Tuesday, August 30, 2011


Oh. My. God.


I'm at true fitness great world city now thinking that there's a yoga class at 11.30am.
So I reach at 10.45am. Went to sit outside the class to 11.35am.. Wondering why haven this class of weight-lighting class, later I found out its call body pump, end?! Where is my yoga people!?
So a lady was around the corner and looking at the body pump class, I approach her and ask like there's a yoga class at 11.30am right?
Then she was like.. Oh no.. Today is ph so it's different from normal day's class...

Then I realize... WTF. Ive been wasting my time sitting out and looking into another class for almost an hr and the people there must be thinking this is one weird girl...

Omg! And I din bring my trainers.. So i can't do any other things...
There's body flex at 1pm but that would mean I have to sit around for another 1 hr!

This is mad... I'm just gonna go bathe and go orchard and do my shopping...

Damn. I wasted my time...!

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