Friday, November 4, 2011

Dragon Turf

Dinner with Mama and Ah yap at Paradise Dynasty...

Cold Dish..
Its made up of 3 kind of eggs... Chicken egg, salted egg and century egg...
Their famous 8 wonders Xiao long bao..... Each colour is a different Flavour...
And I dont really like them.. They taste....... mmmm... weird.... Not weird cos they are flavoured. But more like because they are sweet..
I mean even for their Original xiao long bao taste sweet! And this sweetness does not taste like its the fresh sweetness that comes from the meat.. they taste sweet like they added too much sugar or something..
To me, they are trying to be funny or something cos its steam meat and its suppose to be main yet it taste sweet... Weird... this is the only rack of xiao long bao we ordered just to let mama try and i only ate one.. ( for those who knows me and ate at DTF with me would know tt I would usually ate on a average of 4 original ones and 3 yam ones )
This Pork belly is good! Mama loves it too!
Yap and the table full of food....! In fact we ordered too much.. had to tabao some home...
After dinner, shopping at H&M! Hello Kitty Earmuff! hahahahahaha.. Damn cute!!
Garrett's pop corn!
Love Them !!!

Next time when you but Garrett's try them with ur cereal..
Yes! I mean pop two hand full of popcorn into ur bowl of cereal with milk.. Its damn nice! dun worry... the milk will not turn the popcorn soggy... cos there's a coat of caramel on top of the popcorn... I cant really describe how its taste.. you really gotta try! =D

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