Saturday, November 5, 2011

West Lake

29102011Lunch with Dr Leslie Tay, owner of ..

Its actually an event by Smrt and Nuffnang to celebrate the operation of circleline i think... I cant really remember.. But I saw the ad somewhere earlier in Sept and I went online to sign up and i totally forgot about it.. Till they email me one week before the actual event..damn happy!!

So lunch was at FarrerPark, which is one of the circleline station, and its within 5 mins short walk, we arrive at west lake...
That's Dr Tay showing us the new App he created for food which runs on iphone only....( sorry non-iphone users... ;P )

The App is call ieathawker .. Currently there's an lite version where you can download for free or you can buy the full App at only $0.99!
The App is bascially a hawker food guild.. Most the yummy local delights are found inside.. It does not only tell you where are the best ones ( in dr tay's taste buds view), it also shares a bit story about the food which i find interesting! Everyone should download.. Esp Singaporean, ieathawker will not only bring you to good food and you can learn a little more about what are you eating so if friends from oversea coming to sg, you will be able to educate them about our food! =D

As the food are being serve, Dr tay shared some photography tips with us...
Look, the rest of the participants with their pros.. quite a few of them are bloggers too! That's him in action.
Now... My Food Pictures... ( please, of cos they are not as good as dr tay's.. )
This is very nice! I love Popiah... This one, the skin is soft, the filling have a good varity of texture and the fragrant of the garlic is pretty strong.. I think if you dun like garlic you can choose to tell them to put less or leave it out totally...Chinese version of tom yam soup.. Hahahaha....This is yam.. I dunno what isit called.. But its bascially yam ring and in the center, there's stir fried prawn with some vegetable...I like!!
Gong Bao Chicken..
Wu xiang with their sweet sauce! Wah! damn good!
Pan Fried Dumplings.. (this one is taken under the guild of dr tay.. i think is is the nicest picture of the day... ahahahahaha..)Now.. This is the main star of the day!
Kong Ba.. ( isit this how its spelled?) which means fatty meat or belly meat... Fattening but damn good!
Esp this store's.. The pau, which is the bun, is soft, moist and fluffy... The meat is tender and its melts in the mouth.. The dark sauce is just nice, not too salty plus its just a little sweet. The meat may look super fatty and you though you might bite into one lump of jelly like substances that is going make u feel sick, you are so wrong.. Everything just melts in the mouth.. Even the fats dont taste fatty.. One table full of food!!
And he was sharing his new book with us; book about food found in Singapore and originated from sg... ( Pssst... I want this for christmas....... =) )

This set of nails belong to a girl who seat 1 seat away from me .. I wonder how long can it last me and how the hell am i gonna wash my hair if this set of nails are mine... LOL
Red bean pan cake to put a sweet fullstop to the meal...
I love red bean pancakes!
Crispy skin, a little soft and chewy on the inside white part... and sweet red bean filling!
Not easy to find nices ones in sg... This is pretty good but i feel its a little oily....
There's a short quiz after meal and this's the prize presaation... Hahahaha.. It feels like grad day at rp...After that we took turns to take picture with Dr tay... Everyone went home a winner cos Smrt gave little goodie bag too!
For more pictures.. click on this link... -->
And this is my picture with Dr tay... =)
" Never waste calories on bad tasting food.."

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