Thursday, June 9, 2011

Torn tofu...

Have realize I have extremely bad temper..
Have I always been this impatience, this bad temper?

I need anger management..
I need meditation..

And I need one hell lot of self control...

I feel so imperfect..
Never once felt this way before...

Yes. I've felt lousy before..
Yes. I've felt low confident before..
But not imperfect,
Not - not good enough for anyone-...

Where is that truly happy Nelly 3 yrs ago?

As always.. They say everything happens for a reason...

I may be the reason that caused the unhappiness around me and to myself..
Now that Ive realize it..
I should and need to do something about it..

I just wanna be left alone now..
Thank you..


Tuesday, June 7, 2011

My Polka Dotted lil space

So I was reading this from my fav site..

And it made me think... Why did I start a blog...?

Well.. I guess at first it was because of Gabriel..
He was going overseas and I wanted to provide him
A place where he see how's things back home, what I'm doing and people i hang with...
Basically to use this as a channel where he can update with me..

Then when he's back... I kinda got use to blogging everything and plus it's like a memory lane for me and gabriel..
And I was still in Rp...always on my laptop...

After things ended.. I blog less happy things and end up i kinda got sick of blogging unhappy stuff..
And work got busy.. Laptop died...
Now I'm using Nigel..frequency of using the laptop is even lesser..
Blogging less cos I dunno and dun think I can upload pictures thro Nigel to blogger...
At a point in time I kinda wanna just let this blog grow mushroom..

But to think again if I really wanna just let this rot... Seems a lil hard cause i do have some feeling for this blog after all...
I wanna use this blog to not only jot down happy memories, vent/ rant my anger and frustration,
I want use this space more for sharing experience.. Both good and bad...
Pen more food for thoughts so it's not another full of pictures kind of bimbo blog..

Be prepared to read more then to see pictures..:)

- Xoxo with Nigel -

Sunday, June 5, 2011

Hot Gaga

Went for yoga trial 2 sats in a row and I m feeling awesome..
I so want to sign up something now and go every other day before or after work...
Wahhhh.. I'll be so damn happy!!!!
Although my back,butt and thigh muscles are aching now..

-My ideal of a perfect life..-
Yoga once every other day
Club once a while to hit the dance floor..
Bake something nice for love ones..
Try making/ baking something new...
Sat/sun brunch with love ones..
Running my own business and having enough time to live my life...

~ random from Nigel ~

Thursday, June 2, 2011


Its June..

That means half a year have pass...
Which means half a year more to 2012..
And yet I haven got my ass into any school...

It's okay.. It's alright.. It's still not too late...So for the next half a year, this is what I am going to do!

1. Gather all the information I need for mass com at SIM and get my ass entroll into the coming intake!
2. Have fun baking since I'm so loving it!
3. Love my body. Love my yoga..
4. Be a good employee to Irwin!
5. Be a good girlfriend to my silly boyfriend..:)

Off to work!