Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Open Up & Listen


A proper dinner tgt...
All 5 of us!
My present!!!
Thats the last thing I though they'll buy!
Helllo kitty frying pan and lotion dispanser..

I like this picture of fan...
The fan was too strong...

Almost impossible to light the candle...

Group Picture after donkey ages...

~stupid person got shaky hands~
Colours in life..=)

Day & Night bar

Found this place by chance and I really like it very much...

No matter what happened..Its somewhere i'll like to go chill again...

Gift from Tw!

Thank you Mr yeh!=))

Love them much!

Free Drink on the house cos its our birthday!
And bar tender got a twin brother!hahahaha
I thank god that he place you in my life..
Always there when I am up, down, excited, in trouble, confuse, messed-up..

Hope that we'll be able to celebrate 11 march together every single year! =))

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