Sunday, November 20, 2011

Mosquito bite

Gary ask me a question today...
An very important question..

"What is the biggest stress in my live now?"

It took me just 1 min to conclude and then feel shameful of myself...

What is my biggest stress now?

Nope, not work..
I have a lot of things to do, yes.
I am working everyday, yes.
I have a lot of things to do and remember, yes.
But these are just busy...

Nope, it's not school.
Although SIM and yet to reply me.. But I'm not exactly worried..

Nope. Not family..
Thank god that everyone and everything in family are fabulous!

What I am stress about it's nothing serious at all !!

I am stress about looking good..
The need to be and stay slim..
The need to be looking good..
I feel damn gross about having these tots..
I feel very ashamed..

There's so many other things happening in the world and so many other people with real problems tt they need to be worried and stress about and yet right here I am stress and worried about my god damn looks!?!?

What is wrong with me..?!?!

Isit because of the people whom I'm spending most of my time with now?
Or I've really become one of those?

Whichever it is. This is gonna stop.

Thursday, November 17, 2011


I am set on 44.
44 is the most I can accept ...

44,18,3 and lovely...

I'm a happy and bless lil girl...:)
Thank you

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Chocolate invaders

Kicking start a new eating plan...

Normal size breakfast
Small snack/lunch in-between
Dinner before 7pm.
If there's yoga/ gym, an apple after gym..
Other then that.. Die also not gonna put anyfood in my mouth after 7pm...!

Let's see how long can this last.....
*oh with exception of next wed, I'm going Ridz calton for dinner buffet... :P *

Sunday, November 13, 2011

The Loft

Dinner at The Loft along Katong

There was once I wanted to buy bao for Nini..Cause I remember there's this very nice Bao shop at katong area...And when I went there.....I cant find the shop....-_-"
But instead...I found this new eating place!! =D

Its Call the Loft..( Aiya...Sorry,forgot to take picture of the shop front and the interior..)
Anyway, this is their site:

This is.... not on the menu...LOL... Its the peanut tt I was eating before going for dinner.....=P

Starters... Blue Mussels! Yum..I like!Its pretty fresh and the garlic is not too overpowering.. (these empty mussels shell looks like angle's wing!)
Lobster Pasta... the lobster is a baby lobster..Its fresh, the meat is crispy and I could taste the sweetness of the the lobster...Its Good! I think its worth the money but I wont really wanna order it again because had a hard time getting the meat out of the shell.. I hate fighting with my food.. I had to struggle to get the meat out.. I mean I can shell prawn using fork and spoon but for this..I had to use my hands to dig the meat out..I personally think its not a very girl-friendly dish esp if you are on a date..If you're eating with family maybe its still not as bad.. I hope the chef can do something.. I still wanna the lobster mean presented with the shell..I think its pretty but gotta make it easier to eat...!
Beef steak with 2 Sides...Potato salad and Olive & Raisin rice... The bowl of soup like thing on the plate is actually the sauce... This is a so-so dish.. Its okay..edible not very good nor anything special.. the sauce is pretty nice i think cause its sweet.. Hahahahaha.. Oh and one more thing... They din serve with the right knife...

Dessert! If I'm not wrong, this is called the Flour-less chocolate cake.. mmmm... okay... another so-so..Its serve warm with a scoop of ice cream at the side.. The ice-cream is like one of those cheap vanilla ice cream from those ice cream tub selling in NTUC... The chocolate cake is.. Okay.. Its soft but i wish it was more chocolate...

More reviews of The Loft from others at hungrygowhere..

The Loft is a nice little place to hang and have a casual meal with friends and family esp for those who stay around the east.. I would go back there again, I want to try their other dishes and esp their signature dessert which was sold out tt day tt I went... Do go there and check it out if you are in the katong area.. Stop eating those forever-fighting-who's-the-best- Laksa... =P

Monday, November 7, 2011


Next time when u head to wheelock..
Take 5 secs and look up... you'll see something different every time..


No more brunch with bro cos he got things on..=/

But Mama and JieJie says we'll do brunch tgt at East Ocean instead..

