Monday, August 8, 2011

Blue blues notes

Okay... I'm on the train now and just need to get this off my chest..

1. Okay.. Now I understand why T is behaving like this way now...
At first I didnt understand but now I do...
I wish her well and hope she'll find somewhere better and suitable for her..

2. Okay.. I'm not being ungrateful or what.. But seriously.. This is the first time I recieve an Ang bao and I'm not exactly happy with it..
Okay Irwin gave me an Angbao today and he says is for thank you for contributing to the shop...
I kinda see it as like bouns cos the shop is really doing very well now..!
And I was thinking how much would he give..i tot at least he would gave a $100.. Cos cny he gave $50..
And I just open it... It's only $50 inside ...

Goodness! Irwin! U give $50 might as well don't give..
$50 is not even enough for me to bring my mum and Sis out for a meal..!
Neither isit enough to buy a pair of vans or a new watch!

I know it sound pretty ungreatful and money face but.. Really lor.. U're not giving me commission, ure not raising my pay but giving me more work and I can say I've been performing well at work..
And if u wanna give Angbao u give bigger..Unless u mean all my effort and handwork worth $50 Only?!?!
And $50 is super cheat my feeling lor!!
Damnsian.. Cos I really feel so cheated.. Nnp..

Okay.. Maybe I should just see it as extra $50 I pick up on the street...
then I'll feel better...

I wonder how much did tia get.. I can't ask her cos "it. Sort. Of. Like. It. Only. Given. To. Her"..
So she does not know I receive it too..

Anyway I wont be surprise if tia gets more cos Irwin gonna pay me Cpf soon..
He might have taken that to account while giving Ang bao...

Haiz just damn sian!

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