Wednesday, August 24, 2011


23082011 Went to Geylang Serai with mum and sis yesterday!
Once again, when Hari Raya is near this is the most happening place! The super famous Putu Piring! Loves it!damn! Looking at this picture mades me wanna eat somemore....! I ate 2 packets alone just now!! Yum! ;) This is Dang Dang..
Its my first time eating it..
It's the malay version of our Bbq Pork aka Ba Kua...
So instead of using chicken or pork ( of cos! ), they use beef...
Although I'm pro eat-less-beef.. I think everyone should try just one slice..
It taste a little sweet like our Ba Kua but this is alot more soft, tender and juicy.. Kinda like eating thin beef patty in teriyaki sauce...=D
Mummy likes this...
Crispy Crust, Creamy Corn, Sweet Sugar, Crunchy Peanut bits with tingle of buttery taste and it smell awesome!

I thank God that I live in Singapore and that here in Singapore we have many people from different race ,living together sharing their culture and more importantly, their Yummylicious food! =D

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