Lets hope we really do get to East Ocean tml...

Anyway.. It's a Public Holiday today ( yes, I'm working later) !

Everyone in Singapore have a good rest and hope you'll be spending some time with ur love ones...=)

And to all the Muslim pals out there.. Should I say congratulation? =)

Sunday, November 6, 2011


Im looking forward to monday cos gonna go brunch with Bro at Marmalade Pantry!
So. Damn. Excited!
Cant remember when was the last time I went for a good brunch..
Just thinking about it makes me very happy!=))

Btw, I've added some new links for the blog hoppers to visit...
Hope you guys will enjoy them!
Alright.. Time to sleep!
Good Night Loves!

that's my baby...

Pumpkim Cheesecake KitKat...

First saw it on Ig, then went to look for it at Tampines Mall Ntuc with bro...

Bro found the last pack sitting on the shelf.. I grab it from him and bring it straight to the counter... Hahahahahahaha...

I know it sound damn werid but it nice! Really!!

It taste like.....Oat milk.. Try it if u have the chance.... =)

Saturday, November 5, 2011

West Lake

29102011Lunch with Dr Leslie Tay, owner of ..

Its actually an event by Smrt and Nuffnang to celebrate the operation of circleline i think... I cant really remember.. But I saw the ad somewhere earlier in Sept and I went online to sign up and i totally forgot about it.. Till they email me one week before the actual event..damn happy!!

So lunch was at FarrerPark, which is one of the circleline station, and its within 5 mins short walk, we arrive at west lake...
That's Dr Tay showing us the new App he created for food which runs on iphone only....( sorry non-iphone users... ;P )

The App is call ieathawker .. Currently there's an lite version where you can download for free or you can buy the full App at only $0.99!
The App is bascially a hawker food guild.. Most the yummy local delights are found inside.. It does not only tell you where are the best ones ( in dr tay's taste buds view), it also shares a bit story about the food which i find interesting! Everyone should download.. Esp Singaporean, ieathawker will not only bring you to good food and you can learn a little more about what are you eating so if friends from oversea coming to sg, you will be able to educate them about our food! =D

As the food are being serve, Dr tay shared some photography tips with us...
Look, the rest of the participants with their pros.. quite a few of them are bloggers too! That's him in action.
Now... My Food Pictures... ( please, of cos they are not as good as dr tay's.. )
This is very nice! I love Popiah... This one, the skin is soft, the filling have a good varity of texture and the fragrant of the garlic is pretty strong.. I think if you dun like garlic you can choose to tell them to put less or leave it out totally...Chinese version of tom yam soup.. Hahahaha....This is yam.. I dunno what isit called.. But its bascially yam ring and in the center, there's stir fried prawn with some vegetable...I like!!
Gong Bao Chicken..
Wu xiang with their sweet sauce! Wah! damn good!
Pan Fried Dumplings.. (this one is taken under the guild of dr tay.. i think is is the nicest picture of the day... ahahahahaha..)Now.. This is the main star of the day!
Kong Ba.. ( isit this how its spelled?) which means fatty meat or belly meat... Fattening but damn good!
Esp this store's.. The pau, which is the bun, is soft, moist and fluffy... The meat is tender and its melts in the mouth.. The dark sauce is just nice, not too salty plus its just a little sweet. The meat may look super fatty and you though you might bite into one lump of jelly like substances that is going make u feel sick, you are so wrong.. Everything just melts in the mouth.. Even the fats dont taste fatty.. One table full of food!!
And he was sharing his new book with us; book about food found in Singapore and originated from sg... ( Pssst... I want this for christmas....... =) )

This set of nails belong to a girl who seat 1 seat away from me .. I wonder how long can it last me and how the hell am i gonna wash my hair if this set of nails are mine... LOL
Red bean pan cake to put a sweet fullstop to the meal...
I love red bean pancakes!
Crispy skin, a little soft and chewy on the inside white part... and sweet red bean filling!
Not easy to find nices ones in sg... This is pretty good but i feel its a little oily....
There's a short quiz after meal and this's the prize presaation... Hahahaha.. It feels like grad day at rp...After that we took turns to take picture with Dr tay... Everyone went home a winner cos Smrt gave little goodie bag too!
For more pictures.. click on this link... -->
And this is my picture with Dr tay... =)
" Never waste calories on bad tasting food.."

