Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Hello brown morning!

My breakfast log...( just 5 mins ago)

1 glass of warm honey water
1 sandwich which consist of long bean omelet( I know you must be thinking wth is that?! ), process cheese slice, honey mustard, 3/4 tomato (1/4 is with my sister) ,ketchup and 2 slice of bread
1 cup of horlicks
1/2 slice of bread with peanut butter and cereal sprinkle on top
About 8 mouthful of cereal
1 teaspoon of peanut butter
1 krispbread with peanut butter again

In-between all I was looking at instgram and thought catalog.
They're now part of my daily food for my brain,soul and the kid in me..

And if you think I'm mad eating so much and that I must be feeling bloated now..
Think again...
I can't even decide now if I'm full..
But I guess these would be able to last me till 3 pm..:)
I kinda wanna puke but I don't exactly feel too full...

Period makes me mad.

Monday, July 25, 2011

Stupid Smart People

New Cumulus name card!

Understood? =)

High on afternoon drinks

Tea at Jones the Grocer @ Mandarin Gallery...Different feeling as compare to the one at Dempsey..
But I think I kinda prefer this one now..
Cos over at Dempsey side..If you are there with one or two friends only.. The indoor seats may make you feel like there is this stiffness in the air sometimes and sometimes this stiffness makes you feel a tiny bit of stress because it seems like everyone is looking at you.. Taking notice of what you wear and what you carry and if you are good looking or not...

Dont get me wrong.. I still like to go Jones over at Dempsey side..I still think its a great place to chill and hang out and their mocha and teas are great..

She's back from her long haul!=))
And we got so many things plan ahead tgt!
First one coming up is TV land on Thursday morning!!=D
My mudslide mocha! Smoke salmon...

I was sharing with Nini how i tot smoke salmon was made..
I tot smoke salmon was made by hanging the fish on top of the bbq pit and people would just let the smoke from the coal and fire to literally SMOKE the fish and after a few hours the salmon fish would become smoke salmon... HAHAHAHAHAHA

-_-'' Yes, I know right?!
Strawberry shortcake!Okay.. This was damn stupid..
There was this shelf near the exit to the toilet where they place all the chocolate for sale and I was looking at them.. till I saw this bowl of "fish"..
And I was thinking..' how come they leaving the fishes out in stead of the chillers.. wont the fish go bad?!" I reach out to one and then realise..its just chocolate in fish packaging..!
Damn I feel so stupid!
Okay.. Our usual toilet picture..
Hahaha..I know it very typical girl and gfs like-to-take-picture-in-the-toilet..
But since we are still young..why not?! I rather do it now and enjoy being like a young woman then when I am 40 and envy those young woman having fun taking pictures with their gf .. Cause by then I know I had my share of fun and now its their's... ;)

Head to Ocbc and finally got our bank account settled!

Dinner at Javier @ Cineleisure

This remind me so much of perth...
If my memory didnt fail me.. They call it stacko at perth....See how we stack..

I think I am fully recovered..
I dont feel pain about it anymore..
Just a little pity that things din work out..
I am pretty happy now..
I feel like I am back to normal..
Back to Nelly...
Although Nelly had change..
Thank you to all who have help me...

Thank you nini... for always being there just to hear me rant and make noise and squeezing all the positive things to me..You are stuck with me so dont even need to think of going anywhere without me...;)

Thank you baby and deardear for being there when i needed you girls and all the clubbing nights tgt..

Thank you Bro for makeing sure that i am okay each time i club and listen to me rant and make noise about how mess up i feel at one point of time...

And of cos to remind me of loving myself and how it feel like love and being love at the same time..


Love you people!

Saturday, July 23, 2011

Summer & Fall

It has been a pretty fruitful week!
I am pretty happy with myself...

I've check details about my school..
I've decide what course to take..

Meet up with nini and got a few things planned...=)

Nini and I finally open our account liao!!=D

Jiejie and I took our second step to see about our sunnies ..=}

Everything have been great!
Everything other then my P.M.S.
I hate it...
I cant wait to get my period and get my P.M.S over and done with...
I am feeling fat....
This is bad..
I cant wait to go yoga classsssssssss!

Friday, July 22, 2011

Milky Milky Yum Yum

Cat high was here?Food For Thought.. A-W-E-S-O-M-E Pancakes & Y-U-M-M-Y Cream The hot chocolate is like hot chocolate milk...
So damn Goooooodddd!!!

Above All

Air force open house.

If my mum see this.. She gonna say she wanna collect them...


Some display show...

Airforce guys are really well train.. The left and right side are synmetrical...=)

Yay! I got 2 ice cream!

He claim that teapot pose is the ''IN" thing..

The long waited AirShow!

Dinner time!

Pizza! =D