Sunday, May 8, 2011

Wonderful life

I dont like this feeling...
I really dont like it...
It's fucking stupid...
This is bad and I know..
And there's two side of me fighting each other..

Self control I need to learn..
Trust is what I need to have..
Self-Confident is what need grow..

I think I m a very bad person..
Or should I say revengeful person...
I need to let go..
I need to learn to let go and be nice...

But I m afraid of pain..
I'm scared..
I dun wat is ahead...
I use to be brave and just walk forward and find out...
I use to think that it's fun and that I'll love it..
But not now...
Not anymore..

I dun like doing what I m not sure about..
But everytime when I m just starting to think;
"this-is-gonna-be-fine-it's-going-great-everything-is gonna-be-fine!"
Something must pop up...
Something, anything...
Big, small, tiny..
Isit me?
But it takes two hands to clap..
Something happened..
Something too place thus I feel that..
Or m I finding some excuse for myself?

And to make things worst I can't exactly rant anywhere..
The blog is open..
And I like to keep it this way..
My twitter is no longer a place for me to just rant ANYTHING under the sun anymore...
Fb is a confirm not a place to rant...

But I really need to let it out..
I m sorry if u are like going..
" what!? Another emo post ? After not updating for so long?"
Trust me..
I really dun wanna rant this here but I dun really have a channel to turn to now..

Like I know u are reading my blog..
And u must be thinking...
"Mmmmm.. Okay... Thats 'interesting'.. I wonder what is up.."
If u are planing to ask me anything..
Pls be prepared for me to just walk away in ur face..
Unless u are lucky enough...:)

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