Tuesday, August 30, 2011


Oh. My. God.


I'm at true fitness great world city now thinking that there's a yoga class at 11.30am.
So I reach at 10.45am. Went to sit outside the class to 11.35am.. Wondering why haven this class of weight-lighting class, later I found out its call body pump, end?! Where is my yoga people!?
So a lady was around the corner and looking at the body pump class, I approach her and ask like there's a yoga class at 11.30am right?
Then she was like.. Oh no.. Today is ph so it's different from normal day's class...

Then I realize... WTF. Ive been wasting my time sitting out and looking into another class for almost an hr and the people there must be thinking this is one weird girl...

Omg! And I din bring my trainers.. So i can't do any other things...
There's body flex at 1pm but that would mean I have to sit around for another 1 hr!

This is mad... I'm just gonna go bathe and go orchard and do my shopping...

Damn. I wasted my time...!

Monday, August 29, 2011

Pick One Not Two

Guess what is this?

This moleskine planner!!
Omg! So pretty right?
(Okay maybe you already know that, but I don't)

So how does this work?
- each month is a colour
- there are 12 colour -12 months
- and u just need to bring one thin planner out each month!
- great for people who loves colours
- great for people who cannot decide what colour planner to get!

And Cumulus wil be carrying the 2012 planner in this style too!!
Super excited!
And I'll be using this, next year for my notes when I start school !
( the one in the picture above is the planner for 2011)

Anyway, I miss my yoga class today cause it's raining..
I think it's better to sleep more then to crawl up and rush to yoga in wet weather condition plus the gym will be freezing..
I'll just make it to tml's yoga class instead.. :)
Now Im gonna leave home early and do some shopping!
Yay! ;)

Friday, August 26, 2011

Right Q Left P

Try this!


I'm beat.. Gonna go sleep now and F1 2nd breifing tml...
Hopefully we get a table at lioncity hotel for Hi-Tea...=)

Night Night people!
Honey Dreams.

Thursday, August 25, 2011


I ate too much during dinner and now I feel like doing this...
Oh god..
Need to keep in shape!!!
Yoga next week!!=D

Wednesday, August 24, 2011


23082011 Went to Geylang Serai with mum and sis yesterday!
Once again, when Hari Raya is near this is the most happening place! The super famous Putu Piring! Loves it!damn! Looking at this picture mades me wanna eat somemore....! I ate 2 packets alone just now!! Yum! ;) This is Dang Dang..
Its my first time eating it..
It's the malay version of our Bbq Pork aka Ba Kua...
So instead of using chicken or pork ( of cos! ), they use beef...
Although I'm pro eat-less-beef.. I think everyone should try just one slice..
It taste a little sweet like our Ba Kua but this is alot more soft, tender and juicy.. Kinda like eating thin beef patty in teriyaki sauce...=D
Mummy likes this...
Crispy Crust, Creamy Corn, Sweet Sugar, Crunchy Peanut bits with tingle of buttery taste and it smell awesome!

I thank God that I live in Singapore and that here in Singapore we have many people from different race ,living together sharing their culture and more importantly, their Yummylicious food! =D

Its the kind of words..

Yay! Check out my new shoes!
I know hot pink trainers are very B-I-M-B-O..
But I really think they're soooo cute!
Plus!Got this really cheap and guess what?!
This is under kid's size..LOL
I tot I can only fit into their clothes,now i know, I may be able to fit into their shoes too!!

All I need now is hot pink FBT shorts..
Then I'll look like those high school cheerleaders!

Found this picture on Instagram this morning and I though it's really cute!
Well, at least it made me smile....
So I send this to a few of my friends thro whatsapp...
Hope it make them smile like how it make me smile..
And, I do mean the words on the picture too!!=D

I think I shall send a few more people tml morning when I wake up...=)

Monday, August 22, 2011

Love love me!

I am always late.....
Lucky there's two classes today...
Must train myself to not ba late!!

Nelly, you will leave home 1hr before classes start, no matter how near is the place!!

Oh.. And I need a new pair of sports shoes too....

