Friday, April 29, 2011

Take One

First holiday trip of Faith.Hope.Love to Batam!!=)
My birthday.
Bye bye carrot and annoying boys of Fanni.
chilleax for Audrey.
Wan leng came to send me to holiday!!=D

He's tired from the party the night before..

But still make and effort to send me and my girl..

Such a nice bro!

Breakfast! Last meal with Jake and his hair...


Byebye Sg..

Hello Batam! Moo.=D

Reached! Fanni's uncle's place...

Love the swing.... reminds me of my childhood times.. BTFF

Best Teddy Friends Forever =) No, we din arrange this..

No ideal how it became like this..
But when we saw this we could not stop laughing...


Good night Fluffy

Day 2 Look!

All same height!=D *stare, speechless, tummy rummbling* Love the corn!

Back in the hotel room........I look like PIG!!!

Day 3 Again...!


Home Sweet Home

Thursday, April 21, 2011

Dance Girl Dance Boy


2 March 2011


-Jake's last party before going botak

-March! Bday!

-With Dragon

-Wl's mambo


Act shy. Winning pose.
Pardon my drunk face.
I like this picture..
Cos look bery niceeee...=)
*Damn, how can any guy look so pretty?!*