Thursday, August 11, 2011

Fresh Mango

Just. Here. To. Rant.

1. Ellen Yap loves to wake me up everyday before she goes to work..
Even on days that I did not call her to wake me... =(
I kinda plan to sleep in late so at least my body wont feel so tired..
But I'm up since 8.30am and I slept around 3am..

2.I din jog yesterday...
Infact, I ate supper yesterday...
I ate:
Frozen yougurt ice cream with Cereal
half a bowl of rice with leftover brocoli
Some fish chips from tw
and more chips from tw....

But I did manage to mask and update the blog hopper's corner..
So those blog last updated in 2010 are all removed,and added a few new ones! =)

3.I want to do yoga!
okay. I've yap's true fitness card in my hands ( actually they are sitting beside the laptop now) and I am gonna try to go the parkway true fitness and pretent to be Ellen Yap.
Hatha Yoga at 11.30am so I am gonna go get ready once I am done with this..
and if all's good, Hot Yoga tml!! Yay!

So wish me luck butterflies!

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