P/s: I must look super odd now...
--> grey fbt
--> black tee
--> grey leather Oxford
--> brown leather bucket bag

Sunday, August 21, 2011

Right Next To You

Nigel Got New Clothes!

This is Nigel's old clothes..
As you can see..Its very old..( 2 mth) and its black all around the corners.Not because I do not want to clean it, I cant. I wore a black bottom to work one day and the colour run that's why its black and they cant be wash...This is how Nigel look now..=)
Nigel's "new" old clothes..=D
The new shell is actually BB's hand-me-down.
BB is using pantone cases now so he hand this down to Nigel..
They're still in great condition and since I need to wait a while before LA can pass my the new shell I ordered, Nigel shall just wear this first.. Plus its branded..

Nigel is more then happy..
*wink wink*

Party with my girls at Zouk!
Happpyy!!! =D
It feels like its been a long long time since had a good proper party!

My watch stop-ed. I hope its the Battery went flat and not that it's spoiled or something...

The only picture of us that night..

Monday, August 15, 2011


Its monday morning...
Its raining...
Plan to only wake up at 11am
Im only working at 3pm..
Im planning to go yoga at 12.30pm at PWY...
After yoga go work..
Sounds like an awesome day..

my sis msg, woke me up..
she forgot her work pass AGAIN!
And she is making me to send to her.


Lucky CHV got a class at 12.15pm.
Guess Im gonna go that one then..
Maybe I'll leave my things at CHV and go back at 8.40pm to do hot yoga..=)
That's the only good thing I guess...

Oh well.. time to go eat something and bathe and change!

Have a good week ahead everyone!=)

Thursday, August 11, 2011

Stop drilling!

Three things.

1. I must get rid of the habit of being late
2. Thank god I brought my keys out today.
3. I will get my ass to that hot yoga class tml.. Nnp.

Fresh Mango

Just. Here. To. Rant.

1. Ellen Yap loves to wake me up everyday before she goes to work..
Even on days that I did not call her to wake me... =(
I kinda plan to sleep in late so at least my body wont feel so tired..
But I'm up since 8.30am and I slept around 3am..

2.I din jog yesterday...
Infact, I ate supper yesterday...
I ate:
Frozen yougurt ice cream with Cereal
half a bowl of rice with leftover brocoli
Some fish chips from tw
and more chips from tw....

But I did manage to mask and update the blog hopper's corner..
So those blog last updated in 2010 are all removed,and added a few new ones! =)

3.I want to do yoga!
okay. I've yap's true fitness card in my hands ( actually they are sitting beside the laptop now) and I am gonna try to go the parkway true fitness and pretent to be Ellen Yap.
Hatha Yoga at 11.30am so I am gonna go get ready once I am done with this..
and if all's good, Hot Yoga tml!! Yay!

So wish me luck butterflies!

Put me inbetween

Just feel like up-loading something random.....

Made this burger sometime back...

This was what it contain:


Honey Mustard


Tomato slice

Bacon bits

Tofu patty

Sunny side-up


Cheese slice



That's my seat!

Hey everyone!
Its a special day today!!! Happy 21st Birthday Rabbit!!!!!!

Went to Rabbit's Office to send her this small pot of flower by me and Nini...=)
Rabbit, We hope you like it and may you stay pretty like these flowers and as happy as always!
We Love You!!

Lunch at Golden Shoe Carpark with yap..
Hahahahaahaha... This is what you'll see everywhere at most " empty " table...

This is super funny.. The previous person left and the next person "chomp" the seat with this packet of tissue.. and my sis was complaining that its very warm.. So I joke to her about talking the tissue from the pack on the seat beside us.. Then we were laughing and giggling...Wondering if it belongs to a guy or female.
Cause we all know if it's a guy, most likely we'll be able to get away with it even if we got caught in the action...But if its a female then.....hahahahahahaha...
So end up.. I took one piece of tissue from that pack and we both laugh like mad..
we waited for the person to come back but 20 mins past and still not back so we left...

To the owner of the tissue:

Thank you very much and I'm very sorry that I stole one piece of tissue from you...

