Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Its the kind of words..

Yay! Check out my new shoes!
I know hot pink trainers are very B-I-M-B-O..
But I really think they're soooo cute!
Plus!Got this really cheap and guess what?!
This is under kid's size..LOL
I tot I can only fit into their clothes,now i know, I may be able to fit into their shoes too!!

All I need now is hot pink FBT shorts..
Then I'll look like those high school cheerleaders!

Found this picture on Instagram this morning and I though it's really cute!
Well, at least it made me smile....
So I send this to a few of my friends thro whatsapp...
Hope it make them smile like how it make me smile..
And, I do mean the words on the picture too!!=D

I think I shall send a few more people tml morning when I wake up...=)


Lisa said...

Wow! I thought I'm small sized (154cm fyi), you are tinier than me heehee!

Your hot pink trainers & hot pink gym outfit is gonna be so BOOMZ la! :)

Random sophistication of Nelly said...

Hahahaha.. Lisa, you are 2 cm taller then I am.. but I am sure I'm a little bigger size then you are...You look so skinny!

Hahahahaha.. Yes..
*Blink eye* My fav colour is HOT PINK cos it makes me feel like *BOOMZ*! You know? You know? Must BOOMZ then people can see me ma....
*Blink eye*