Friday, November 4, 2011

Uncle Larry Berry

Dinner with Mama,Ah yap and 你你 at Nan Xiang @ Plaza Singapura

So while waiting for them to make my xiao long bao... here are some pictures of the food that we had... Drunken Chicken...* warning.. if u dun like cold meat.. you wont like this..*
Soft tender meat soak in Chinese wine.. Yum!
This is my Fav!!
tofu + century egg = happy me!
These are duck tongue...My sis loves them.. she likes french kissing ducks...
Jelly Fish!And its here.....=)
Mmmm... Nan Xiang Xiao long bao are okay... the skin is pretty thin.. the filling, meat, is okay, not too salty or sweet( Paradise Dynasty ones are sweet okay?!), the soup was a spoonful.. Overall was just okay...I think what is lacking is the fresh sweetness of the know, like when meat are really fresh and juicy, with the correct kind of spice and cooking method, you can taste this light and fragrant sweetness from the meat...I hope you know what I'm saying...cos dunno how to put it to exact words..

Anyway, I still prefer the xiao long bao at DTF.. They are by far the best as compare tho nan xiang and Paradise dynasty..

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