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Say it with me..


I'm at work now and I can count the number of people walking in and out for the past 60 mins and im alone and it's freezing and I forgot to bring my jacket to work.....

I've refresh my twitter and instangram for umpteen times till there's nth else for me to refresh...
And my fb's quiet too...
My bf most likly studying..

And I look at my blog...
It's like.. Dunno since how many donkey years ago that I've been saying I wanna change it's skin and re-arrange and update my blog hop corner...
I can't wait to get home now and get it all done..
But the problem is.. I suck at this sort of tech stuff.. HTML are ???? to me...plus my flicker mind, can't decide what skin to use is not helping..
And I would need more then 120mins to get the skin right..

Alright.. I shall do it step by step..
I shall reach home, jog 2 rounds, chat with sugar while I cool down for 30 mins, bathe, mask and update my blog hop corner first since it's the easiest !:))

Omg...a cute guy walk in..

Stuck on Jam.

Went to Meidiya with ah yap few weeks back.....

Too many choice and all look damn good!
I had to stop her and made her choose 2.
This is our dinner..=)

Love. The. Salmon........


Tuesday, August 9, 2011




Our future are in their hands..

So I hope they start loving the environment...

Happy National Day & Happy Holiday!

* while I'm working....*

Ps. All pictures are rip from the net.

Monday, August 8, 2011

Blue blues notes

Okay... I'm on the train now and just need to get this off my chest..

1. Okay.. Now I understand why T is behaving like this way now...
At first I didnt understand but now I do...
I wish her well and hope she'll find somewhere better and suitable for her..

2. Okay.. I'm not being ungrateful or what.. But seriously.. This is the first time I recieve an Ang bao and I'm not exactly happy with it..
Okay Irwin gave me an Angbao today and he says is for thank you for contributing to the shop...
I kinda see it as like bouns cos the shop is really doing very well now..!
And I was thinking how much would he give..i tot at least he would gave a $100.. Cos cny he gave $50..
And I just open it... It's only $50 inside ...

Goodness! Irwin! U give $50 might as well don't give..
$50 is not even enough for me to bring my mum and Sis out for a meal..!
Neither isit enough to buy a pair of vans or a new watch!

I know it sound pretty ungreatful and money face but.. Really lor.. U're not giving me commission, ure not raising my pay but giving me more work and I can say I've been performing well at work..
And if u wanna give Angbao u give bigger..Unless u mean all my effort and handwork worth $50 Only?!?!
And $50 is super cheat my feeling lor!!
Damnsian.. Cos I really feel so cheated.. Nnp..

Okay.. Maybe I should just see it as extra $50 I pick up on the street...
then I'll feel better...

I wonder how much did tia get.. I can't ask her cos "it. Sort. Of. Like. It. Only. Given. To. Her"..
So she does not know I receive it too..

Anyway I wont be surprise if tia gets more cos Irwin gonna pay me Cpf soon..
He might have taken that to account while giving Ang bao...

Haiz just damn sian!

Sunday, August 7, 2011



Suppose to have post this up 11 months ago...

That's Nigel..=)

Very important Nigel!

Thursday, August 4, 2011

knock bang

I'm back from my Hong Kong trip and I have plenty of pictures to share...
Just that I don't really have time.. Been so busy with work since the day I'm back!
Our counter at Robinson center point is up and it's the place where I'll be recognize as mananger... :D
Mananger title but sales girl pay la...

I think I kinda forgot to smile and be happy..
I mean these days I realize that I'm not smiling as much...
These days as in for the past few days since I'm back from hk..
I wonder why...
Isit cos I'm too tired or isit because of work or because of T...

T is somewhat getting on me..
Okay I know, I get it...
It's my bad to travel on your birthday..
And that you have to work..
But you kinda offer to work to Irwin...
No matter how much he hint or pout.. U dun have to work if u don't feel like...
And you ask for 1.5 anyway....and he gave you 1.5..

Yes I m guilty..
Cos I know it's my bad...
But you harping like that makes me feel..... Wtf...

Okay I should stop..
This is getting me no where..
It's making me more upset..