Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Thick Brows Red Bird

Seems like alot of angry bird toys are selling in the market now..
Why ar?
I tot the angry bird craze is over?
Okay.. Nigel is wear a angry bird cover..
That's because it's given by Philip...
( plus the fact that it's red and pretty cute.. How can I say no?)
So... I din buy it...

If only I can upload picture to blogger thro iPhone..
I'll be able to show you the little girl who is sitting opposit me,holding onto the ugly green pig soft toy while her older bro got a angry red bird hanging on his phone and her younger bro holding on the a blue bird soft toy....
A house of angry bird fans..
Trust me.. It's annoying to see it then to read about it...

Damn.. Can't stand it... Need to get new clothes for Nigel soon!
Think I'll drop by Philip at tm this sat!
Oooooo! Can't wait for this sat to come!!
Happy happy happy!

Trying to fix

Being a girl takes alot of hard work..
Esp if u want to look good..
And it takes alot more hard work if u want to look good and be healthy n love ur body at the same time...

Yes I got a problem with my food I won't deny that..
ESP the past few days...

I think it may be partly cos I feel stress...
And gorging myself in the day while trying to stave at night...
This is not right, I know..
This is harmful to my body, I know..
This ain't going help me lose weight to stay slim, I know..
And this whole thing is driving me mad!

I need to correct this..
I must fix this...
I will learn to eat right and stay good..
Eat proper meal and excerise every other day...

I love my body and I m going to take good care of myself...
Looking forward to sign up for yoga class!
Hope to find one soon!!!:))

Sunday, May 8, 2011

Wonderful life

I dont like this feeling...
I really dont like it...
It's fucking stupid...
This is bad and I know..
And there's two side of me fighting each other..

Self control I need to learn..
Trust is what I need to have..
Self-Confident is what need grow..

I think I m a very bad person..
Or should I say revengeful person...
I need to let go..
I need to learn to let go and be nice...

But I m afraid of pain..
I'm scared..
I dun wat is ahead...
I use to be brave and just walk forward and find out...
I use to think that it's fun and that I'll love it..
But not now...
Not anymore..

I dun like doing what I m not sure about..
But everytime when I m just starting to think;
"this-is-gonna-be-fine-it's-going-great-everything-is gonna-be-fine!"
Something must pop up...
Something, anything...
Big, small, tiny..
Isit me?
But it takes two hands to clap..
Something happened..
Something too place thus I feel that..
Or m I finding some excuse for myself?

And to make things worst I can't exactly rant anywhere..
The blog is open..
And I like to keep it this way..
My twitter is no longer a place for me to just rant ANYTHING under the sun anymore...
Fb is a confirm not a place to rant...

But I really need to let it out..
I m sorry if u are like going..
" what!? Another emo post ? After not updating for so long?"
Trust me..
I really dun wanna rant this here but I dun really have a channel to turn to now..

Like I know u are reading my blog..
And u must be thinking...
"Mmmmm.. Okay... Thats 'interesting'.. I wonder what is up.."
If u are planing to ask me anything..
Pls be prepared for me to just walk away in ur face..
Unless u are lucky enough...:)

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Open Up & Listen


A proper dinner tgt...
All 5 of us!
My present!!!
Thats the last thing I though they'll buy!
Helllo kitty frying pan and lotion dispanser..

I like this picture of fan...
The fan was too strong...

Almost impossible to light the candle...

Group Picture after donkey ages...

~stupid person got shaky hands~
Colours in life..=)

Day & Night bar

Found this place by chance and I really like it very much...

No matter what happened..Its somewhere i'll like to go chill again...

Gift from Tw!

Thank you Mr yeh!=))

Love them much!

Free Drink on the house cos its our birthday!
And bar tender got a twin brother!hahahaha
I thank god that he place you in my life..
Always there when I am up, down, excited, in trouble, confuse, messed-up..

Hope that we'll be able to celebrate 11 march together every single year! =))

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Ba Blink Ting Ling



Part 2.

Play with Dragon...


Big Bird Day


Birthday Dinner with Lao Pos..

Simple Dinner at DTF..
I like the idea of having different layer in cakes..=)
So happy to see them!!!
Too bad leen could not make it...
Hope all 4 gather tgt soon!


Monday, May 2, 2011

bitter sweet honey


Tiny birthday celebration with Da Yap and Yap Mama

Part 1 was #$%^&*(*&%$#$%&
That Korean dinner was terrible..
Cheat my feeling..

Cheat my money..

Never gonna go there again...


But Part 2 was good!=)
Awesome chocolate!Happy Birthday to me! the cake comes with a dropper filled with Brandy...

so must drip the Brandy in the cake..=)

Mini Party..

Thank you WL!

Got recongise by "Dragon"..

Saw Mr Er K.L

Hug Mr Er K.L

Met Dave

Tease Dave


What a way to start my year...