Sunday, November 13, 2011

The Loft

Dinner at The Loft along Katong

There was once I wanted to buy bao for Nini..Cause I remember there's this very nice Bao shop at katong area...And when I went there.....I cant find the shop....-_-"
But instead...I found this new eating place!! =D

Its Call the Loft..( Aiya...Sorry,forgot to take picture of the shop front and the interior..)
Anyway, this is their site:

This is.... not on the menu...LOL... Its the peanut tt I was eating before going for dinner.....=P

Starters... Blue Mussels! Yum..I like!Its pretty fresh and the garlic is not too overpowering.. (these empty mussels shell looks like angle's wing!)
Lobster Pasta... the lobster is a baby lobster..Its fresh, the meat is crispy and I could taste the sweetness of the the lobster...Its Good! I think its worth the money but I wont really wanna order it again because had a hard time getting the meat out of the shell.. I hate fighting with my food.. I had to struggle to get the meat out.. I mean I can shell prawn using fork and spoon but for this..I had to use my hands to dig the meat out..I personally think its not a very girl-friendly dish esp if you are on a date..If you're eating with family maybe its still not as bad.. I hope the chef can do something.. I still wanna the lobster mean presented with the shell..I think its pretty but gotta make it easier to eat...!
Beef steak with 2 Sides...Potato salad and Olive & Raisin rice... The bowl of soup like thing on the plate is actually the sauce... This is a so-so dish.. Its okay..edible not very good nor anything special.. the sauce is pretty nice i think cause its sweet.. Hahahahaha.. Oh and one more thing... They din serve with the right knife...

Dessert! If I'm not wrong, this is called the Flour-less chocolate cake.. mmmm... okay... another so-so..Its serve warm with a scoop of ice cream at the side.. The ice-cream is like one of those cheap vanilla ice cream from those ice cream tub selling in NTUC... The chocolate cake is.. Okay.. Its soft but i wish it was more chocolate...

More reviews of The Loft from others at hungrygowhere..

The Loft is a nice little place to hang and have a casual meal with friends and family esp for those who stay around the east.. I would go back there again, I want to try their other dishes and esp their signature dessert which was sold out tt day tt I went... Do go there and check it out if you are in the katong area.. Stop eating those forever-fighting-who's-the-best- Laksa... =P

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