Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Thick Brows Red Bird

Seems like alot of angry bird toys are selling in the market now..
Why ar?
I tot the angry bird craze is over?
Okay.. Nigel is wear a angry bird cover..
That's because it's given by Philip...
( plus the fact that it's red and pretty cute.. How can I say no?)
So... I din buy it...

If only I can upload picture to blogger thro iPhone..
I'll be able to show you the little girl who is sitting opposit me,holding onto the ugly green pig soft toy while her older bro got a angry red bird hanging on his phone and her younger bro holding on the a blue bird soft toy....
A house of angry bird fans..
Trust me.. It's annoying to see it then to read about it...

Damn.. Can't stand it... Need to get new clothes for Nigel soon!
Think I'll drop by Philip at tm this sat!
Oooooo! Can't wait for this sat to come!!
Happy happy happy!

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