Sunday, August 21, 2011

Right Next To You

Nigel Got New Clothes!

This is Nigel's old clothes..
As you can see..Its very old..( 2 mth) and its black all around the corners.Not because I do not want to clean it, I cant. I wore a black bottom to work one day and the colour run that's why its black and they cant be wash...This is how Nigel look now..=)
Nigel's "new" old clothes..=D
The new shell is actually BB's hand-me-down.
BB is using pantone cases now so he hand this down to Nigel..
They're still in great condition and since I need to wait a while before LA can pass my the new shell I ordered, Nigel shall just wear this first.. Plus its branded..

Nigel is more then happy..
*wink wink*

Party with my girls at Zouk!
Happpyy!!! =D
It feels like its been a long long time since had a good proper party!

My watch stop-ed. I hope its the Battery went flat and not that it's spoiled or something...

The only picture of us that night..

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