Thursday, July 14, 2011

Hey Sugar!

Happy 3rd month sugar!

Look what he did..
I totally roll my eyes all the way to the back ( with a smile ) when i saw.....
He rip the whole idea from "P.s I love you" after a random chat at the book store telling him how the book made me cry everytime I read it.... and the funny thing is he haven even start reading the book!

So in my July envelope...
There's a letter and this hello kitty Chupa Chups with ring!!
Omg so cute la!

I wonder where he found them..

I've never seen before lor!


Anyway.. thank you sugar..

It was a very thoughtful and sweet surprise!=)

Now i cant wait till every 12 to open another one!


P.s: thank you dear dear and Dennis for helping him to send these and getting my soya for me!=))

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