Friday, November 4, 2011

Dragon Turf

Dinner with Mama and Ah yap at Paradise Dynasty...

Cold Dish..
Its made up of 3 kind of eggs... Chicken egg, salted egg and century egg...
Their famous 8 wonders Xiao long bao..... Each colour is a different Flavour...
And I dont really like them.. They taste....... mmmm... weird.... Not weird cos they are flavoured. But more like because they are sweet..
I mean even for their Original xiao long bao taste sweet! And this sweetness does not taste like its the fresh sweetness that comes from the meat.. they taste sweet like they added too much sugar or something..
To me, they are trying to be funny or something cos its steam meat and its suppose to be main yet it taste sweet... Weird... this is the only rack of xiao long bao we ordered just to let mama try and i only ate one.. ( for those who knows me and ate at DTF with me would know tt I would usually ate on a average of 4 original ones and 3 yam ones )
This Pork belly is good! Mama loves it too!
Yap and the table full of food....! In fact we ordered too much.. had to tabao some home...
After dinner, shopping at H&M! Hello Kitty Earmuff! hahahahahaha.. Damn cute!!
Garrett's pop corn!
Love Them !!!

Next time when you but Garrett's try them with ur cereal..
Yes! I mean pop two hand full of popcorn into ur bowl of cereal with milk.. Its damn nice! dun worry... the milk will not turn the popcorn soggy... cos there's a coat of caramel on top of the popcorn... I cant really describe how its taste.. you really gotta try! =D

Uncle Larry Berry

Dinner with Mama,Ah yap and 你你 at Nan Xiang @ Plaza Singapura

So while waiting for them to make my xiao long bao... here are some pictures of the food that we had... Drunken Chicken...* warning.. if u dun like cold meat.. you wont like this..*
Soft tender meat soak in Chinese wine.. Yum!
This is my Fav!!
tofu + century egg = happy me!
These are duck tongue...My sis loves them.. she likes french kissing ducks...
Jelly Fish!And its here.....=)
Mmmm... Nan Xiang Xiao long bao are okay... the skin is pretty thin.. the filling, meat, is okay, not too salty or sweet( Paradise Dynasty ones are sweet okay?!), the soup was a spoonful.. Overall was just okay...I think what is lacking is the fresh sweetness of the know, like when meat are really fresh and juicy, with the correct kind of spice and cooking method, you can taste this light and fragrant sweetness from the meat...I hope you know what I'm saying...cos dunno how to put it to exact words..

Anyway, I still prefer the xiao long bao at DTF.. They are by far the best as compare tho nan xiang and Paradise dynasty..

Wednesday, November 2, 2011


Hello Good Afternoon People...

And yes, that is my lunch you are looking at...

Its been awhile since I cook something proper for myself...

Look! The pasta are in the shape of Bob the builder....

So cute right?!


Have a good Wet Wednesday!


Great Eastern!

Oh yay!
I have finish posting all my Hong Kong trip photos!=))

I know right.....
It was July and now its November...

Anyway.. My sis took this picture and look! She manage to capture rainbow...!

Have a Great Day loves... =)

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Teee Vee Land 1

Hong kong trip with Mama, Jiejie and Nini!!
DayOne. =)

On board breakfast.
mmmm... so so only....My bag to Tee Vee land!
Look! Moomoo is inside! =D
After 6 hrs of flying..
Weeeee~This is my hotel Lobby.. They were shooting some show...
Hahahaha.. No wonder my sis says hk is tv land...


Lunch time!

Nini found this while shopping..
She says the bird is philp and the pig is her...
hahahahahaha... So cute!! Oh yay!! Found this bakery... They make awesome Egg Tarts!!! I like the billboard mess. MongKok..
Dinner Time!She was whining for coke... This is good.. Really...I'm not a congee kind of person but this is really very good!
She and her Mango Feast!