Monday, October 31, 2011

TeeVee Land 3


Brunch.My Love!!
Black sesame.. mama's love!

After lunch, Nini and I went our own ways from Mum and sis to do our own shopping!Yay! Found DBS ATM!!=D

Found this Paper Fashion Exbition...

I would so wear this..!Totally my size! Right size,Right Length.. Made for me... Too bad its made of paper and its not for sale...=P

We found IceCream!!
And I was worried that the icecream would be bad..But to my surprise.. Its really very good.. Its softer then mac's icecream cone.. Milky taste and cone is crispy! Oh.. and its the traditional icecream van where they still plays the icecream music....=D I love it!

We came all the way and its close... Sian ttm....=( Then we walk down a lil further.. Then realise...

This is their actual shop...

That was their storage... -_-"Do you know what's that? Damn gross... Mades my hair stand..... Meow so cute!We got on the bus!!
Hahahahaha... Walk damn far to get to the bus stop and we decide that we should try their bus... No harm.....=DAll Sg buses needs this...and their tv is really good.. unlike the ones we use to have...


I bought this for her this afternoon while shopping...
Cause this is what she tells me 75% of the time when she comes home and I wanna talk to her...LOL
She likes this too.. Cause everytime she hears me and mum cough or sneeze.. she would offer medicine to us.. She likes to play doctor...Hahahaha
Imagine... If she is really a doctor....


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