Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Satays And Ribs


christmas eve..Little count down get-to-gather at Barrage with my girls!
I feel so blessed that our friendship lasted so long....=)
I love you!
-leen was at church helping out with next day session...=/ but we still love her !-

Christmas day!

Went to work in the morning at Cumulus...
Then as usual, went to uncle place for dinner like we always do every year...
Pot-luck for the 3 year I think..=)

I am just very happy that we skip the whole gift-exchange thing..
It is such a pain to go thro it every year..
Not just buying the gift..
Recieving the gifts was the real pain..
Cos you know will know if the gift is "anyhow" or a "have-u-in-mind" kind of gift when u recieve it...
I hate it when I put in effort to go think, shop and search for the gift and in return I get every...anyhow kind of gift...
It makes me think why am i even putting in so much effort..

At night...
2nd round of dinner at chilli's on Irwin...
Love the ribs!


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