake up at 5.11am..
And I can't sleep back anymore...:(

Maybe the resume thing is bothering me...
I know right..
The whole world had been bugging me to do my resume and yet I keep dragging...:(
And now I have a job offer..
Although not those "wahhhhh" kind of offer but I think it's would be a good try?
But Irwin, Tia and Xav not very supportive of this idea..
Okay, T and X against, I can understand why la cos if I go the the shop only left T and K..
Okay okay.. Let's not talk abt this..

But what bother me is Irwin..
I mean to me, he is like the nicest boss I ever worked for!
He ask me what do I wanna do in life and I give the usual answer which I always do and that is PR..
And then he ask what would this new job help me in achieving that?
And he suggested events to me...
Then when I told him this new job may be doing everything including events and all then he was like then I rather you try out at my friends company..
The went on to show me his friends company site...
Wah... Big company that do big events leh!!!

I dunno he say all this is so that I would stay on somemore or what..
I mean it's possible la..
But I see it as he wants to help me grow and he is a very nice person !
Like.. I dunno...
Awesome big brother, mentor kind of figure!

And now I am not even done with my resume draft...:(

Nelly nelly nelly...

Sunday, January 2, 2011

Violent frenzy

I have yet to review my 2010 resolution nor set 2011 ones...
But.. This is the first and most important one..
I want to make myself sleep latest by 1am everyday...

I really wanna dig a hole and put myself inside and not come out...
Bad bad bad first impression...
Very very bad...
And I scare him..
I must have scare he hell out of him yesterday..